Next Insurance Review 2024 — Is It Right for Your Startup?

Next Insurance Review.

Business insurance is a necessity for every company, from startups to small businesses, but choosing the right insurance provider can be a daunting task for some founders. Next Insurance is a digital insurance provider offering coverage primarily in general liability, workers’ compensation, business owner’s policy, and professional liability. Keep reading to learn more about Next Insurance and whether it is the right insurance provider for your startup. 

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Pros and Cons of Next Insurance


  • User-Friendly Platform: Next Insurance’s website is super user-friendly, making it easy to obtain and manage your insurance policy. 
  • Customizable Coverage: Coverage is highly customizable by insurance needs and industry. 
  • Fast Quotes: Get your Certificate of Insurance in seconds using Next Insurance’s app. 
  • Top-Tier Customer Service: Dedicated to superior customer service, you can expect high-quality support with this provider. 
  • Lower-Cost: One of the cornerstones of Next’s service is providing low-cost insurance policies fast for small businesses and startups. 


  • Digital Only: Next Insurance is a fully online insurance provider, meaning you aren’t able to visit a branch or office in person, and all support must be conducted online. 
  • Not All Industries Covered: While Next offers coverage for an extensive range of industries and professions, it may not cover all of them. 

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Next Insurance is a fully online provider dedicated to low-cost, high-protection coverage for startups and small businesses. Get a quote instantly.

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Insurance Types Offered by Next Insurance

If you’re looking for a wide range of customized insurance policy offerings, Next Insurance boasts a litany of policy options based on the type of coverage and the business it is being tailored to. Next Insurance offers seven business insurance types to make customizing your insurance policy simple. These are the insurance types offered by Next Insurance for startups and small businesses:

  • General liability 
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Professional Liability 
  • Commercial Auto 
  • Tools and Equipment 
  • Commercial Property
  • Business Owner’s Policy 

The customization doesn’t end there. Policies are also tailored to different professions and industries to provide the most comprehensive, personalized approach to insurance coverage possible. 

Industries listed on their website include food and beverage, contractors, retail and ecommerce, cleaning services, fitness companies, Amazon sellers, engineers, architects, and entertainment businesses, to name a few.

How to Get a Next Insurance Quote

Getting an insurance quote through Next Insurance is quick and easy. Since Next is a fully online insurance company, the entire process can be done on their website or mobile app. 

Simply click “Get a Quote” on either platform and disclose your industry and state you do business in. Then, you may be required to submit further information about the type of business you operate within your industry. Next, submit your business name, the type of business you run, and an email address.

The next steps include personalizing your insurance coverage and submitting your application. If approved, you will receive your quote for purchase quickly and receive your Certificate of Insurance upon completion of purchase.

Next Insurance Reviews

Next Insurance is geared toward small businesses. Many of their customers are solopreneurs and small business owners. Most reviews of Next’s services are positive, citing quick coverage at a low cost and an easy-to-use platform. 

The most common complaints about Next Insurance revolve around changes to services offered, resulting in loss of coverage. In each of these cases, Next has responded with clarifying information or alternative solutions. 

Here are some verified customer reviews from Better Business Bureau about Next Insurance:

“Using NEXT Insurance was so simple! I was able to get my quote, purchase and receive my certificate of insurance in a matter of a few minutes. I would highly recommend this company.”

“Easy, simple, straight forward coverage that you need so you can get back to work without concerning yourself about the details.”

“This company was so easy to work with I would recommend them to anyone looking for commercial insurance! I did all of my business with them through their app and it made it so much faster and easier.”

“NEXT is OK if you need basic business coverage. However, if you have clients who require specific insurance coverages, they have no flexibility in their offerings. For example… I have one client who needs 3M/6M coverage… I can’t get that from NEXT… even for a one-off client. It really ends up limiting my prospective client base.Customer service and the web user interface are excellent… I just wish they had better coverage options.”

Overall, Next Insurance boasts mostly positive reviews from customers who are happy with the speed and quality of their insurance coverage. However, there are some customers reporting issues with coverage being limited. Be sure to do your research on the type of coverage your business needs before settling on an insurance provider, and always have a backup in mind. 

Next Insurance Alternatives

Next Insurance is a great option for startups looking for low-cost, high-performance business insurance coverage. However, to determine whether or not it is the right insurance company for your startup’s needs, see how it matches up to competitor The Hartford. 

Next Insurance

Best For: Small Businesses and Side Hustles

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The Hartford

Best For: Brick-and-Mortar Businesses 

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Both Next Insurance and The Hartford are great business insurance options for startups. However, if you still want to shop around, check out our guide to the best business insurance for startups to find the best insurance provider and policy for your business. 

The Bottom Line

Next Insurance is our top choice for startup business insurance. Not only is signing up for a policy with Next easy on their website or mobile application, but it is faster than many competitors. Getting you a Certificate of Insurance or proof of insurance within minutes. 

Plus, Next’s customizable policies mean personalized coverage that is tailored to your business’s needs. Rather than paying for a policy you don’t need or, even worse, not having the coverage your startup requires. 

Overall, Next Insurance makes getting reliable, low-cost business insurance quick and easy for startups without sacrificing valuable coverage. 

Next Insurance is dedicated to low-cost, high-protection coverage for startup businesses. Get an online quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Next Insurance?

Next Insurance is a fully online insurance company founded in 2016. Next’s innovative digital-first approach makes it easy to sign up for or manage an insurance policy, or multiple, on their website or via mobile app. 

Is Next Insurance legit?

Yes, Next Insurance is a legitimate company with over 5,000 verified buyer reviews. 

Who owns Next Insurance?

Next Insurance’s founders are Alon Huri, Guy Goldstein, and Nissim Tapiro. 

Who is Next Insurance right for?

Next Insurance is a digital insurance company built for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Their services are best suited to businesses that fall into the industries provided on their website, including food and beverage, ecommerce, and accounting. 

How do I file a claim with Next Insurance?

To file a claim with Next Insurance, customers can sign into their online account on their website or call the company directly. Non-customers simply need to fill out a contact form on the Next Insurance website with information about the claim. 

How do I cancel my Next Insurance?

To cancel your Next Insurance policy, log in to your customer account on the company’s website, click the blue arrow on the right of the policy you want to cancel, and select “cancel coverage.”