Top 3 LivePlan Alternatives

Online Incorporation AlternativesTo be frank, creating an info-rich article on LivePlan Alternatives isn’t easy because LivePlan is by far our favorite business planning software provider! Startup Savant’s maintained our plan on their platform since Day 1.

Despite the ways we believe they excel, they’re not for everyone. Reasons folks seek alternatives are more complexity or focus on financials/data. LivePlan’s for creating beautiful presentation-ready plans vs hardcore analytics.


Free or $9.95/month

Enloop offers a free plan with no trial period or expiration date. And even if you do purchase a plan, prices start at $9.95 per month which is competitive. Do keep in mind that their free plan is VERY basic, has been known to be buggy and you’ll have to endure sales prompts while investigating.

  • Enloop’s nifty-convenient auto-write feature is popular and a huge time saver. Something LivePlan doesn’t offer.
  • Their team communication and collaboration tools aren’t too shabby either.
  • Financial forecasting, budgeting, revenue, charts, graphics, all with much more complexity than LivePlan currently offers.

Another point is that like LivePlan, Enloop is mobile-friendly, fully compatible and cloud-based. If you have a few minutes, check them out and consider giving their free plan a go.


Free or $8.25/month

StratPad occupies the middle-ground of LivePlan alternatives in terms of pricing, but they definitely have layer upon layer of extra data tools. For $8.25/month you can access a fully-feature-loaded subscription for more than a polished and pretty plan to show to super-busy investors or perhaps even CrowdFunding platforms.

  • StratPad Connect is a unique feature among providers that’s completely focused on helping you connect with funding!
  • Because their packages are more complex, often beginners start with their Business Plan and scale up to “WorkShop Leader” (first year $199/mo) which is designed for much larger organizations.
  • You can opt to dive into their intuitive and comprehensive small business toolkit to take your planning to the next-next level.

From certifications and marketing help from experts, to unlimited plans and voice support to go with their other training material…StratPad is definitely one of the more common LivePlan alternatives.


Business Plan Pro

Business Plan Pro weighs in at $99.95 and is actually made by the same company as LivePlan. It’s their older, more seasoned and complex software. LivePlan came along later for a much prettier, streamlined, and step-by-step approach.

  • It’s an all-around planning software that can do everything from market analysis, financial analysis, forecasting and project pitches for business financing.
  • Has an automatic calculating tool that will take care of your financial statements and other financial projections.
  • Business Plan Pro has an extensive learning center with video tutorials, ecourses, webinars, and even a one year subscription to their magazine and Tim Berry’s business planning ebooks.

These are just some of the features that make Business Plan Pro a stellar option. The only downside is that Business Plan Pro doesn’t work on MacBook computers. This is another big reason they created cloud-based LivePlan.

Ready To Write An Awesome Business Plan?

Winner - Which Should You ChooseAnd there you have it ladies and gents. Make your move, because time is always gaining. Here’s to a great year ahead, filled with modern planning software and all the many benefits ready to boost the power and influence driving your brand.

At the end of the day, read each of our reviews and choose the planning software that’s right for your business!