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Active Filings REVIEW

(Pros, Cons, Pricing, Features & More)

Active Filings ReviewWorried about the red tape involved with business formation? As fellow entrepreneurs, we understand there’s nothing sweeter than peace of mind, and that it’s pretty much impossible to enjoy until you get the paperwork-side of business right.

Online incorporation companies like Active Filings exist to allow startups to form a business easily, then maintain compliance at far cheaper rates than conventional lawyers/firms charge — so they’re definitely worth considering.

In this Active Filings review we’re going to take a look at their pricing, packages, most popular features and customer feedback to help you decide if they’re the provider for you. Enjoy!

Some Pros & Cons of Active Filings


  1. BBB Accredited: Active Filings has been A+ rated since their 1st year in business in 2001.

  2. No Complaints: Now this is rare – there are literally no complaints about Active Filings (or even reviews under 4-stars) anywhere on the web.

  3. Cost & Guarantee: Though they’re not the cheapest option, with pricing starting at $79 their rates are well on the low end of the spectrum. Plus, their 100% satisfaction guarantee and refund policy give you a safety net.

  4. Spanish Accomodation: Active Filings has bilingual customer service reps to accommodate Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs. Also, they have an ‘Español’ button at the top of their homepage to translate all the site’s content.

  5. International Option: Unlike many of their competitors, Active Filings offers International packages specifically designed for non-U.S. citizens doing business in the states. They’ve been offering these services since they opened, so they’ve got plenty of experience dealing with the more nuanced process of foreign incorporation.


  1. Their rates start at $30 more than some lower-cost competitors that essentially offer the same features, like IncFile. (Learn more)

  2. Active Filings doesn’t offer any free registered agent services, while a couple other services offer one year free in each of their packages.

Active Filings Pricing & Features

Active Filings’ pricing is a little more complex than most filing companies because they offer an international option. But despite this, it’s still a straightforward model. Whether or not you’re a U.S. citizen, Active Filings can form your Corporation, LLC or Nonprofit.

That said, let’s talk about the specifics of their US plans before going international. The table below shows the cost of forming a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) in Florida, but fees differ by state!

Active Filings Florida LLC

Active Filings breaks down their US services into three packages: Economy, Complete and Premium. Let’s take a brief look into each.

Economy: While this package is the cheapest and most bare-bones, it still includes quite a wall of services. For $79 (before state fees) Active Filings provides a name availability check, virtual corporate kit, tax consultation, eDelivery of your documents, and more. You can also customize it with any of the add-on features like the EIN (Federal Tax ID) or registered agent services. In the end, this package will get your business registered and make the whole process a lot easier than doing it on your own.

Complete: For $266 before state fees, the Complete package includes your EIN, corporate kit/seal, and priority shipping and handling– in addition to all the features of the Economy package. This package is a good option for those who’d benefit from all three of the extra features it includes.

Premium: Including custom bylaws and expedited service, the Premium package is designed to help people get up and running in a hurry and maintain their businesses beyond the incorporation process. Again, at $434, this package is only worth it if you want every service it includes, as at the same rate you could add on any of the extra services to the Economy or Complete packages.

Now let’s take a look at their International pricing! Below you’ll see the pricing model for forming a Corporation in Alabama.

ActiveFilings Alabama Corporation

When it comes to Active Filings’ International Plan, there’s just one fully-customizable package. If you’re looking at utilizing the International Plan, the best thing to do is enter in your basic information (state and entity type) and select the features you want to get an accurate quote.

Since the total above is listed with Alabama state fees included, it’s difficult to say what your rate might be without your specific details.

Active Filings Customer Reviews

Active Filings Customer ReviewsAs mentioned in the Pros & Cons section, they’re A+ rated and accredited on, but oddly they don’t have any reviews on the most reliable review platforms like TrustPilot or ShopperApproved.

At the time this review’s being written, they do have a 4.9/5 star rating on Facebook and an abundance of client testimonials on their website. All of their reviews are super-positive, mostly hailing their reliable customer service reps and overall efficiency.

It would be nice if they had reviews on more third party platforms, but it’s not necessarily a red flag. Frankly, if there was something wrong with the way they do business we’d find negative reviews out there somewhere. Here, take a look at some of their most recent Facebook reviews:

Active Filings Review 1

Active Filings Reviews 3

Active Filings Review_3

How Does Active Filings Compare?

ActiveFilings ComparisonActive Filings stands out from the competition thanks to their bilingual customer service, and their international formation services. Still, if you want to make an informed decision, it’s always a good idea to see what other companies have to offer. Let’s take a look and see if there might be a better choice than Active Filings for you.

One option is IncFile, known for their bargain rates, starting at just $49 plus state fees. One of IncFile’s biggest selling points is that they include a full year of registered agent service with each of their packages. If you would like to bundle your business formation with a registered agent, IncFile is ideal.

Rocket Lawyer is another interesting choice, with a setup that works a bit differently than Active Filings or IncFile. With Rocket Lawyer, you have two packages to choose from. You can either pay a one-time $99 fee for basic business formation or $49.95/month for a legal subscription that gives you everything you’ll need as a business owner. Going well beyond simple document filing, Rocket Lawyer can even connect you with a lawyer — at a healthy discount — if you have any serious legal questions.

Active Filings, IncFile and Rocket Lawyer are all great companies with lots of satisfied customers. No matter which one you choose to help start your business, we’re confident that everything will be handled smoothly and swiftly.


  • Pricing Starts at

  • 100,000+ businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone starting a business on a budget and need quick formation

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Active Filings
  • Pricing Starts at

  • Unknown businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone wanting a service with bilingual support or international business formation

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Rocket Lawyer
  • Pricing Starts at

  • 10,000+ Businesses formed so far

  • Perfect for:
    Anyone wanting the choice between basic formation or a suite of online legal services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I Just File Myself?

Of course! However we highly recommend using an incorporation service like Active Filings to make the process faster, easier and essentially worry-free. It’s a lot to juggle all by yourself, especially when you're starting a business. But if you’re gunning for the DIY approach, be sure to check out our free step-by-step How to Form an LLC and How to Form a Corporation guides to stay organized!

Are Their Services User-Friendly?

Yes! They’ve got a rock-solid platform that’s easy to navigate. As we mentioned, there are no complaints about Active Filings anywhere on the web, and if people were having significant trouble using their services someone would’ve complained by now. Plus, their customer service team is super-easy to get ahold of if you encounter any problems.

Any Specific Filing Times?

Filing times vary by state regardless of the service you choose. That said, you always have the option to expedite your order for an extra $99 fee.

What’s Their Refund Policy?

Their 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures you’ll get your money back if you’re not totally happy with your service.

How About Hidden Fees?

None. In fact, they pride themselves on their No Hidden Fees policy!

Do They Offer Ongoing Support?

Yup! Their customer service reps are available from 9 to 5 EST on work days to answer any of your questions, whether you’re in the midst of incorporating or long-finished. They also offer a wealth of post-incorporation business management services which you can leverage when you’re ready.

Should You Use Active Filings?

At the end of the day, we feel comfortable recommending Active Filings. Their pricing and features offer a lot of value while they excel with international filings. You'd be in good hands with Active Filings.

But different entrepreneurs have different needs, and you're welcome to explore your other options. Feel free to use the links below to explore them!

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