YesWelder Smashes Crowdfunding Goal for New Welding Machine for Welding Enthusiasts

An industrial welder working on a project.

YesWelder, a welding equipment startup, has smashed through its crowdfunding campaign goal for its new welding machine designed specifically for welding enthusiasts.

What Is YesWelder?

Based out of Boulder, Colorado, YesWelder is a startup company that manufactures welding equipment and accessories for welding professionals. The business has the mission of providing “affordable and high-quality” equipment for welding professionals, regardless of their level of experience. 

Originally founded in 2006, the company rebranded itself in 2018 to become a direct-to-consumer business after it did not receive the feedback and engagement from customers it was hoping for when using third-party suppliers. Since revamping its business, the startup now sells a variety of professional welding equipment like cutting machines, guns and torches, helmets, and tungsten electrodes, among other accessories. 

While YesWelder initially targeted welding professionals, the company identified another market opportunity: welding hobbyists and enthusiasts that may need welding equipment for everyday do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. These welding enthusiasts could then potentially transform their passion into side jobs or even full-time careers. 

The United States (US) Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that the welding job market is projected to grow 3% until 2029, which the BLS noted as average growth. The market also provides a significant opportunity as welders can pretty much work anywhere that metal manufacturing is required. In addition, it also promotes creativity for those looking to sell personal DIY projects. Furthermore, the welding profession does not require a college education, just a high school diploma and certification from a welding school. This makes the profession more affordable and accessible to those who may not be able to attend a four-year college.

Shattering Goals

Due to the market potential of reaching welding hobbyists and enthusiasts, the startup business launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in late July for its new welding machine, the FIRSTESS MP200. The startup initially set a goal of $50,000, but has since obliterated that goal. 

YesWelder has raised more than $2.4 million from over 3,800 backers through its crowdfunding campaign — 4,905% higher than the original goal. In fact, the business stated it raised $1 million within five days of launching the crowdfunding campaign. 

The company states that its new MP200 welding machine is a five-in-one machine that can perform four different types of welding functions (MIG, FCAW, MMA, and TIG), as well as plasma cutting. The business created the MP200 to reduce the need and expense for multiple machines that can only perform one function. Since the MP200 can perform five different functions, it makes it easier and more affordable for welding enthusiasts. 

Users of the machine simply input into the display screen which type of welding function they would like to perform. The machine then automatically sets the voltage and current settings, which customers can change if needed. Additionally, the startup states that the new machine is only 25 pounds, making it easier to move around than traditional welding machines. Moreover, the MP200 does not require a gas tank. 

There are 32 days remaining in the Kickstarter campaign. The company will use the funding from the campaign to fuel production of the MP200 machines. YesWelder hopes to begin shipping products in September.

McKenzie Carpenter

McKenzie Carpenter is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a B.A.A. in Integrative Public Relations and French. McKenzie has previously worked for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

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