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Welcome to Startup Savants, a business podcast featuring entrepreneur interviews that walk through every stage of the entrepreneurial journey — from launch to scale.

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Melodie founder.

Evan Buist of Melodie: Your Startup's Secret Weapon? Building Relationships

Evan Buist, founder of Melodie, sits down with Startup Savants to talk about building relationships, buyer personas, and success in the music tech sector.

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Dundas Life founder.

How Can We Make Insurance More Human? With Gregory Rozdeba of Dundas Life

Gregory Rozdeba, founder of Dundas Life, sits down with Startup Savants to talk about breathing new life into the insurance industry.

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sunday founder.

How a Year-Old Startup Secured $124M in Funding: Christine de Wendel of Sunday

Christine de Wendel, founder of Sunday, sits down with Startup Savants to talk about securing $124M in funding in the startup's first year.

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JIGGY founder.

Kaylin Marcotte of JIGGY: The Puzzle Startup Empowering Female Artists

Kaylin Marcotte, founder of JIGGY, sits down with Startup Savants to talk about founding the jigsaw startup with a cult following.

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Neatsy founder.

Turning an iPhone Into an AR-Powered Foot Scanner with Artem Semjanow of Neatsy

Artem Semjanow, founder of Neatsy, sits down with Startup Savants to talk about creating an AR-powered, mobile device compatible 3D foot scanner.

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Dragonchain founders.

The Future of Blockchain, NFTs, and Angel Investment with Joe Roets of Dragonchain

Joe Roets, founder of blockchain startup Dragonchain, talks with business podcast Startup Savants about the future of blockchain, NFTs, and angel investment.

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Courtroom5 founders.

Accessible Justice with Sonja Ebron of Courtroom5

Sonja Ebron shares her experience creating Courtroom5, a legal-tech platform designed to help those representing themselves navigate the legal system.

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Bluebird Climate founder.

Telling an Authentic Sustainability Story With Jamie McCroskery of Bluebird Climate

Bluebird Climate is a startup striving to improve corporate sustainability efforts while quantifying a product’s environmental impact.

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Premier Virtual founder.

The Power of Backing Yourself with Steven Edwards of Premier Virtual

Steve Edwards is the founder and CEO of Premier Virtual, a virtual platform where recruiters can host online job fairs from the comfort of their own home.

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DogLog founders.

The Ins and Outs of a Family-Run Startup With DogLog

Lynn Marks and Gideon Marks, a daughter-father duo, share their story building DogLog, a startup that allows users to log their dog’s activity.

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Founder of Leilo.

Combatting Stress Culture with Sol Broady of Leilo

Beverage startup founder Sol Broady joins business podcast Startup Savants to discuss how he created Leilo, a kava-based relaxation beverage.

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Founder of Citycatt.

Startup Success as a Non-Technical Founder with Lizia Santos of Citycatt

Lizia Santos is founder and CEO of CityCatt, a platform that helps travelers discover authentic experiences through the help of local guides, known as catts.

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Founder of ClearForMe.

Sabrina Noorani of ClearForMe on Changing Your Mindset

Startup founder Sabrina Noorani of ClearForMe discusses how she created a data-driven platform to take on ingredient transparency in the beauty industry.

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Startup Savants podcast header.

Introducing the Startup Savants Podcast

In the Startup Savants podcast, we interview startup founders and experts to bring you an intimate view into launching and growing a startup.

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Meet the Hosts

Startup Savants host Annaka posing.

Annaka Voss

Annaka is a Senior Graphic Designer at TRUiC with a background in music performance as well as education and customer facing roles. All of which have helped her cultivate a pathos-driven approach to interviewing, drawing out the human-side of founding, managing, and growing a startup company.

Startup Savants host Ethan posing.

Ethan Peyton

Hailing from Centralia, Missouri, Ethan is a serial entrepreneur and Senior Project Manager at TRUiC boasting a successful exit of one of his business ventures, From this, Ethan contributes a wealth of business savvy and an entrepreneurial perspective to the Startup Savants podcast.

Meet the Producers

Michaela Dale

Michaela is a project manager and producer of the Startup Savants podcast. Formerly a writer and musician, Michaela leverages her creative background to launch, manage, and grow startup-related projects at TRUiC. In her spare time, Michaela enjoys cooking with her partner and watching Love Island.

Reyna Hurand

Reyna is a project manager at TRUiC and producer of the Startup Savants podcast. Born and raised in Flushing, Michigan and alumnus of Michigan State University, Reyna leverages her background in digital media and content strategy as well as her belief in the power of combining humanity and tech to provide a well-rounded perspective on entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem.

Brendan Genaw

Brendan works as an In-House Editor at TRUiC and is an assistant producer of the Startup Savants podcast. He grew up in Canton, Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in English. Brendan contributes his love of storytelling and prior experience with Ann Arbor’s entrepreneurship spaces to the podcast team. 

When he isn’t getting lost in a book, Brendan enjoys running, hiking, and screaming at karaoke night. 

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