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Which Is Right For You?

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The online filing niche has expanded a ton over the past two decades, and today there are so many providers out there it can leave entrepreneurs feeling at a loss when it comes down to choosing one for your business.

If that sounds like you, we feel your pain and we’re here to help! In this Incfile vs. MyCorporation comparison, we’ll shed some light on the differences between two of the industry’s leading providers, the pricing packages and features, as well as their similarities to help you decide which one best suits you. Enjoy!

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Incfile - 4.7 out of 5 stars
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Common Features

1) Credible: Each company has a long history of successful business formations and customer satisfaction.

2) Thorough: Both can handle the entire document preparation process, leaving you more time to focus on the elements of your business that you’re really passionate about.

3) User-friendly: Both Incfile and MyCorporation have rock-solid web platforms that are super-easy to navigate/use.

4) Educational: Both provide Learning Centers on their websites filled with eBooks, business guides, webinars, how-to videos and more, to help you maintain your business long after incorporation.

5) Low Prices: They’re two of the most affordable incorporation services in the industry.

6) Customer Reviews: Both companies have incredibly positive customer feedback across the web.

What Sets Them Apart

  • BBB Accredited: Incfile’s been accredited and A+ rated since 2004, while MyCorporation’s BBB profile is totally blank.
  • Customer reviews: Incfile’s accumulated 1500+ ratings and reviews, the vast majority of which are 5-star.
  • Free Registered Agent: Incfile is the most generous in the industry when it comes to Registered Agent services. They include a full year free in all of their incorporation packages.
  • Fewer Business Formations: Not a bad thing, but a difference nonetheless. Incfile has achieved more than 100,000 business formations since they opened, while MyCorporation can boast over 1 million.
  • Cheaper Rates: While both companies have reasonable prices, Incfile’s rates are lower. Their generous incorporation packages start at $0, while MyCorporation starts at $99.
  • No Money-back Guarantee: They don’t offer a money-back guarantee; however, their dedication to resolving any and all users' problems seems to be enough to keep their customers happy!


  • More Business Formations: With 1 million+ business formations under their belt, MyCorporation definitely has the upperhand when it comes to experience.
  • Money-back Guarantee: In addition to their satisfaction guarantee, MyCorporation offers your money back within 60 days of purchase if they can’t resolve your problem.
  • No free Registered Agent: MyCorporation’s Registered Agent Services cost $120/year, or come included in their Deluxe and Premium packages.
  • More Expensive: Their incorporation packages start at $99 more than Incfile, and don’t include as many features for the price.
  • Compliance: MyCorporation’s business maintenance suite MaintainMyBiz is a helpful affordable option for entrepreneurs past incorporation.

Incfile vs. MyCorporation: Customer Reviews

Incfile Customer Reviews

As we mentioned, Incfile and MyCorporation both have largely positive customer feedback. That said, Incfile beats out MyCorporation in sheer number of reviews. They’ve gathered over 1,500 ratings on their Shopper Approved profile, as you can see below: Customer Reviews

While they’re not immune to complaints, we can definitely say that Incfile has established an impressive history of customer satisfaction. Often times people only leave reviews on third-party platforms like Shopper Approved if they’re unhappy, so the fact that 1000+ of their users have been excited enough about their services to leave a positive review is pretty outstanding!

Here’s a peek at a few of their most recent reviews:

Incfile Customer Reviews

MyCorporation Customer Reviews

MyCorporation also has their fair share of customer feedback - a lot of these providers have zero reviews online, so we’re definitely not complaining about their 200+ 5-star ratings.

Like Incfile, MyCorporation only has a handful of complaints, most of which have been resolved and removed. Have a look at their average ratings on Google and Trustpilot!

Mycorporation review 1 My corporation reviews

Most of MyCorporation’s reviews are from people super-pleased with their efficiency and customer service. Again, we’re always impressed when these companies can get so many of their users stoked enough to say something nice about them on a third-party website! Below we’ve included a few of their most recent Google reviews:

Mycorporation Google reviews

Pricing: Incfile vs. MyCorporation

Incfile Pricing

Incfile divides their incorporation services into three packages: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Below look at their pricing and features for forming an LLC!

Incfile Pricing for LLC

  • Silver ($0+ state fees): Includes preparation & filing of articles of organization, unlimited name searches, 1 year of free Registered Agent Services, statement and resignation of the organizer, unlimited phone & email support, online order status tracking, tax consultation, next-business-day processing, lifetime company alerts and online access to documents.
  • Gold ($149 + state fees): All that goodness from the Silver package, as well as your EIN (Federal Tax ID), operating agreement, banking resolution and customized LLC kit.
  • Platinum ($299 + state fees): For an extra $150 they include a business website & domain name and contract library!

We’re impressed with the amount of features Incfile includes in their packages at such low rates. While they definitely make each upgrade worth the cost, you’ll be starting off on solid footing even if you go with the Silver package (considering the price, free Registered Agent Services, and many other helpful tools.)

See our comprehensive Incfile Review for an in-depth look at their services.

MyCorporation Pricing

MyCorporation on the other hand has four incorporation packages: Basic, Standard, Deluxe and Premium. Let’s see how they compare to Incfile’s:

Mycorporation Pricing

  • Basic ($99 + state fees): Includes name availability search, articles of incorporation and a free newsletter subscription.
  • Standard ($124 + state fees): Everything in the Basic package plus corporate bylaws, minutes, waivers, stock transfer ledgers, compliance tips, corporate stock certificates and annual report services.
  • Deluxe ($224 + state fees): Includes Registered Agent Services in addition to everything in the Standard package (most popular among the four).
  • Premium ($324 + state fees): Everything from the Deluxe package plus MaintainMyBiz services for the cherry on top!

While MyCorporation can get your business incorporated for $69, their Basic package is pretty bare-bones. You’ll probably end up wanting to upgrade to at least their Standard package, which still lacks a lot of helpful features that Incfile includes at lower rates.

For a more thorough look, check out our comprehensive MyCorporation Review!

Which Should You Choose?

When it comes down to it, Incfile is our #1 favorite provider in the industry for a number of reasons. From their low prices to their super-high customer reviews, they’re nearly impossible to beat.

MyCorporation is a reliable company with competitive prices and a solid platform, but based on this side-by-side comparison, Incfile wins!

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