How to File a DBA in Kentucky (3 Simple Steps)

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How To Use This Guide

Use our free guide below to file for a DBA in Kentucky:

Use A Professional Service

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Step 1) Get Certificate Of Assumed Name

WebsiteKentucky deals with DBA registration differently depending on the entity type.

If you’re applying for a DBA as a corporation, LLC, or any type of partnership:

If you’re applying as a sole proprietorship:

  • It’ll be handled by the county/city where you’re doing business.
  • You’ll need to get the proper form from your local Kentucky clerk's office.

Before you fill out the form, make sure your desired name is available by doing a name availability search. You cannot choose a name that’s already in the Kentucky database.

Now would be the perfect time to make sure there’s a web domain available for your DBA.

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Step 2) Fill Out The Form

Register an LLCIf you’re using the state form, here’s the information you’ll have to provide:

  • The assumed name you want to use
  • The name of your business entity, or for a general partnership, the name of the partners
  • Your business structure (aka “real name”)
  • The date of filing
  • Business’ place of origin
  • Business’ mailing address

We can’t speak to the information you’ll have to provide if you’re applying for a DBA as a sole proprietor since the forms differ between counties/cities.

Whichever form you’re filling out, make sure that every piece of information you include is 100% correct. You’ll have to sign your name to certify that the form was filled out accurately under penalty of perjury.

Step 3) Mail The Form In

Mail in the FormThe final step is to simply mail the form in, either to the secretary of state or your local county clerk’s office.

The DBA filing fee for the state of Kentucky is $20, so you’ll have to include a check made out to the Kentucky State Treasurer with your application. Filing fees may differ if you’re applying on the city/county level.

  • Find the mailing address of your county clerk’s office here.
  • The mailing address for the secretary of state is:

Alison Lundergan Grimes
Office of the Secretary of State
PO Box 718
Frankfort, KY 40602-0718

Need Help Filing a DBA?

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