LessAccounting Review 2024

Is It a Reliable Business Accounting Software?

LessAccounting Review

When you work for yourself or are running a business, simple and effective accounting software with everything you need is incredibly valuable to your business. You need a software that makes life easier to manage, allowing you to spend time on the work you love.

But which business accounting software is best for your needs? LessAccounting is definitely an option.

They’re a stripped-down and streamlined small business accounting software that offers the basics without weighing you down with really advanced (or an overwhelming number of) features. In this LessAccounting review we’re going to walk through some of its pros and cons, popular features and pricing, customer feedback and more. Enjoy!

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LessAccounting Pros & Cons

Pros of LessAccounting

  • The software is backed up often and does a good job tracking, recording and categorizing business expenses.
  • You can create, customize, and send invoices in one click. It’s literally designed to decrease the time-demand for accounting.
  • They have hundreds of templates you can customize and use to make your own unique proposals for each client or project.
  • Use their built-in mileage tool, which enables you to track business trips with ease for simplified billing.
  • They’ve recently updated their package options to better serve their target audience: small businesses. With this comes new features such as budgets, reporting enhancements and a new payment gateway that offers the lowest transaction fee rate in the industry (2.7% + 30 cents per transaction).
  • A robust CRM stores all of your clients and contacts, and you can transfer your contacts from apps such as Highrise, Basecamp, and Gmail.
  • Most basic accounting tasks are completed in minutes a day with LessAccounting’s easy-to-follow workflow. For example, it offers an import data function that gives you the freedom to integrate data from thousands of domestic US and international banks.
  • There’s plenty of useful third-party apps available if needed.

Cons of LessAccounting

  • As this is the modern era, not everyone enjoys the fact you can’t use the software without an internet connection.
  • Currently, LessAccounting lacks multicurrency and multilanguage support. Although to be fair, this could change in time.
  • And finally, the last con we’ll mention is that the software currently lacks an integrated payroll system that, again, providers like Xero or QuickBooks offer for less.

LessAccounting Alternative

Xero has a number of impressive capabilities, and their cloud-based software is extremely easy to use. Read Review

Visit Xero

LessAccounting Pricing & Features

LessAccounting follows a simple setup when it comes to their subscriptions. They’ve streamlined their package offerings to give users one complete package that has everything included. LessAccounting Pricing Features

Standard Package = $20/mo.

Since this switch to a singular package, they’ve increased the number of features and capabilities available to users. Their current suite of features includes:

  • Income and expense tracking
  • Create and send invoices
  • Time & mileage tracking
  • Budgets
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Sending and receiving payments

This package is definitely the best fit for small businesses, you’re just starting out or have been established for a number of years. Because of this, I generally recommend this package to smaller operations, since their suite of services isn’t really designed for larger companies.

Additional Features

This is one of the areas where LessAccounting really stands out from the crowd. If you need it, they have a full service accounting team that can do your bookkeeping for you. And, on top of that, they work through your LessAccounting software so everything you need is all in one place.

Below is a screenshot of their bookkeeping & software fees to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay for both services.

LessAccounting 70 per monthThe $70 flat fee includes bookkeeping and tax help, along with complete access to their software, which is still considerably cheaper that what you would pay for an accountant.

Customer Reviews

In general, the overall opinion of LessAccounting is above average, when we factor in its usability, pricing, integrations, and customer service. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a complete beginner’s perspective.Nearly all current reviews are from people well-accustomed to accounting software or among those who’ve switched from QuickBooks.

Nearly all current reviews are from people well-accustomed to accounting software or among those who’ve switched from QuickBooks.

We’ve scoured the corners of the internet to as many relevant reviews as we could. I’ve included a few here and listed the number of reviews each resource has gathered as well as the average rating from each.

Customer reviews as of: 8-23-2017
  • Capterra: 5/5, 1 review
  • GetApp: 5/5, 1 vote

LessAccounting, like other companies in this industry, has been providing solid accounting software for years but doesn’t have many customer reviews to show for it. They do have a few great video testimonials on their website, but outside of that, pickings are pretty slim.

That being said, everyone agrees the setup and transition is fantastic. Their slogan, “10-minute basic bookkeeping,” hits the nail on the head in terms of usage and should you need it, their 30-minute introduction video does a good job of explaining everything.

How LessAccounting Compares

Ready to see how LessAccounting stands up against some of the others in this industry that offer a similar setup?

For that, we’ve put LessAccounting against a big fan favorite: Xero. We’ve looked through their pricing, customer service, available features and more to see who wins out in each category.

Pricing: With the recent update, LessAccounting done away with some of the more expensive packages, making it more cost effective for smaller teams. While it’s not quite on Xero’s level — who offers their introductory package for less than $10, it’s in the same range as many of the most popular accounting software companies out there.

Features: Xero has almost every other company beat when it comes to features. Their list of tools is extensive, and offers a number of capabilities that are rarely seen elsewhere. LessAccounting on the other hand, isn’t quite there yet. They specialize in simple, easy to use accounting software for smaller businesses, so it’s understandable why they’ve left out more robust features that suit larger companies.

Customer Support: We’ve had the opportunity to talk with LessAccounting and Xero about their customer support setup, and in my book, they’re both doing a good job. LessAccounting offers email and phone support, while Xero prefers to concentrate the majority of their support efforts through email. Either way though, you can expect a team of individuals that are ready to answer your questions if you run into any trouble down the road.

Businesses Served So Far: Xero and LessAccounting are in two different positions in this category. Xero is an accounting giant. They have over 1 million users and that’s not slowing down anytime soon. LessAccounting, on the other hand, is a smaller company who’s also growing steadily but is currently sitting at around 3,500 users.



Pricing Starts at $9/month

1 million+ users so far

Perfect for: Anyone needing an affordable, comprehensive & flexible accounting software


Pricing Starts at $20/month

3,500+ users so far

Perfect for: Anyone needing a robust, less complex online accounting & bookkeeping platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need accounting software?

Yes, it can be very helpful. A small business accounting software can help you get your books in order for your own internal use when making business decisions, and you’ll have control over your finances. It’s crucial to choose one that gives you the tools you’ll actually use. So if you don’t need advanced tools, software like LessAccounting could be exactly what you’re after without cluttering your platform with unnecessary features.

Is the subscription all I pay for?

You’ll pay for the accounting software, and if you want to add bookkeeping services, factor that in on top of your base rate depending on your company’s monthly revenue levels (it scales). If you’re unsure, you can start a 14-day free trial and if you’re not super-happy with your plan right away, they do offer a 60-day money back guarantee. It’s worth trying for a couple months if you’re on the fence.

Does LessAccounting replace the need for an accountant?

No, but it makes it easier to work with them when planning for the year, filing taxes, or making big business decisions. LessAccounting also offers bookkeeping services at an additional fee that will help you simplify your accounting processes even further without having to hire a full-time accountant.

Is LessAccounting secure?

Yes. They ensure the security of your data. They encrypt all sensitive information, and their data centers are physically secured and under surveillance at all times. We’ve heard no complaints.

Is LessAccounting The Right Choice?

Looking at all of these areas, I’d give LessAccounting a solid 3.8 out of 5. While they are a smaller company that’s still trying to find their groove in some ways, they’re customer support is fantastic, and their features are specifically designed with small businesses in mind. That being said, if this doesn’t sound like your perfect fit, check out our Business Accounting Software Tools for Startups review. Cheers!