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LessAccounting Review: Is It Right for You?

LessAccounting ReviewGood day to you, and welcome to Startup Savant’s LessAccounting Review where we’re going to breeze through their package options, most popular/functional features, and take a gander at their pricing. The idea here is to give what you need to make an informed decision about whether it’s the accounting software solution for your platform. We’ll start by looking at their features through basic pros and cons.  Enjoy!

Basic Less Accounting Pros & Cons


  1. The software is backed up often and does a good job tracking business expenses as well as easily recording and categorizing them.

  2. You can create, customize, and send invoices in just one click. It’s literally designed to be or mean “less” accounting.

  3. Stores hundreds of templates which you can customize and use to make your own unique proposals.

  4. Has a mileage tool that enables you to track business trips with ease for simplified billing.

  5. Has a robust CRM in place to store all your clients and contacts; you can even transfer your contacts from apps such as Highrise, Basecamp, Gmail, etc.

  6. Most basic accounting tasks are completed in minutes a day with LessAccounting’s easy-to-follow workflow, for example it offers an import data function that gives you the freedom to integrate data from thousands of domestic US banks and international banks.

  7. There’s plenty of useful/helpful third party apps available if needed or desired.


  1. Although LessAccounting has what we and plenty of others consider reasonable pricing, it’s not the most affordable. Technically, you can get what they offer (in different workflow styles and unique user-interfaces) for less money through alternatives like Xero, FreshBooks, Sage One, Kashoo, etc.

  2. While this is 2017 and all, not everyone enjoys the fact you cannot use the software without an internet connection.

  3. Currently Less Accounting lacks multi-currency and multi-language support. Although to be fair, this could change in time.

  4. And finally, the last con we’ll mention is that the software currently lacks an integrated payroll system that again, providers like Xero or FreshBooks offer for less.

How Are They Compared to Others?

Like FreshBooks or Xero, Less Accounting is another genuine alternative for QuickBooks for primarily smaller brands and startups who don’t need as many robust features and complexity in their accounting software. So, it’s streamlined, convenient, and a bit more expensive. Or, as Kathy Yakal puts it in her review,

Less Accounting considers itself an alternative that offers only the basic tools that a small business needs: income and expense tracking, invoices and proposals, mileage tracking, and reports wrapped in a double-entry accounting framework that can connect to multiple financial institutions and download transactions.


How Easy is Less Accounting To Use?

Well, first of all it’s cloud-based so all you need is an internet connection to access your information regardless of browser or device. As you’ll see in the screenshots below, streamlined means there’s not as many layers of complexity. The dashboard is intuitive and navigating the data’s not as time consuming.

The software has its own feel, like Xero or any other competitor, so you’re either going to like it or not. You know? If you’re accustomed to and savvy with QuickBooks, you’ll find it easy to use but whether you’ll enjoy not having access to as many features and conveniences is the question.


A Look Inside Less Accounting

Now, after that bombardment let’s peek inside the software through four screenshots that should give you an idea of how it feels and behaves. We personally use and prefer Xero because we feel it’s easier to manage and to be frank, their style of presenting data is easier on the eyes/mind. But you may feel differently.

LessAccounting Review

Not too shabby, right? Decently clean, not overtly complex, pretty simplified navigation. So let’s look at one of the biggest features of accounting software for small-biz…invoice control.

LessAccounting Review and Features

And then we’ve got the transactions section which is broken down further and provides drop-down selections to get more specific or edit data to your preference. Obviously the learning curve isn’t extensive by any means.

LessAccounting Reviews

And finally, here’s the section where you can look over your financials and choose what you want to do in terms of using reports, tackling your accounting, invoices and everything else. So four primary sections: Dashboard overview, Transactions, Invoices, and the general Reports tab.

LessAccounting Reviews and Features


LessAccounting Pricing

LessAccounting follows a very simple setup when it comes to their subscriptions. There are four categories: Tiny, Freelancer, Team, and Business. It’s should be clear who they’re designed for. The table below shows each category’s pricing and how they’ve broken things down by company expenses.


These prices are what they are, take’em or leave’em. But remember, there are other providers that give Freelancer/Team/Business-style features for a bit less. Regardless, here’s a list of their core features:


Are Other Entrepreneurs Happy?

In general the overall opinion of Less Accounting is above average, or roughly 7/8 out of 10 when we factor in its usability, pricing, integrations, customer service, etc. Thing is, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a complete beginner’s perspective. Nearly all the current reviews are from people well-accustomed to accounting software or among those who switch to it from QuickBooks.

That being said, everyone agrees the setup and transition are easy as apple pie. Their slogan, “10 minute basic bookkeeping” pretty much hits the nail on the head in terms of usage and should you need it, their 30 minute introduction video does a good job of explaining everything.


Final Considerations

In true Startup savant fashion, we’d like to close out this LessAccounting review on a positive note by saying that their software might be a good fit for your platform if…


So what do you think, is LessAccounting what you're looking for or worth learning more about? Below two paths are in front of you, one leading to the LessAccounting site where you can dig around some more, or head on over and discover what Xero offers for less. Either way, you're books are about to get much easier to manage. Cheers!

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