FreshBooks vs Kashoo

Which is Better For You?

Woman gesturing to four point six star FreshBooks and four point four star Kashoo.

Deciding which accounting software is best for you and/or your business can be difficult, especially when so many brands in the industry offer fantastic core features. To make it easier to spot the smaller distinctions, we’ve created a series of comparison articles.

In this FreshBooks vs. Kashoo review, we’ll walk through similarities and differences, compare pricing, popular features and discuss a bit about customer feedback to really widen your perspective. So without further adieu, let’s get started!

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FreshBooks & Kashoo Commonalities

Both FreshBooks and Kashoo are great options, and offer big hitting features like customizable invoice templates and bank reconciliation for extra-close monitoring. But, that’s just the beginning, here’s a few more:

1) Security: Both maintain strict security standards designed to safeguard all data. For these companies, security is paramount to their survival.

2) Scalability: They’re suitable for any type of business, from freelancers and small startups to large scale operations.

3) Collaboration: FreshBooks and Kashoo offer multi-user packages so you can work together with team members and your accountant.

4) Reports: Oversee your financial growth with ease through their versatile and automatically generated reports.

5) Third Party Apps: Connect with dozens of helpful, well-designed third party apps, or add-ons/widgets to enhance your accounting game. They range from payroll solutions like Gusto, or Stripe payment options, To HubSpot and Zapier which connects to 500 more popular web apps.

6) Time Tracking: Keep track of all billable hours through their time tracking tools. Keep in mind, you can compound these with a FreshBooks app like FundBox which helps, “Turn unpaid invoices into cash.”

7) Expense Tracking: Manage your bills and payments through their savvy expense tracking tools. Then, you can integrate an app like Xpenditure which makes it a cinch to scan and submit receipts.

Where They Differ

Although they have quite a bit of common features, from here on out, they operate at different ends of the spectrum so to speak. FreshBooks has been a long standing titan of the accounting software industry, and has served millions of users. Kashoo on the other hand, is a bright new-comer, having just released a new, fully-functional service in 2016.

Some attentional differences include:


  • Freshbooks offers a payment history feature that allows you and your clients to view the details of any previous payments. Comes in handy, if there’s ever a dispute.
  • FreshBooks offers a range of packages, while Kashoo only offers one package for all of their users.
  • If you’d like a paper copy of any financial documentation, simply make a request and FreshBooks will have them sent directly to your doorstep.
  • While both platforms allow you to customize invoices, FreshBooks capabilities are significantly more involved than Kashoo.


  • Kashoo offers one plan for $19.95 with all of the available features, so you end up getting a full-platform that’s somewhat less complex for a sizable bargain.
  • Though they’re a pretty new company, they’ve won a number of awards for ease-of-use, along with the Capterra bronze award for most user-friendly software in 2016, the Gartner FrontRunners award in 2017, and the GetApp award for category leader in ease-of-use in 2017.
  • They offer unlimited active clients, which FreshBooks limits based on the package you choose.

Pricing & Packages

As we mentioned a bit earlier, FreshBooks and Kashoo have very different pricing scales. FreshBooks, like many others in the industry, has a tiered, subscription-based structure. Kashoo on the other hand offers a one-size-fits-all approach to their packaging. Here’s a quick visual breakdown:Freshbooks and Kashoo

From there, there’s also a number of pricing differences to keep in mind, including:

  • FreshBooks charges based on the number of active clients (5 for the Lite Package, 50 for the Plus package and 500 for Premium). So, if you have more than 5 active clients, but are still looking to keep a tight budget, Kashoo is the better option.
  • Both companies provide the ability to connect with third party apps, but FreshBooks selection is far greater than Kashoo’s.
  • If you’re looking for a feature-stuffed package, FreshBooks is the way to go. Although Kashoo has versatile features included in their package, their software isn’t as comprehensive as FreshBooks.

Customer Reviews

Finally, getting into customer reviews, FreshBooks and Kashoo have both gathered a number of positive customer reviews. FreshBooks has hundreds of reviews over a number of different websites, which comes as no surprise since they’ve been popular for quite a while.

Freshbooks Ratings from 78 Reviews

We love looking at TrustRadius (TR) for in-depth summaries of customer-favorite features and functionalities. Thus far, FreshBooks has 78 reviews, earning them a score of 8 out of 10. Here’s a breakdown of their TR summary:

Freshbooks Rating Summary New

They receive great ratings in most categories, including a few perfect scores for implementation and availability. What really matters though, in our opinion, is that the brunt of reviews are in the Likelihood to Recommend category. Now let’s look at Kashoo.

Kashoo Online Accounting Reviews

While we were able to find some solid reviews for Kashoo through Capterra, they haven’t gathered enough buzz on TR just yet. On Capterra though, Kashoo currently has 49 reviews, earning them an overall score of 5 out of 5.

Kashoo Online Accounting Review Summary

Most people really love the simplicity of Kashoo’s software, and appreciate the value of their stand-alone package.

Which One is Right for You?

Though there are definite pros to both companies, we’d have to put our vote behind FreshBooks. They’ve had years to optimize their software and users love their versatile, feature-packed software. If you’d like to learn more about what FreshBooks can do for you, click the link below to be taken directly to their website. Cheers!

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