11 Best Ramp Alternatives for Startups in 2024

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Both expense management and corporate credit cards are valuable assets to a startup. Ramp is a finance automation platform that offers corporate credit cards and management tools to help businesses improve and manage their finances. 

While the service offers good financial services for startups, it can be outshined by some top Ramp competitors based on rewards, features included, and functions available on the platforms. These are the best Ramp alternatives for startups this year. 

Top Ramp Competitors

Finding the right financial software for your startup’s needs is crucial to managing cash flow and spend. If you’re not sure if Ramp is right for you, you’ve come to the right place. These are the top Ramp alternatives based on features, pricing, and usability for startups. 

1. Mercury

Mercury is a fintech company offering banking services to startups. While Mercury itself is not a bank, it offers both business bank accounts and a corporate credit card built with startup founders in mind. 

Their corporate card, the IO Mastercard, has several benefits: 

  • 1.5% cashback on all spending
  • Higher spend limit created with startup needs in mind 
  • Spend management tools included
  • Low deposit minimums and instant virtual cards when approved 

Plus, the IO Mastercard boasts no interest or annual fees, no FX fees on international usage, and integrations with popular accounting and bookkeeping platforms. 

For startups looking for a solution built for their fast-scaling companies, Mercury is a fantastic choice. In addition to its corporate card, Mercury also offers a variety of financial services for startups, including business banking services and venture debt funding, making it a one-stop shop for all your startup’s financial needs. 


BILL (formerly Divvy) is a financial operations platform for businesses of every size. Their robust platform boasts tools for everything from expense management to budgeting. With the BILL corporate card, businesses gain access to a myriad of credit-building and financial wellness tools, making it a top Ramp alternative. 

Some of the standout features  of the BILL corporate card include: 

  • Individual cards for each employee 
  • Flexible reward options 
  • Automatic expense and spend management 
  • Ability to set budgets for each card 

This is another great corporate card with no annual fees required and plenty of valuable features included to make it a powerful credit-building option for startups. 

3. Brex

Brex is a popular financial services company for venture-backed startups, not small or mid-size businesses. Their corporate card is one of many valuable banking services offered by Brex and is packed with helpful inclusions. 

Some of the most notable features of the Brex corporate card: 

  • Up to 7x rewards on spending to be used for cash back, credits, or billboards 
  • Scalable credit limits based on financial factors 
  • Several types of cards available for use, such as vendor, benefits, and T&E cards 
  • Automated compliance features and real-time expense tracking

Like BILL and Mercury, Brex boasts zero annual fees for their corporate cards. Plus, for companies looking for cards with international capabilities, their Enterprise plan features local-currency cards and billing in over 50 countries. Overall,  Brex is a great alternative to Ramp for venture-backed, rapidly scaling startups. 

4. Relay

Relay is a business banking solution built to help businesses scale profits. While Relay doesn’t offer credit products like Ramp, it does provide a great resource for other financial services such as online banking, money management, and more. 

A few benefits of the Relay platform include: 

  • Streamlined banking and expense management features 
  • Partnership with Profit First helps business owners scale profit 
  • 1-3% Annual Percentage Yield on savings accounts 

Relay is a great option for business checking and savings accounts with access to valuable profit-scaling features. While they don’t offer a corporate credit card like Ramp or other competitors currently, if you are looking for strong banking services for business, Relay is a great choice. 

5. Expensify

Expensify is an expense management app with a myriad of features available for startups and small businesses to optimize their financial wellness. With Expensify, businesses are able to track receipts, manage expenses, send invoices, and obtain corporate credit cards — making it a strong alternative to Ramp. 

A few of the top features included with Expensify include:

  • 1%-2% cash back with the Expensify corporate card 
  • AI-powered expense management platform is easy to use and increases productivity 
  • Automatic receipt merging and coding 

Expensify is a strong alternative to Ramp as the platform includes expense management, corporate credit cards, and several other features all on one platform. Plus, the platform is available to use for free when you sign up for an Expensify Card. 

