Ecommerce Startup Wonderment Raises $6 Million to Bring Transparency to Buying and Shipping

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Ecommerce startup Wonderment announced it has secured $6 million in a seed funding round led by CRV, joined by Underscore VC and

Transforming Post-Purchase Experience

Angel investors, like Andrew Bialecki and Ed Hallen from Klaviyo, Jonathan Poma (Loop), and Guillaume Racine (Shopify), also took part in the business funding round. The startup company will use the fresh capital to continue developing its platform and expand the team. 

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, the global supply chain has faced immense challenges. This hectic situation has caused significant delays and bad delivery experiences because independent businesses lost billions of dollars. With its order tracking and communication technology, Wonderment is focused on transforming the post-purchase experience. 

Founded in 2020, the ecommerce startup company has developed a platform that offers Shopify brands a simple and affordable solution. The platform provides clients with greater visibility into their orders and shipments, enabling them to inform buyers about their delayed or lost orders before they contact customer support. 

The startup company’s founders Jesica Meher, Wesley Abbey, and Brian Whalley have vast experience in helping businesses build strong relationships with customers. After spending years building billion-dollar SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and eCommerce businesses, the trio came together to develop a platform that allows smaller brands to offer customers top-notch shopping experiences.

“Wonderment has been a game-changer for our business by providing greater post-purchase order visibility,” said Adam Romatowski, Director of Customer Experience at The Ridge Wallet. 

“The platform has helped us reduce the deluge of support inquiries and improve customer loyalty. Wonderment’s customer service is second to none and the insight they offer is above and beyond from what I’ve seen elsewhere. In addition to the U.S., we’ve rolled out the Wonderment app across our Canada, Australia and U.K. stores with great success.”

The ecommerce startup experienced strong business growth over a short period of time. The initial reception indicates that Wonderment’s platform is likely to continue experiencing strong adoption among leading Shopify brands, according to Reid Christian, General Partner at CRV. 

“Wonderment understands the needs of its customers like no other. The strength of the founding team is incredible and it’s clear they’ve tapped into a big, unmet market opportunity,” Christian added.

Jessica Meher, Wonderment’s co-founder and Chief Executive, said her startup company is working to strengthen the relationships between brands and customers through increased trust. In the past two years, businesses have learned how important the post-purchase experience is to retain customers, she said. 

Brian Whalley, co-founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO), argues that Wonderment’s technology and workflow automation allows businesses to be proactive. The platform also helps them increase repeat purchase rates, compared to traditional solutions which caused delays and forced them to deal with countless support tickets. 

Today, Wonderment’s SaaS platform is used by a number of rapidly growing businesses including Hydrant, ThreeShips, Schoolyard Snacks, and Baboon to the Moon, among others. 


Wonderment, a startup company working to transform the post-purchase experience, announced it has raised $6 million in a seed business funding round led by CRV. The ecommerce startup company will use the raised business funding to continue developing its platform and grow its team.

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