27 Best Subscription Box Startup Ideas

Overhead view of a subscription box.

A subscription box refers to a recurring order that someone places on an online sales platform. When placing an initial order, the consumer can check a box that ensures the order is duplicated and choose the frequency for its shipping. The frequency might be weekly, monthly, or some other regular interval that the consumer chooses. Subscription boxes might be placed on the seller’s website, on third-party online retailers’ sites, or both. 

If you’re thinking about launching your own venture, we’ve got you covered. Below are 27 of the best subscription box startup ideas to help you get thinking about where to take your company.

Subscription Box Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

It is important to know your customers and their needs within a highly defined niche. Your customers might be dog owners who need dog food, grooming supplies, and other items commonly used by dog owners that need regular replenishment. Your customers might be another clearly defined target group that needs your goods on a regular and continual basis. 

The following are some great subscription box ideas for entrepreneurs.

1. DIY Craft Kits

Hobbies are terrific for supporting subscription box businesses, which makes DIY craft kits ideal products for a subscription box startup. Many people of all ages enjoy craft kits that might require them to paint by number, hone their embroidery skills, or maybe create decorative suncatchers that resemble stained glass artworks. 

You could send out monthly craft kits to your subscribers and match those kits with the four seasons. Items that are more useful during the spring and summer could go out during those times, while items that work better in cool weather go out at those times. Widely celebrated holidays also are good times for DIY craft kits dedicated to celebrating them.

2. Global Snacks

The days of mailing fruitcakes are at a welcome end, partly due to the variety of snacks from around the world that are available for distribution via subscription boxes. Ichiban shrimp from Japan, chocolate from Switzerland, and cookies from Ecuador are just a few examples of the many types of snacks that you might offer via a subscription box. 

The consumer might choose a standard size for the orders, the regions or nations from which they hail, and the frequency. You also might offer a random mix that gives customers pleasant surprises when their next shipments arrive.

3. Books

Books are a terrific source of entertainment, learning, and enlightenment. Books help to strengthen minds and maintain a high level of reading comprehension. A book subscription box can be a perfect product for recurring home deliveries to consumers who enjoy reading books and spending time away from TV and computer screens. Subscribers can choose a featured monthly title or possibly subscribe to more niche book markets, such as children’s books. 

The service does not have to obtain the books and then send them out. Instead, it can provide the address info for several buyers and pay the wholesale rate to ship them to the respective recipients.

4. Monthly Self-Care Items

A monthly delivery of self-care items is a perfect model for a subscription box startup. Customers can choose from a range of self-care products that support good hygiene, such as soaps, shampoos, and bath salts. They also could choose other self-care items, including aromatic candles, essential oils, and other products that they use frequently and that help to make their lives healthier and more enjoyable.

5. Cooking/Meal Kit

Cooking kits and meal kits simplify people’s lives by enabling them to eat tasty meals that are easy to prepare. Meal kits might require additional ingredients, such as meat, poultry, or fish. They might be vegan or specific to a particular culture or nation, like traditional Chinese, Italian, or French meals.

Subscribers could choose among breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. Snacks and desserts also might be among recurring items. The idea is to provide people with a very convenient and reasonably affordable way to enjoy quality meals without having to drive or take public transportation to a store and stock up. It is especially useful for people who live in big cities and do not have cars to haul groceries and people in rural areas who have fewer stores available.

6. Seasonal Candles

Seasonal candles can be very fragrant and very decorative additions to any home. Many consumers enjoy and use candles regularly and like to mix them up through the seasons. Enabling consumers to choose regular shipments and modify them for the seasons can help to ensure good sales and a growing base of regular subscribers.

7. Different Flavored Wines

Many people love wine but might have limited sources where they live. Affordably priced, high-quality wines of different flavors are terrific for subscription box startups. Shipping wine does require age confirmation to ensure the recipient is of legal age. 

Customers who are of age can choose the number of bottles, the types of wine, and their respective sizes. You also could send a featured wine each month or at least offer one while giving customers the ability to customize their orders.

8. Monthly Pet Toys and Treats

Pets are beloved parts of many families who enjoy spoiling them with treats and toys. As the pets enjoy their treats and play with their toys, those items run low. Regular replenishment via a subscription box is a great way to make sure the family dog, cat, or other pets continue to enjoy their treats and have fun with new toys. 

9. Activity Boxes for Kids

Kids are highly energetic and often have short attention spans. Activity boxes for kids give them constructive things to do that help to keep them safely occupied while potentially strengthening their minds. Activity boxes can provide activities and supplies for kids of varying ages.

The very young might enjoy crayons, coloring books, stickers, and sticker books. Cutting and pasting activities and storybooks help to spur their imaginations. Older kids might enjoy activities that involve science and enable them to develop an interest in STEM activities. Art-related activities likewise might encourage them to become more artistic.

10. Date Night Box

A date night subscription box is a great way for couples to spend time together, interact, and get to know one another much better. A date night box generally provides activities that couples can do and experience together. Those activities might include mystery games, arts and crafts, cooking meals that are shared, or other fun activities. The date night box might arrive weekly, monthly, or at some other interval. 

11. Shaving Supplies

Men and women alike make use of shaving supplies. Men need shaving supplies more than women, and the purposes often differ. You can create “his or her” shaving supply boxes that replenish razors, shaving creams, aftershave lotions, and other commonly used grooming products. A reasonably priced shaving supplies subscription box can be a terrific way to keep customers buying more. 

