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Foundation Group Nonprofit Review

Are They The Ideal Service For You?

Foundation Group Nonprofit ReviewAre you looking to start a nonprofit, but you don’t know the ins and outs of nonprofit compliance requirements? Is hiring a traditional law firm outside the reach of your budget? Thankfully, there are plenty of services available to assist you with the crucial startup phase.

In this Foundation Group nonprofit review, we’ll go over some pros and cons, pricing and features, customer reviews and more. By the time we’re done, you’ll have a good idea whether they’re right for your nonprofit, or if you should examine other options. Enjoy!

Foundation Group Pros & Cons


  1. They have a 100% IRS approval rate. No nonprofit they’ve ever filed was turned down! That’s amazing when you consider how complex many nonprofit platforms can be in terms of legalities.

  2. Foundation Group has 22 years in business, with 15,000+ nonprofits started. This level of experience is noteworthy on its own merit, but in their case it makes that 100% approval rate even more impressive.

  3. Their blog is updated weekly with relevant, valuable posts aimed at answering questions nonprofits didn’t even know they had.

  4. Not many of their customers choose to review their services, but those that do are almost all satisfied. On Facebook, they average 4.8 out of 5, and they’re BBB accredited with an A+ rating.

  5. The Foundation Group SureStart nonprofit formation system covers incorporation, 501(c)(3) status, charitable solicitation registration, and state and federal compliance filings. It’s a complete service package that leaves little to chance.


  1. Due to the customized, individually-tailored nature of their SureStart service, they don’t have price estimates conveniently listed on their website like many competitors do. Instead, you have to contact them.

  2. Obviously, given the previous point, you can’t complete your nonprofit filing online.

Foundation Group Pricing & Features

As noted, Foundation Group’s SureStart nonprofit formation service is custom-tailored to your organization, so there’s no base rate for pricing. Take a look at how they describe their approach in their own words through this screenshot:Foundation Group PricingFoundation Group has a unique consultative approach to nonprofit formation that covers incorporation, 501(c)(3) status and more. They team you up with one of their experienced professionals, who advises you throughout the entire process. They also help you avoid challenges like conflicts of interest, copyrights and intellectual property, selling of goods or services, etc.

Many nonprofit providers are broad document-filing services that include nonprofit formation as one of their many services. Foundation Group only works with nonprofits, going well-beyond simply filling out forms. Think of them more as a business partner with an encyclopedic knowledge of nonprofit compliance requirements.

Customer Reviews

Foundation Group doesn’t have a lot of online reviews, but the ones they do have are nearly uniformly positive. They’re BBB accredited with an A+ rating, and they have a 4.8 average score out of 5 on Facebook, which has the largest collection of online Foundation Group reviews. Their customers leave glowing commentary, usually revolving around how much less stressful the nonprofit startup process was with their help. Here’s a couple great examples:

Foundation Group Online Reviews

That was from their Facebook page, and as you can see they’re responsive and actually care about their customers who take the time to give them feedback. And here’s one of the more official reviews left with the BBB.

Foundry Group Customer Reviews 1

I always like to skim through the critical reviews as well, for any service I write about. The least positive review I could find was this 2-star review below. It says quite a bit when your most unsatisfied customer isn’t even upset enough to leave a 1-star score.

Foundry Group Customer Reviews 2

Other than that one case of miscommunication, Foundation Group gets rave reviews from their customers. If you weigh customer feedback heavily in your decision-making process, they likely just got a positive boost in your eyes.

How Foundation Group Compares

Foundation Group ComparisonFoundation Group is a strong contender, thanks to their SureStart personalized formation service and 100% IRS acceptance rate. Still, there are many other companies who offer nonprofit startup/filing services, so let’s briefly examine Harbor Compliance and Rocket Lawyer to see if you might prefer one of them.

Harbor Compliance

  • Each nonprofit receives personalized 1-on-1 support from a dedicated Nonprofit Compliance Specialist, who is your direct contact every step of the way.
  • Harbor Compliance has some high-profile partnerships with organizations like the National Council of Nonprofits and The Foundation Center, cementing their legitimacy as a nonprofit service provider. (Read our in-depth review)

Rocket Lawyer

  • If you have issues that go beyond the expertise of their support team, they can connect you with a nonprofit lawyer and provide discounts on any related fees.
  • Rocket Lawyer’s subscription service includes unlimited access to a comprehensive document library, consults with attorneys and more. If you expect to need ongoing legal services for your nonprofit, they’re definitely worth a long look. (Discover Rocket Lawyer)

In general, our favorite is Harbor Compliance, as long as you have the budget to afford their $1,499 price tag. If a lower price point aligns better with your budget, then we recommend Rocket Lawyer, because they provide great value whether you subscribe to their online legal services or not.


Rocket Lawyer
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  • 800,000+ businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone wanting a company with a proven track record and basic features

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Foundation Group
  • Pricing
    Rates Vary

  • 15,000+ businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone wanting a specialized company that’s cost-effective & trustworthy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I Handle My Own Nonprofit Filing?

You legally can, but it’s not a great idea. Nonprofits are extremely complex due to their many layers of compliance regulations, and unless you’re already familiar with the ins and outs of nonprofit legalities, this isn’t something we advise taking the DIY route for.

Does My Nonprofit Formation Include 501(c)(3) Status?

Yes. Foundation Group includes your 501(c)(3) application as part of your nonprofit startup process. Most competitors add this on as an additional expense.

How Long Will My Nonprofit Filing Take?

This can vary. Sometimes, nonprofit startup takes less than a month. Other times, it could take 12 weeks or even longer. It’s hard to predict what the case will be for you, which is another reason it’s nice to have Foundation Group in your corner.

Should You Use Foundation Group?

Overall, Foundation Group is an excellent choice for your nonprofit startup. Their consultative approach to nonprofit services and 100% IRS acceptance rate are a great combination for anyone looking to start a nonprofit. Ready to get started with Foundation Group? Use their link below, or check out our comprehensive guide to nonprofit filing services. Cheers!

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