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Weebly Review: Is It Right For You?

Weebly ReviewWeebly is quite frankly a powerhouse in the business website builder niche, although with over 40 million sites on their platform they’ve attracted all kinds of professionals, bloggers, photographers, and non-corporate-types as well.

But that said, is it the right place to establish your new digital venture? Does it have the right features and are their plans within your budget both short and long term? In this brief and concise Weebly review our goal is to help you figure out if it’s worth a shot. Let’s begin!

Pros & Cons to Using Weebly


  1. Arguably the best “drag and drop” website builder which also gives you the ability to edit CSS/HTML to a certain degree.

  2. Weebly as a company is continuously improving, evolving and expanding their platform so it’s a service you can grow with.

  3. Weebly is known for great connectivity, uptime, and uploading speed which is good for you and your users.

  4. Drag and drop functionality is great for non-designers, or those who consider themselves less savvy.

  5. The pre-set categorical page layouts make it even easier to start building a business website that caters to your target audience.


  1. Weebly SEO in some respects could be improved, for example being able to optimize pages better and media like images.

  2. While their customer service has a great reputation, it’s not 24/7 which can be tough for some business owners.

  3. The costs associated with pro features, domains, etc., are in some people’s opinion a bit overpriced.

Everything You Need To Know


Average Monthly Balance

The VAST majority of customers online claim Weebly is easy to use and user-friendly, yes. This is one thing most people totally agree on. But, that being said, not everyone intuitively knows what does and does not look good in/on a website so there’s a learning curve. The rest of their features overall are also easy to use and integrate.

If you’re a beginner or have never tangled with building your own website before on a platform like Weebly, it’s like an onion. To get started and initially setup is relatively easy, but managing and building a brand online isn’t. As you dig deeper into their platform and peeling away more layers of the ‘onion’ the complexity rises.



Mobile Banking App

Yes. Well, any website you create on Weebly is automatically optimized for mobile versions and you’ll be able to preview how the pages look on all devices before publishing. However, you have to make sure the template you’re using is newer as some of their older templates aren’t mobile responsive.

Truth is though that over time, like their competitors, Weebly is improving this aspect of their approach to template design. Why? Because they know most of your users will be on smartphones, tablets, and laptops. There’s no disputing it. Is their platform absolutely perfect? No. But then again, no one really is yet as mobile-responsive-tech continues its global rise.




This is a tough question to answer because Weebly has SO MANY features and functionality, as do the other major business website builders like Shopify, Wix, or Squarespace. We could write a 5,000 word tome of an article on this one question and barely scratch the surface, but then again, Weebly is still a growing and expanding company.

If you enjoy reading comparative articles, there’s no lack of them online. Simple Google “Weebly vs. Jimdo” or something similar and then grab a cup of coffee. There’s so much to managing a website, so many features, so many options. But hey, that’s not a bad thing.



How to Incorporate a Business Online

It sure can be! From their intuitive interface and constantly updated/trending templates, to their ecommerce and web-based options there’s so much room to grow! But you MUST do your homework on the platform to see if their free/upgraded features are right for you business and your goals.

Before jumping off the deep end, get a feel for their interface, how to manage your page, what kind of apps you might want to integrate, whether you like how blogging looks and feels and so forth.


Are other people happy with weebly?

Banking Customer Reviews

Truth be told if you go hunting online and read through a hundred reviews, or comments made by people under Weebly reviews, you’ll find a healthy mix of happy and not-so-happy people. Typically, the folks who’ve had a less positive experience are unhappy for strange specifics: for example one individual was upset because Weebly had no way to automatically generate 1000 variations of their products (their system only creates 120, everything else must be done manually). Others feel it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Just be sure not to start paying or upgrade to a pro membership until you understand the particulars. And, if you have ANY questions or reservations don’t hesitation to touch base with their customer service reps.



Overdraft Fees

Absolutely, Weebly hosts hundreds of thousands of online stores of all different kinds. Their goal is to give small to medium-sized stores the ability to create a professional Amazon-style experience with plenty of tools to help them compete online.



Below are a series of recently taken screenshots that break down their pricing and plans and features, but do keep in mind that these are subject to change over time so be sure to visit the website and confirm. As you’ll see, there’s something for just about anyone on any budget.

Weebly Pricing Weebly Review Weebly Review Weebly Review

Should You Use Weebly to Build Your Website?

We can't answer that question for you. Hopefully this review's given you an idea. From here you can use the buttons below to head on over to Weebly and dig in or check out other online website builders that are at the top of the industry.

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