Less Annoying CRM Review 2024

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When it comes to startups and building a successful startup company, having a reliable CRM that doesn’t take an extensive amount of time to train your staff to use effectively is critical. But, the aptly-titled Less Annoying CRM promises to be different from the competition.

In this Less Annoying CRM review, we’ll show you how this particular CRM lives up to its promise, covering the pros and cons, pricing options, customer reviews, and how it compares to the competition.

Pros and Cons of Less Annoying CRM

No matter what customer relationship management (CRM) software you choose to use in your business, you will always have strengths and weaknesses to weigh against one another. Let’s examine the best pros and most common cons seen by users of the Less Annoying CRM.

Pros of Less Annoying CRM Software

  • Simple and easy learning curve without excessive complexity
  • Excellent system for tracking, organizing, and establishing relationships between contacts
  • Highly responsive customer service team that answers questions as soon as possible

Cons of Less Annoying CRM Software

  • The costs to add multiple team members can quickly add up
  • Importing and exporting data can sometimes be a hassle

Less Annoying CRM Pricing and Features

Nearly every CRM software tool on the market has tiered pricing levels that depend on the features you need and your frequency of use. But, with Less Annoying CRM, you have one simple fixed monthly price without any hidden fees or contracts, a refreshing change that’s much less annoying than competitors that force you to sign up to different pricing tiers and upgrade to use one of the “locked” features. 

Less Annoying CRM ($15/User/Month)

For just $15 monthly per user, you can get all of the features of the Less Annoying CRM and begin using them instantaneously in your business. You can negotiate custom pricing options if you plan on having 10+ users by reaching out to the LACRM support team. 

Notable Features:

  • Every feature at a fixed monthly price per user
  • One central contact information location and one team calendar view
  • Simple lead report view
  • Collaboration with other team members
  • Easy-to-use customization capabilities

Less Annoying CRM Reviews

Based on thousands of customers who have used the Less Annoying CRMs in the past, some have written reviews to document their experiences and share whether or not they would recommend this CRM to others. Here are some customer reviews that have been verified by TrustRadius and come from real users who have actually used the product.

Here are some verified reviews from TrustRadius by people who used Less Annoying CRM:

“We use Less Annoying CRM to schedule appointments, store all customer files and track sales. We have industry specific CRM software available but Less Annoying CRM is much easier to use, has better features, much easier to navigate through and much , much less expensive. I have recommended it to others and they also love it.”

“We are a small company but we have several hundred clients and this has been a great product for us. I am not sure how this would function within a very large corporation.”

“I think it is ideal for a small business like mine. It doesn’t do Twitter feed integration, Facebook page integration etc., so if these are things that are critical to your business, then Less Annoying CRM may not be the right solution for you. It is very well suited for businesses that want to grow based on relationships and want to level relationships and connections that may get lost in the absence of a CRM.”

In general, past users think that the Less Annoying CRM is great for tracking sales, storing customer information, scheduling appointments, and performing all of the tasks you’d expect from a good customer relationship management software tool. It is great for small businesses and startups that are looking for a CRM to help grow their business and don’t want to spend a fortune on tools and software. 

Furthermore, Less Annoying CRM is typically used by small to medium-sized businesses that want to minimize complexity and focus on productivity. Users love all of the features present within the Less Annoying CRM, and common complaints revolve around important and exporting data, which can be a hassle. 

How Does Less Annoying CRM Compare?

There are plenty of competitors out there that offer CRM software for startups. One of the more popular is Salesforce. We find that Less Annoying compares to Salesforce in the following ways:


Less Annoying CRM pricing is excellent when compared to Salesforce, especially if you have a smaller software tools budget and don’t want to deal with the complexity of multiple pricing tiers. At Salesforce, you can choose from the Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, or Unlimited pricing tiers ranging from $25/user/month up to $300/user/month. With the Less Annoying CRM, you have one single fixed monthly price of $15/user/month. 


Both the Less Annoying CRM and Salesforce have outstanding features that make them excellent to use for tracking your sales pipeline and growing your business; while Salesforce excels more at automation and advanced features, the Less Annoying CRM is more “well-rounded” and suitable for a wide range of use-cases that require a reliable CRM to achieve. 

