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Registered Agent 101: Everything You Should Know

Choose a Registered Agent

For the majority of states in the U.S., hiring a registered agent is a key requirement when starting a business, and this includes Idaho.

Whether you’re starting a Corporation or an LLC, you need to designate and maintain a professional registered agent for your startup. Having a registered agent is not just a requirement, they are your partners in success.

A Registered Agent, also known as your Resident Agent or Statutory Agent is a third party professional who will serve as your representative as you operate your business within the state. Your Registered Agent will keep everything in check for you so that you can stay compliant throughout the life of your business.

To be able to maintain your good standing, your registered agent will record all your important information within the state. They will also take charge of accepting and receiving your mail and sorting them out and alerting you of any changes in state requirements.

With all the functions of an Registered Agent, one thing’s for sure, he/she will play a big role in your startup. When hiring a registered agent, make sure that you look into these basic requirements.

These are just some of the things that you need to look for in a registered agent, however, you can also set specific requirements and standards of your own. You may look into an agent’s track record and experience by reading feedbacks and clients reviews. To help you further understand why getting a Registered Agent when incorporating is important, here are 5 solid reasons.




The main purpose of a hiring a registered agent is to have a professional who will represent your small business in the long term. To help you focus on solely managing your business, a Registered Agent is essential.

This professional’s primary responsibility is to receive, sort, prioritize and notify you of your mails and documents. A registered agent will also be responsible in forwarding legal notices and state mandates to the right individuals.

A Registered Agent will make your life easier. You don’t have to worry about anything because these professionals will handle your important documents and annual reports for you so that you’ll never get blindsided.


The probability of facing lawsuits as you operate your business is quite high, which is why you need to prepare for this. Even if you do your best, expect that there will be dissatisfied and disgruntled clients who will criticize your business at one point or another. When lawsuits are served, they come in the form of service of process notices delivered by local law enforcements.

If you don’t have a registered agent, it will directly be delivered to your business address. This is an unfavorable situation which will bring about negative connotation to your business. Imagine police officers bringing you a piece of document that you could have redirected if you just hired a Registered Agent.

To protect your privacy, maintain your business reputation and avoid the disruption of your daily operations, hire a professional registered agent with a street address so that all service of process notice will be delivered to his/her office instead of yours.


Your Registered Agent will be always be available during business hours from Mondays through Fridays so you’re assured that your documents and mail will be received promptly.

Your registered agent will also spare you from sifting through time-consuming bulk mails, reading and understanding them one by one and separating items that need your immediate attention over solicitations and junk.


Whether you want to focus on more important things related to your small business or simply take a break from work, you can depend on your Idaho registered agent to continuing taking care of your mails for you. While you’re on vacation, your agent will alert you if anything important comes up.


Staying compliant is essential so you’ll be able to continue operating your small business. Every year, there are documents that need to be obtained, reports to be filed, permits and licenses to be renewed, state taxes to be paid and other government requirements that you need to comply.

All these are included in the scope of practice of a registered agent. Your agent can assist you as you complete all these important requirements and legal procedures. He/she will also be able to alert you of any changes in jurisdiction that could affect your business positively or negatively and handle other additional documents for an additional charge.

Hiring a registered agent is a mandatory requirement, but you’re given the freedom to hire an agent of your choice. Hundreds of registered agent services are offered in Idaho alone, making it difficult to distinguish one company from another.

Hiring an incompetent and unprofessional registered agent can give you numerous problems. Some of the most typical problems with agents include absenteeism, tardiness and obsolete information, which can cause bigger problems like missed documents and even worse.

Failure to maintain a registered agent will also cost you your company’s reputation. You will find it difficult to avail of loans, encourage investors and file lawsuits. In worst cases, your entity status may even be revoked so it’s best that you hire the best registered agent for your startup. Choose an agent who will go above and beyond their incremental duties so that you can run your business surprise-free.



Finding a Registered Agent in Idaho needs due process simply because you not only focus on the professional qualifications and state requirements of the agent, but also on their integrity and reliability to provide service. A Registered Agent’s position in your business is not something to be taken lightly.

This position is in-charge of receiving service of process as well as other legal documentations forwarded by the state to your business. These paperwork are then sorted by the agent and sent to your business for proper action. From the moment the paperwork arrives at the doorstep of the Registered Agent, it is then up to him to get everything in order and for you to take the proper action.

In most states, the following requirements for a Registered Agent should be observed: (1) a Registered Agent can be an individual or a business entity, either domestic or foreign; (2) if an individual, she/he should be a resident of the state; (3) if a business entity, it should be duly registered to operate in the state; (4) a physical street address should be provided; and (5) the Registered Agent should be present during office hours of all business days on the physical street address provided.



There are many places to find a Registered Agent, but the question of reliability and reputation always remains. If there is one place that you can go to help you find the Registered Agent fit for your specific business requirements, it is IncFile or LegalZoom.

Your business’ compliance is their priority so you can immediately operate as a legal entity. They ensure that throughout your entire business lifecycle, all legal paperwork and documentation are sorted and accounted for so you are never inconvenienced. Most importantly, IncFile and LegalZoom keep each and every legal document they receive confidential.

Please note that this guide is not legal advice and is for informational purposes only. If you have any specific questions about your business, speak with a local professional.

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