Sabrina Noorani of ClearForMe on Changing Your Mindset

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#1: Startup founder Sabrina Noorani joins Annaka and Ethan to discuss how she created a data-driven platform to take on ingredient transparency in the beauty industry. Sabrina tells of her journey validating her initial product, finding her first paying customer, and creating a company culture that empowers all employees. Additionally, Sabrina shares some advice for other entrepreneurs looking to turn their ideas into an impact.

Sabrina Noorani is the founder and CEO of ClearForMe, a SaaS (software as a service) company that helps customers learn about the ingredients that are in their cosmetic products. Before starting ClearForMe, Noorani worked as the only female derivatives trader at NYSE, and she leveraged her expertise working with data to create her company that now partners with big-name beauty brands like Ulta and Credo Beauty.

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Podcast Episode Notes

Who is Sabrina Noorani, and why did she start her data-driven company ClearForMe? [0:24]

The problem with ingredient transparency in the beauty industry [1:21]

How did you validate your idea to the wider market? [5:40]

Finding ClearForMe’s first paying customer at Credo Beauty [7:49]

A mindset shift: prioritizing a goal in order to make tangible progress [9:30]

What is API, and how does ClearForMe use API? [12:22]

Where did the ingredient data come from that makes up ClearForMe’s database? [14:52]

How do you categorize a mix of ingredients like “fragrance?’ [17:20]

Data trends are useful to track and can play a role in business decisions [20:05]

ClearForMe is different because they provide the facts, and everyone should have access to information they need to make informed decisions [24:34]

How to influence company culture as a founder [26:26]

Cultivating a flat structure? [28:40]

Jumping from the finance industry into the unknown void [32:00]

Sabrina’s key to success as an entrepreneur: building confidence [34:50]

Using an accelerator program to jumpstart your idea and the importance of pitching your startup to others [35:55]

Growing ClearForMe and entering new industries [39:40]

An achievement of ClearForMe in 2021 and a goal for 2022 [41:06]

Sabrina’s advice for other entrepreneurs —  define what you want to do. Set specific goals so that you can live in the gain not the gap.  [44:48]

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