Step 1) Secure Your Brand Name

WebsiteWashington doesn’t require you to file docs if you found a sole proprietorship under your own legal name. But, if you want to form under a different name you’ll need to pay the $5 and register it through the Washington State Business Licensing Service.

Before you do that, conduct thorough searches with the Washington Secretary of State and the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office to ensure your brand name isn’t already taken or too similar to another.

Step 2) Complete The Application

Register an LLCOkay, first print out a copy of the Business License Application. Keep in mind there’s a $19 filing fee for this form. It’s a substantial document so you may need some assistance to ensure it’s filled out and signed properly. Can you apply online? Yes, but it’s good to have hard copies of these sorts of things as well.

If you want to investigate the online application process, head to the Washington State Dept of Revenue’s My DOR section and create an account.

Step 3) Submit The Business License Application Form

Mail in the FormWhen you’ve completed the form, you can then have it notarized, sealed and stamped by a recognized authority.

Also, don’t forget that the form requires you to already have a Employer Identification Number (EIN). If you don’t have one yet, head on over to and begin the application process.

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Note that this Washington DBA guide is made for the purpose of providing general information on DBA registration and should not be used for legal purposes. Seek the expert advice of a business lawyer or a professional filing service if you need assistance.