Ease of Use

Salesforce is far more complex and has a larger learning curve compared to the Less Annoying CRM. Depending on your propensity to learn and pick up new software quickly, you might find that Salesforce has a more annoying learning curve in the short term until you get familiar with its basic features and workflows. 


Less Annoying CRM has integrations to all of the major third-party tools and platforms you would expect to use daily, but its integration library isn’t as extensive as Salesforce. For in-house integrations, LACRM integrates with Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Outlook Calendar, and Mailchimp. For third-party integrations, you can expect to find integrations with AgileForms, CallHippo, Invoco, JustCall, Leads Connector, LeadsBridge, Reform, MyRepChat, and more. 


When it comes to customization, it’s no surprise that Salesforce is top-of-the-line. Due to the simplicity of the Less Annoying CRM, you’ll naturally have fewer customization features that allow you to learn the software quicker in far less time than competing CRMs. Salesforce allows you to customize everything to the extreme with custom coding and development. 

Reporting and Analytics

The Less Annoying CRM has simplified dashboards, views, and reporting features that show you everything you need to see and know at a glance. If you’re looking to use your CRM as a customer relationship management tool and nothing else, LACRM is perfect for seeing your pipeline, where your leads are at, looking at your data, and making decisions based on that data. For more advanced features and the ability to create your own custom reports from scratch, Salesforce will be the ideal choice. 

Customer Support

Both the Less Annoying CRM and Salesforce have similar customer support capabilities with tickets, automated systems, and quick support responses. LACRM users report that they’ve had excellent experiences with the Less Annoying CRM support team, especially if they needed urgent help on an issue or required a walk-through to show them how something was done. Similarly, Salesforce has an incident management feature to help monitor major problems and more complex capabilities that your business may or may not need. 

Less Annoying:

Pricing starts at: $15/user/month

In Business Since: 1999

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Pricing starts at: $25/user/month

In Business Since: 1999

Visit Website

Final Thoughts on Less Annoying CRM

If your business or organization is looking for a CRM that you can dive into and get started with straight away, the Less Annoying CRM is an excellent choice. Rather than wading through mountains of documentation and trying to learn how to use your CRM most effectively, the simple nature of the LACRM will allow you and your team to begin being productive without delay. 

Less Annoying CRM cleverly removed multiple pricing tiers and has one simple price that you pay for every active user, allowing you to worry no more about hidden fees, contracts, or upgrading tiers to access additional features. It’s refreshing to finally see a CRM on the market that doesn’t confuse its prospective customers with multiple pricing tiers, especially if they remove key features at lower tiers and only make them accessible for users that upgrade. 

All in all, the Less Annoying CRM has all of the features you’d expect from a traditional CRM, a simple learning curve that lets you get started right away, and straightforward pricing to make your life as simple as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Less Annoying CRM?

Less Annoying CRM is a private company started by brothers Tyler King and Bracken King in 2009. They still own the company and continue to strive towards their vision of making CRM software as easy to use as possible for their customers. 

Is Less Annoying CRM free?

Less Annoying CRM is free for 30 days during the trial period, after which you have to pay $15/user/month to keep your account active. Their pricing philosophy is incredibly simple, with one fixed price per user and no hidden fees, contracts, or complex pricing tiers. 

Does Less Annoying CRM integrate with Outlook?

Yes, Less Annoying CRM has an in-house integration with Outlook Calendar. If you’d like to sync LACRM with Outlook, all you have to do is go to the Settings page, browse to the Integrations menu, and select the “Set up calendar integration” button to begin integrating with Outlook Calendar. 

What CRM is better than Less Annoying?

Even though the Less Annoying CRM is entirely self-sufficient and simple to use, if your business requires more advanced features, the ability to customize everything through custom code and development, and a much more established integration base, then Salesforce can be a better option to go with. Even though Salesforce can be the “better” option objectively if your business is actually going to use the advanced features present, it does have a significant learning curve that can take you and your team anywhere from weeks to months to fully master.