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Welcome to Startup Savants, a business podcast featuring entrepreneur interviews that walk through every stage of the entrepreneurial journey — from launch to scale.

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Greg Giniel, founder of Giniel Financial Group, joins Annaka and Ethan to discuss getting a mortgage as an entrepreneur, work life balance, and the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). 

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Meet the Hosts

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Annaka Voss

Annaka is a Senior Graphic Designer at TRUiC with a background in music performance as well as education and customer facing roles. All of which have helped her cultivate a pathos-driven approach to interviewing, drawing out the human-side of founding, managing, and growing a startup company.

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Ethan Peyton

Hailing from Centralia, Missouri, Ethan is a serial entrepreneur and Senior Project Manager at TRUiC boasting a successful exit of one of his business ventures, From this, Ethan contributes a wealth of business savvy and an entrepreneurial perspective to the Startup Savants podcast.

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