20 Examples of GoDaddy Websites for Startup Inspiration (2024)

GoDaddy Website Examples.

Are you curious what a finished website could look like if you use GoDaddy? We curated some inspiring examples of GoDaddy websites across different industries. Each one perfectly demonstrates what’s possible with GoDaddy templates. By the end you’ll have a clear picture of what kind of site you can build for your own startup.

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Best GoDaddy Website Examples to Inspire Your Own

Your startup’s website is an important part of branding and marketing your business. For some customers, your website’s homepage may even be the first interface they have with your brand. 

GoDaddy offers a variety of templates and customizable options to make your website stand out. If you’re not sure how you want to structure your GoDaddy website, these examples will provide the inspiration you need to get started.

1. Coco River Organics

GoDaddy website example, Coco River Organics.

Coco River Organics proved that there is elegance in simplicity by designing a sleek, understated website for its small business.

This GoDaddy ecommerce website example features plenty of high-quality photos consistent with its beachy branding, as well as useful information and call-to-action (CTA) buttons that draw the visitor’s attention to product pages. These features help convert interest into business.

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2. Happy Tails Pet Training

GoDaddy website example, Happy Tails Pet Training.

Happy Tails Pet Training’s GoDaddy website immediately conveys the brand’s mission and use case of its services with the first image. Using an eye-catching image that represents what your business is about is a great way to communicate your brand right away to site visitors. 

The site follows this image with a statement of the company’s values as well as the two types of dog training options they offer. Overall, it provides an engaging and informative introduction to the company and its services.

3. Gogi Korean Restaurant 

GoDaddy website examples.

Gogi Korean Restaurant barbecue brand puts its personality on full display with a front-and-center logo at the top of the page and high-quality product photo that looks good enough to eat. As users scroll through this GoDaddy example, they will find a section that plugs into the restaurant’s Yelp reviews, helping to entice customers into placing an order.

Other than that, Gogi kept it short and sweet with only a menu page and “Why Gogi?” page included in the site’s navigation menu.

4. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

GoDaddy website example, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.

All of the information and resources provided on St. Paul’s Episcopal Church’s GoDaddy site is laid out in a clean, accessible way. Beginning with a photo of the church and its service times, the website provides the most relevant information at the start. 

This is a good example of a well-laid out, clean website that prioritizes visuals and information that are the most important to site visitors.

5. Crescent Flight Operations

GoDaddy website example, Crescent Flight Operations.

Crescent Flight Operations is a drone video and photography service. Their GoDaddy website makes booking their services the top priority by adding a call to action for bookings as the first and most eye-catching element on their homepage. 

This website is a great example of prioritizing your call to action, or where you want site visitors to go, to be the first thing your visitors see.

6. Siphon Draw Apothecary

GoDaddy website example, Siphon Draw Apothecary.

Siphon Draw Apothecary is a natural skin care product line. Their website showcases their products front and center, including a representative image of ingredients that can be found in their products, conveying the purity of the ingredients in their skincare line. 

The website also features an easy-to-navigate dropdown menu that makes shopping for specific products simple for visitors.

7. Women Working in Technology

GoDaddy website examples.

The nonprofit Women Working in Technology gets its message across with simple photos of its members and workshops, as well as useful information about the company and its mission in the community.

As users scroll the homepage, a sticky navigation menu offers plenty of links to help visitors get involved and attend events. A clean, modern design with a simple interface is what makes this GoDaddy example shine.

8. San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

GoDaddy website example, San Gabriel Humane Society.

Who could resist the face of a puppy that just found a happy home? The San Gabriel Humane Society knows its audience, which is why it features a slideshow of recently adopted pets as the homepage header to help encourage visitors to take the plunge and adopt.

To top it off, this GoDaddy website example includes a sticky navigation bar with everything visitors will need to support its mission — including links to donate and fill out adoption applications.

9. Lametra B. Off

GoDaddy website examples.

Business coach Lametra B. Off created a truly engaging website with GoDaddy. Along the top of the homepage, she uses the GoDaddy website builder’s promotional banner feature to make an announcement that includes an eye-catching, animated seasonal decoration. The homepage also includes a short welcome video that enables Ms. Off to introduce herself and her coaching style.

In addition, this site uses GoDaddy’s appointment scheduler so new clients can book a discovery call or coaching appointment right from the homepage. Site visitors also can download two worksheets and/or read current articles from Ms. Off, supported by GoDaddy’s blogging feature.

10. LandisOriginals

GoDaddy website examples.

