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Active Filings Review: The Best Way To Go?

ActiveFilings Review

Hi, and welcome to Startup Savant’s Active Filings review. Listen, as fellow entrepreneurs we understand there’s almost nothing sweeter than conducting business with peace of mind. One process that REALLY helps in this respect is incorporate.

Incorporation is your primary means of protecting yourself/your assets from legal or financial liabilities and ensuring the perpetual existence of your business. That said, to give you a better idea of what Active Filings offers in this respect let’s walk through their benefits, package options and features.


The Most Popular Active Filings Benefits

The #1 reason to go through this legal process is to structure your business into a separate legal entity. Once incorporated through Active Filings or another provider, your company is treated as a “natural” person under the law and given rights to conduct its own transactions.

Therefore, any problem it commits in the future is no longer part of your personal responsibility as a business owner. Aside from that, here are the features and benefits their customer base enjoys.

They also have plenty of other helpful add-on services which you can integrate together with your original plan or package. This includes a corporate kit, customized binder, seal, stock certificates, obtaining an EIN, a registered agent service, bylaws, operating agreements and a lot more.

Two Additional Points

First, do keep in mind that Active Filings is only a document filing service. Some issues may arise that you’ll need a lawyer for. There are other providers like IncFile who can go the extra distance though.

Secondly, Active Filings doesn’t issue invoices. Instead, you’ll be given receipts by email once your payment’s processed.


Active Filings Incorporation Pricing Structure

Active Filings offers two kinds: Local Plans and an International Plan.

The total cost of local package plans vary because of state filing fees., some are higher than others. Then they offer three kinds formations: Corporation, Limited Liability (LLC), and Nonprofit Corporation, all of which have the same package fees.  To give you an example, the table below shows the cost of filing a corporation in Alabama.

ActiveFilings ReviewActiveFilings Pricing

As you can see they’ve got quite a wall of services to choose from and customize around your particular needs. Originally, the Economy plan only cost $99, but with the addition of a $190 state filing fee the total cost of filing becomes $289. This is the same with Complete and Premium packages.

On the other hand, it’s a different story when we talk about Active Filings International Plan. There is only one and regardless of the entity you want to form, the price is basically the same. However, the plan’s price may differ from state to state. The table below shows the international plan price if you form a corporation in Alabama.

ActiveFilings Reviews

ActiveFilings International PricingThe check marks show services/features included in the international plan. You also have add-ons which you can include in your plan for an extra fee. International plan for other states may differ in price because of the filing fees.


Consider Active Filings If…

Final Verdict?

You and your brand will be in good hands with Active Filings, no doubt, but perhaps you'd like another option just to be prudent? After all, entrepreneurs have different needs.

A more popular less expensive option to check out is IncFile. They're by far our favorite and have a huge following just like Active Filings but their own unique approach. What's important is that you take the leap, protect yourself, reap the financial rewards and incorporate.

IncFile Or Active Filings

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