How a Year-Old Startup Secured $124M in Funding: Christine de Wendel of Sunday

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#11: Christine de Wendel joins Annaka and Ethan to share her story of founding sunday, an app startup looking to disrupt the restaurant industry by giving customers the ability to pay their bills with the touch of their phone.

Christine de Wendel is the founder and CEO of sunday, which uses QR-code technology to improve the payment process at restaurants while helping generate more revenue and tips. Within sunday’s first year as a company, they’ve raised $124 Million and currently operate across five different countries. Christine previously had experience scaling various startups and has leveraged that experience to help lead the sunday team to astronomical growth. 

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Podcast Episode Notes

How restaurant norm changes during COVID-19 led to sunday’s conception [1:54]

Obtaining $124 million across two rounds of funding [6:08]

Acquiring competitors to combine forces and grow quickly [10:10]

Why Atlanta? Christine de Wendel’s decision to return home and join Atlanta’s thriving tech scene [11:55]

Running a global startup — the benefits and the difficulties that come from working across borders and using four different languages [14:18]

Adapting sunday to fit each market’s tipping culture [17:38]

Overinvesting in your brand and creating a memorable image [19:53]

Industry disruption and building a tangible impact [22:00]

Overcoming initial hurdles to assemble a network of early adopters [28:20]

How Christine’s background scaling previous startups helped her develop the guts and boldness needed to grow a company [35:02]

Finding talent without a pre-existing network and focusing on hiring people who can spot challenges early on [38:07]

Chrstine’s advice for entrepreneurs — You must be passionate, and you need to build a great team in order to succeed [41:47]

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