6. Novo

With Novo, businesses are able to open a business checking account, obtain free debit cards, and gain access to valuable expense management and budgeting tools. While Novo doesn’t currently offer credit products like Ramp, they do offer award-winning banking tools to help support your startup’s financial wellness. 

Here are a few of the most notable features of the Novo banking platform:

  • No annual or monthly fees and no interest 
  • Automated budgeting tools 
  • Integrations with popular software such as Stripe and QuickBooks 

Novo is a popular business banking platform for small businesses looking to combine business banking with expense management features for a comprehensive financial solution. Unlike Ramp, Novo doesn’t offer a corporate credit card. However, they do offer funding options up to $75,000 with immediate availability to qualifying businesses. 

7. Lili

With Lili, opening a business bank account is quick and easy, granting you access to several perks. Lili’s business banking platform requires no minimum balance to open an account and a 4.15% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on savings accounts. 

These are a few of the most exceptional features included: 

  • Powerful accounting software included 
  • No hidden or overdraft fees 
  • No fees for receiving domestic wire transfers 

Lili doesn’t offer credit products like Ramp, however, both their banking, invoicing, tax, and accounting offerings are valuable for businesses of all sizes looking to manage their finances well. Plus, with plans starting at only $15 per month, Lili is a cost-effective banking option. 

Lili is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Sunrise Banks N.A., Member FDIC.

8. QuickBooks Online

If you’re looking for an alternative to Ramp’s expense management services, QuickBooks Online may be a good choice for your business. QuickBooks is a powerhouse in business software with services for everything from accounting to time tracking. 

QuickBooks Online is an accounting software that helps users track income, expenses, and prepare for tax season. Here are a few of the standout features: 

  • Connects to sales channels and captures receipts 
  • Helps to manage and pay contractors 
  • Income and expense management tools included in every package
  • Optional live-assisted bookkeeping services available as an add-on

QuickBooks is a popular service provider in the business software world, if you are looking for an alternative to Ramp’s expense management offerings without the use of corporate credit cards, it is a decent option. However, with plans starting at $30 per month, it can be a bit higher in cost than competitors. 

9. Stripe

Stripe is a financial services platform helping online businesses accept payments, automate revenue and finances, and include banking-as-a-service on their websites. Stripe doesn’t offer that many similar services as Ramp. However, their platform is packed with helpful features for online businesses to increase sales, manage customers, and automate their finances. 

Some of the more notable features included with Stripe:

  • Finance process automations help streamline workflows to save time 
  • Improved customer experience and reduced failed payment 
  • Integrations with major software solutions to optimize your tech stack 

While Stripe offers some different financial services in direct comparison with Ramp, it is a great overall choice for online businesses to level up their finance processes and increase sales. 

10. Airbase

Airbase is a procure-to-pay software providing expense management, guided procurement, and corporate cards to businesses. Customers can opt to buy services or ‘modules’ a la carte or choose one of Airbase’s three tiers of packages. 

A few of the best features offered by Airtable include: 

  • Highly customizable spend and workflow approval management tools 
  • Accounts payable automations both domestic and international 
  • Expense management features AI-based OCR and generative AI features

Airbase is an innovative financial services platform built to streamline procurement and improve the financial processes of businesses. With expense management tools, accounts payable automations, and corporate credit cards available, this may be a decent Ramp alternative. However, there isn’t a transparent pricing list on the website. 

11. Spendesk

Spendesk incorporates a variety of financial tools into one helpful platform. From corporate cards to expense management to accounting automations, Spendesk offers a myriad of valuable tools for business owners to manage their finances easily. 

Spendesk’s most notable features include: 

  • Budget monitoring features 
  • Real-time finance and accounting features 
  • Digitized expense reports and instant employee reimbursements 

Similar to Airbase, Spendesk doesn’t offer pricing information on their website. However, you can request a custom quote to learn more. Overall, Spendesk offers a litany of financial management resources for businesses of all sizes to monitor and control spending with ease, making it a great Ramp alternative.