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LessAccounting Review: Is It Right for You?

LessAccounting ReviewGood day to you, and welcome to Startup Savant’s LessAccounting Review where we’re going to breeze through their package options, most popular/functional features, and take a gander at their pricing. The idea here is to give what you need to make an informed decisions about whether it’s the accounting software solution for your platform. We’ll start with looking at their features through pros and cons.  Enjoy!


Most Popular LessAccouting Features

LessAccounting Pros


LessAccounting Cons


A Quick Look Inside LessAccounting

Now, after that bombardment of bullet-points let’s take a look inside the software through four screenshots that should give you an idea of how it feels and behaves. We personally use and prefer Xero because we feel it’s easier to manage and to be frank, their style of presenting data is easier on the eyes/mind. But you may feel differently so let’s dive in.

LessAccounting Review

Not too shabby, right? Decently clean, not overtly complex, pretty simplified navigation. So let’s look at one of the biggest features of accounting software for small-biz…invoice control.

LessAccounting Review and Features

And then we’ve got the transactions section which is broken down further and provides drop-down selections to get more specific or edit data to your preference. Obviously the learning curve isn’t extensive by any means.

LessAccounting Reviews

And finally, here’s the section where you can look over your financials and choose what you want to do in terms of using reports, tackling your accouting, invoices and everything else. So four primary sections: Dashboard overview, Transactions, Invoices, and the general reports tab.

LessAccounting Reviews and Features



LessAccounting Pricing

LessAccounting follows a very simple setup when it comes to their subscriptions. There are four categories: Tiny, Freelancer, Team, and Business. It’s should be clear who they’re designed for. The table below shows each category’s pricing and how they’ve broken things down by company expenses.



These prices are fairly reasonable considering all the features you’ll get. But there are other providers that give Freelancer/Team/Business-style features for a bit less. Regardless, here’s a list of features that are available:


Leverage LessAccounting If…

The Final Verdict

Both LessAccounting and Xero are quality accounting software solutions. Both are well-made, intuitive, relatively easy to get the gist of. But, there's a big difference in pricing and we also feel Xero comes out on top in terms of overall management potential.

Try Xero Or Try LessAccounting

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