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Harbor Compliance NonProfit REVIEW

Is It Worth It? (Pros, Cons & More)

Harbor Compliance Nonprofit ReviewNavigating the legal steps to forming your nonprofit can be a challenging task, especially when it’s your first time.

Luckily, there are Nonprofit formation services which aren’t as expensive as conventional lawyers, who specialize in helping you file a nonprofit in a quick and affordable way.

Enter Harbor Compliance. They’re one of these providers and in this review of their services we’ll walk you through their pricing, package offers, unique features, and attempt to answer some of the common questions you may have. That said, without further adieu, let’s dive in!

Pros & Cons of Using Harbor Compliance


  1. Their packaging is super straightforward, without any run-arounds. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and what you get before signing up.

  2. You’ll get a Compliance Specialist ready to handle the formation process. They offer expert guidance and personalized attention so you’re confident every step of the way. Although many Nonprofit formation services do this, Harbor Compliance has the best support hands-down.

  3. Tons of entrepreneurs recommend them for their friendly and helpful customer service.

  4. Beyond filing, Harbor Compliance can also help with fundraising compliance, foreign qualifications, and annual report filing. It’s essentially everything you’ll need to start and run a successful organization, in one place.

  5. They really are quick! We found piles of positive reviews from happy customers who absolutely adore their prompt service agents.

  6. Depending on whether you choose their Tax Exempt or Compliance package, you get pretty much everything you could ask for in one comprehensive kit.

  7. You’re a newbie? Harbor Compliance offers a free email-based educational series on the basics of starting a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.


  1. This isn’t the best option if you’re on a super-tight budget. Sure, you’ll get everything you’re likely looking for in one go, and it’s not as costly as your average law firm, but still pricier than other providers in this industry. Base package for nonprofits starts at nearly $1,500.

Harbor Compliance Nonprofit Pricing & Features

Harbor Compliance Nonprofit Formation PricingAs mentioned, Harbor Compliance nonprofit packages are all-encompassing. Their two packages, Tax Exempt and Compliance, offer an array of documentation types and services.

Looking first at their Tax Exempt package ($1,499 + state fee), Harbor Compliance offers a pretty substantial set of services. If you choose this package:

  • They’ll check the name or entity for availability.
  • Create your Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Conflict of Interest Policy.
  • You’ll receive your federal EIN.
  • Get a registered agent.
  • Get guaranteed approval for your 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

What’s awesome though is that your compliance specialist walks you through the process to ensure your information and documentation is correct. If you’re looking for a bit more hands-on and ongoing Nonprofit health, their Compliance package might be a better fit.

Quick Note: The main thing to keep in mind for Harbor Compliance is that they really stand out from their competition with support. Although their pricing is a bit higher, in my opinion it’s worth every penny.

The screenshot below compares their packaging and pricing.

Harbor Compliance Pricing

In addition to all the features included in the Tax Exempt package, Harbor Compliance also takes care of fundraising registration, initial reporting, any state required publishing, annual report filing, and year-end reviews. Not too shabby!

Harbor Compliance Customer Reviews

Choose the Initial DirectorsIn the pros section we mentioned how fabulous their online customer reviews are. For your convenience (if you want to save time and don’t feel like ‘Googling’ around) here are a few.

These are individuals who’ve worked closely with Harbor Compliance specifically for their Nonprofit services.

I contracted with Harbor Compliance to help set-up my non-profit and to help with compliance issues. They are awesome! Their expert advice helped me set up my non-profit very quickly and they are always there to help me with any questions. I highly recommend them!” – Alexis S.

“I can’t believe what a positive, painless experience it was getting my 501c3 established. Cliff R*** was my account liaison and Dr. B*** was the one who worked with me. She asked a few questions and did all the work. I just signed my name. The process was amazingly fast. We had our 501c3 within 3 weeks? Maybe less. Amazing! I cannot recommend Harbor Compliance enough!! Save yourself the headache of trying to go through this process by yourself. Worth the money!” Tracy S.