12. Global Coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s most universally loved beverages and is harvested and enjoyed in nations around the globe. A subscription box business that provides buyers with unique coffees that they normally might not try is a great way to enable them to try new blends, brews, and flavors. You can include additional items, like sweeteners, cups, and filters that coffee drinkers might need regularly. 

13. Flowers

Flowers are terrific for adding natural fragrance and beauty to any room. Even better, live flowers can arrive through the US Postal Service or other delivery services and spruce up even a high-rise apartment in the middle of a big city. Greenhouses make popular flowers available no matter what the outdoor weather might be. Buyers can arrange regular flower box deliveries that include seasonal favorites and widely popular varieties. 

14. Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are necessary but quickly outgrown by the babies that wear them. A baby clothes box is a great way for the parents of babies to keep them clothed and diapered without having to make repeated trips to the store or borrow old baby clothes from family and friends. The box also could include teething rings, baby bottles, and other commonly used items that help parents to raise their babies. 

15. Puzzles and Mystery Games

Brain teasers, puzzles, and mystery games help to create a fun atmosphere for families and friends of all ages. A subscription box for puzzles and mystery games enables people to have fun while also using their noodles to solve puzzles and fun mysteries. The puzzles might be conventional ones but also could include three-dimensional puzzles that you can hold between your hands for a more tactile feel. The mysteries might include whodunnits, identifying unknown persons, or applying deductive reasoning to solve other mysteries. 

16. Personalized Clothing

Clothes can make the person who is wearing them – or at least help to define that person to some extent. A personalized clothing subscription box is a great way for customers to obtain regularly used items, like socks, undergarments, and other items that are different from what they generally find in local stores. The personalized clothing is tailored more to the buyer’s tastes and preferences, with regular subscription deliveries providing new items that match the seasons as well as individual style preferences. 

17. Fitness Box

An active lifestyle that includes athletic pursuits and general fitness needs items that support it. A fitness box is a great way to provide consumers with new and recurring items that help them to stay active and fit. Active clothing tops, shorts, and leggings are examples of items that are easy to fit in a fitness box and ship to consumers. So are protein bars, low-carb snacks, lotions, and other items that support strenuous activities. 

18. Vitamins

A subscription box is a terrific way for individuals to ensure they obtain a full supply of beneficial vitamins that help them to live healthy lives. Some vitamins could be resupplied continually, while others might be more seasonal, such as vitamin C for the cold and flu season. Other vitamins might be needed to help with specific illnesses or ailments.

19. Cleaning Supplies

Some commonly used cleaning supplies might not be available locally due to supply chain disruptions or other problems that affect the general supply. A subscription box can help consumers regularly obtain the cleaning supplies that they need for recurring tasks, including cleaning the home, the car, or other things that are important to them. 

20. Cocktail Kits

Cocktail kits help responsible adults to enjoy adult beverages that are true creations worthy of the cocktail designation. Cocktail kits provide recipients with a variety of cocktail recipes, non-alcoholic ingredients, and mixing equipment to produce fun and flavorful cocktails. The cocktail kits could include recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails as well as traditional alcoholic drinks. 

21. Men’s Face and Skin Care Box

A face and skin care box for men can help with the types of skin problems and conditions that men often encounter. Rehydrating lotions, exfoliating creams, and different types of toners are a few examples of the many types of face and skin care products that might be included in a face and skin care box for men. Customers can adjust their orders to ensure they get the face and skin care products that they need the most. 

22. Global Seasonings

There are a lot more seasonings in the world than a local grocery store could carry. Many people use those seasonings to prepare ethnic foods and season items to personal preferences. A subscription box for seasonings from around the world ensures those people can get their harder-to-obtain seasonings on a regular basis and enjoy their special foods and meals. 

23. Jewelry

Jewelry is a great way to add some style and flair to people’s daily lives, and jewelry subscription boxes provide them with affordable new pieces. A jewelry subscription box likely will include a lot of costume jewelry but also can include items made with gemstones that are not considered to be rare or precious. The gemstones still look great, and regular shipments help to give recipients something great to look forward to every time. 

24. Smoothie Kits

A smoothie is a terrific way to literally drink your meals and obtain the nutrients that are necessary for good health. Smoothie kits enable buyers to create a variety of smoothies and provide them with recipes and ingredients. All a customer needs is a blender and a glass from which to enjoy a fresh, tasty, and very nutritious smoothie drink. 

25. Monthly Feminine Care

A recurring feminine care kit that goes out monthly helps female customers to take care of their skin and personal hygiene. Bath and shower accessories, skin lotions, and essential oils are just a few of the many products that a kit might provide. Scented candles help to create a spa-like atmosphere inside the home, and customers can alter their monthly orders to obtain particular products. 

26. ‘Flavor of the Month’ Tea

Tea is another popular beverage that people enjoy throughout the world. Tea also is an ideal product for a subscription box in which consumers can obtain recurring supplies of their favorite teas. Subscribers also could enjoy a flavor of the month that they otherwise likely would not try. When paired with tea accessories, the potential for a fun and flavorful monthly delivery of tea is a terrific concept.

27. Unique Ice Cream

Ice cream is a beloved product that modern delivery methods make viable for a subscription box service. You could offer traditional flavors produced by quality ice cream makers and mix in a special flavor of the month to give customers something new and exciting to try. 

Many delivery services include vehicles that are capable of transporting frozen goods to people’s homes. Cutting out trips to the store and the additional expense of retail price markups make ice cream delivery an affordable option for consumers.