LandisOriginals sells custom-engraved gifts. Its website uses many of the features offered by the GoDaddy website builder, including ecommerce functionality that allows customers to personalize its products, Facebook reviews, slideshows and photo galleries of its work, and a logo list to showcase its business partners.

With the GoDaddy Ecommerce plan, LandisOriginals can enable its customers to select the brand, color, quantity, and personalization they need. Its customers also have the ability to return to its website and leave reviews for the products they purchased.

11. Folly Coffee

GoDaddy website examples.

Coffee subscription company Folly Coffee will certainly catch your eye with its unique branding, which is displayed across this GoDaddy website. As users scroll the homepage, a series of panels will offer information about the company, the coffee and what a coffee subscription is, including plenty of CTA buttons to boost conversions. A pop-up window also appears on the homepage, offering users a discounted subscription to sweeten the deal.

12. FourSite

GoDaddy website examples.

Professional photography can make a great website even better. FourSite, a property construction and management company, displays professional photos of the inside and outside of its apartment communities in a slideshow header on its GoDaddy homepage.

This site’s “Communities” page also features high-quality photography in a photo gallery. It also uses GoDaddy’s membership feature so FourSite employees can access private pages.

13. Golden Visa Portugal

GoDaddy website examples.

Just looking at the cover photo on this GoDaddy website example is enough to make you want to buy a property, pack your bags and head on over to Portugal. Golden Visa Portugal helps individuals obtain Portuguese visas by assisting them in investing in the country.

As the visitor scrolls, panels will offer information about the company and a sticky menu will provide plenty of navigation links to help turn interested visitors into potential clients.

14. The Wood Den

GoDaddy website example, The Wood Den.

The Wood Den is a wood carving store in Festus, Missouri. Their GoDaddy website features a video banner of their products, facilities, and staff.

At the top right of their homepage, they have a few different navigation options, including a popular option, “Dog Carvings.” This is a great example of using the knowledge you have of your customer base to design a site that guides them immediately to the products or services they are looking for.

15. PlayBox Technology

GoDaddy website example, PlayBox Technology.

PlayBox Technology is a playout, OTT, and streaming solution. Their website features a fast-paced video example of the platform as well as the immediate choice to select a free trial or book a demo. 

The website does a great job showcasing and highlighting the products while incorporating visually stimulating elements that keep visitors engaged while scrolling through the site. Finally, their inclusion of client testimonials at the bottom of the site provides credibility to visitors and leads them seamlessly into their contact submission call to action.

16. Patriot Real Estate Services

GoDaddy website examples.

Texas real estate company Patriot Real Estate Services makes great use of the real estate features available with the GoDaddy website builder. For example, the company uses GoDaddy’s multiple listing service (MLS) search feature on its homepage so prospective buyers can quickly search for available homes.

On its “Client Testimonials” page, this real estate agency uses GoDaddy’s partner feature to display its Zillow reviews.

17. Amici Barbers

GoDaddy website example, Amici Barbers.

Amici Barbers is a UK-based shave and haircut salon. Their website makes it easy for clients to quickly locate and book appointments as the first call-to-action on their site. 

Their top navigation is focused and clean, providing only the essentials visitors would need to participate in the business or to learn more. By providing only necessary links, visitors aren’t overwhelmed by choices and can more easily engage with the business.

18. Got Good Bones

GoDaddy website examples.

Antique furniture and home décor group Got Good Bones delivered elegance with a touch of opulence using an ornate font and high-quality photos of exquisite products. The homepage on this GoDaddy website offers plenty of information about the company and a sticky navigation menu full of links to learn more.

19. Cory Mathews Men’s Grooming

GoDaddy website example, Cory Mathews Men’s Grooming .

Cory Mathews Men’s Grooming is a clean and sleek example of a GoDaddy website. The homepage has two prominent Book Now buttons and a simple navigation bar. 

The tone of the homepage conveys the feel of the brand as well as the atmosphere you can expect as a patron of the business. This is a great example of introducing the brand effectively from the start using a well-designed homepage.

20. Retro Customz

GoDaddy website example, Retro Customz.

Retro Customz is an auto customization company specializing in lighting. Their website conveys the branding well and includes a clear call to action upfront. 

With several well-placed visuals of work done by the business, potential customers can clearly see how Retro Customz services could be used on their own vehicles.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these examples provide some inspiration as you consider how you could use the GoDaddy website builder for your small business’s website. Use these articles to get a leg up on building a business website with GoDaddy.

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