Harbor Compliance is a very professional and empathetic company to work with. Kitty and Brock took my hand and guided me through every phase of obtaining a 501c3. I filed in January 2016 and received approval July 2016. Without their knowledge and kind encouragement, I would have given up on pursuing my exemption. Kitty was always very prompt in answering my questions, and I would gladly refer this company to anyone wishing to sail the seas of an uncharted 501c3 application process.” Devonna D.

On top of their glowing customer recommendations, they’ve also achieved an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. So what this means is that they’re a 100% legitimate operation and worth considering.

How Does Harbor Compliance Compare?

Harbor Compliance NonProfit ComparisonIn general, their offerings and services are extremely impressive. Their compliance specialists are some of the best in the industry, they offer more than 3,000 pages of free content through their information center, and their packages are jam-packed with features that you actually need – without the up sells.

And this content is a cakewalk to access through their platform. Overall, their setup is sleek and user-friendly making it easy to explore their resources and services through an intuitive, simple interface.

In terms of your other options, there’s some ups & downs. For one, Harbor Compliance definitely have the most educational/informational content out there for nonprofits. Additionally, they offer Registered Service Agents included in both of their nonprofit packages.

But, as we mentioned earlier, they aren’t the most budget friendly option. Services like Swyft Filings and Rocket Lawyer start their packaging fees at $49 and $99 respectively, while Harbor Compliance packages start at $1,499. However it’s very important to keep in mind that you won’t receive nearly the same kind of dedicated support that you will with Harbor Compliance. Just be sure you know exactly what you need!


Rocket Lawyer
  • Pricing Starts at

  • 800,000+ businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone wanting a company with a proven track record and basic features

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Harbor Compliance
  • Pricing Starts at

  • 10,000+ businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone wanting top-to-bottom formation and ongoing compliance

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Frequently Asked Questions


Like most, this depends on what state you’re filing in. There are specific dates for annual report filings, but Harbor Compliance is set up so you don’t miss any important deadlines. Any other dates will be wholly dependent on what state or states you're forming your nonprofit in.


Unfortunately, no. Currently there are no discounts available through Harbor Compliance.


After contacting their CEO, we found that they do have one in place, but he can’t remember the last time it was actually used. This isn’t a fly-by-night operation. Starting a nonprofit is serious, so long before the process is completed you’ll know what to expect and what’s going on.


Filing your nonprofit by yourself is always an option. Services like Harbor Compliance aim to take that burden off your shoulders and give some security to those without legal savvy or representation who have no idea what they’re doing.

They handle compliance laws and paperwork so you can focus on more important parts like spreading the word and building a volunteer base. Just an FYI - we have plenty for DIY’ers like our free step-by-step How to For A Nonprofit guide.


Natta! We’ve looked over their packages for nonprofits and couldn’t find any to speak of. And as a bonus, choosing one of their packages includes things like Annual Report and EIN’s.

Many other providers consider these as additional services, where you pay extra. The nonprofit Compliance package from Harbor Compliance includes pretty much everything, so no need to fiddle with additional services and fees.


Nope! They handle all of the document prep, signatures and filing. They’ll even send out email notifications along the way so you’re kept in the loop.


The Harbor Compliance platform implements quite a few measures to keep your data secure. They offer the use of a secure server and all sensitive information (social security numbers, credit card information, etc.) is transmitted using Secure Socket Layer.

Databases can only be accessed by authorized users, all information is encrypted for added protection, etc.

Should You Use Harbor Compliance?

In our opinion, Harbor Compliance is the best option available. Since forming a Nonprofit is more complex than any other business entity, their dedicated services and support is highly recommended.

However if you're still unsure, relax. Choosing the right filing service for your nonprofit is important so do your homework and trust your gut. To explore your other options, click the green button below.

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