OnPay Payroll Review 2024 — Is It Right for Your Startup?

OnPay review.

Any business with a team can benefit from using a payroll service to help onboard and manage employees. If you’re looking to determine the best payroll service for your startup, we’ve reviewed one of the top choices to consider for your business. 

OnPay is one such cloud-based payment software for businesses – keep reading to determine if this service is right for your startup!

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Pros and Cons of OnPay


  • Extensive Features and Functionality: Unlimited payroll and tax form filing included with OnPay services. 
  • Included Self-Service Portal: Employees can manage and access their documents through a self-service employee portal.
  • Easy Integrations: Easily integrates OnPay with top accounting software. 
  • Intuitive Platform: Easy-to-use platform makes payroll and HR management easy for any business owner. 
  • Competitive Pricing: OnPay offers low pricing compared to competitors at $40 per month plus $6 per person with the first month and set up free. 


  • Missing Features: OnPay doesn’t offer time-tracking services or a fully automated payroll system.
  • Limited Options for Large Companies: No discounts for higher volumes or tiers of services for larger companies. 

OnPay Pricing & Features

OnPay’s list of features is extensive, including unlimited payroll and tax form filing, as well as free HR tools for customers. Additionally, their pricing is competitive – especially for the features offered. Plus, the service offers the first month and setup for free. However, they don’t offer discounts based on volume for larger companies. 

Core Features

  • $40/month plus $6/month per employee
    • Unlimited monthly payroll runs 
    • Automated tax payments and filings
    • W-2 and 1099 processing
    • Free HR tools and information 
    • Expert support 

OnPay also offers services for onboarding and managing employees to make running your team simple.

OnPay Reviews

OnPay is used primarily by small businesses in a variety of industries. Customer review cited great customer service for troubleshooting as well as tax and payroll assistance as a benefit of working with OnPay. In fact, there were zero negative reviews about the service on TrustRadius.

Here are some verified customer reviews from TrustRadius about OnPay:

“We use OnPay for payroll & the reports, in PDF form. Our company is very small, OnPay was a perfect fit. Great staff, no timely waiting for call backs. One of the great things that I like about OnPay is that when we have had an issue & I have to call them, you actually talk to a real person in a timely manner. They have a great staff!”

“I run a small business and OnPay has been really great in helping me through the payroll process. There was an initial problem with the way I had set up our state’s tax account and an OnPay representative was very helpful in getting the issue remediated quickly. Since then it’s been very smooth sailing! The cost for their services is very competitive and all filings have been on-time and correct. Thank you, OnPay!”

“We use OnPay for Payroll and assistance and payment of Federal and State tax responsibilities. OnPay makes it easy to manage the ebb and flow of staff fluctuation throughout the year. Keeping track of reemployment taxes and other payroll taxes are managed by OnPay so I do not need to worry about being late or forgetting an important payment.”

“We use OnPay to process our payroll, make our tax payments, file our tax returns, and complete end-of-year payroll reports. I selected OnPay because they offer a complete packaged solution at a very good price point. Set up was very easy, and the support has been outstanding.”

OnPay Alternatives

OnPay is a great payroll solution for startups; however, every business’s needs are different. For entrepreneurs looking for plan options or large company discounts, another service may be ideal. 

To give you an idea of how OnPay matches up against the competition, we’ve compiled a side-by-side comparison between OnPay and Gusto.


$40 per month + $6 per employee

Best For: Startups

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Simple Plan — $40 per month + $6 per employee 
Plus Plan — $80 per month + $12 per person 
Premium Plan — Exclusive pricing

Best For: Startups

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If you’re still undecided about the right payroll for your business, compare more options with our guide to the best payroll services for startups

The Bottom Line

OnPay is a feature-rich payroll service that is a great option for early-stage startups and small businesses. With unlimited payroll runs, tax assistance, and top-tier customer service, business owners can manage and onboard employees at a competitive price. 

Seamlessly manage payroll, HR, and benefits with OnPay’s all-in-one platform. Try it for free today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OnPay?

OnPay is a cloud-based payroll service for businesses to run payroll, file taxes, and manage employee documentation.

Is OnPay a legit company?

OnPay is a legitimate payroll service for businesses. For more reviews from verified customers of OnPay, we recommend TrustRadius

How much does OnPay cost per month?

OnPay’s services cost $40 per month plus $6 per employee. You can calculate the anticipated total cost of using OnPay with their cost calculator.

Does OnPay pay payroll taxes?

OnPay offers services for automated tax filing and payments as part of their services. 

How do you cancel OnPay?

To cancel your OnPay account, you can call OnPay Customer Service at 877-328-6505 once your payroll taxes and deposit drafts are complete. 

Does OnPay have an app?

No, OnPay does not offer a mobile app.