Workplace Safety Startup Intenseye Raises $25 Million in Series A Funding for Its AI Platform

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Employee health and safety (EHS) startup company Intenseye announced that it raised $25 million in a Series A business funding round led by Insight Partners. Tractable’s CEO Alex Dalyac and existing business investors Point Nine and Air Street Capital also provided business funding for the startup company.

Providing Protection to More Than 30,000 Employees Globally

The New York-based startup, which leverages the emerging artificial intelligence (AI) technology, said it plans to use the fresh business funding to invest in its go-to-market efforts and keep expanding its customer base of international manufacturers. 

The startup company’s solution is currently used across over 40 countries around the globe, including global industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies. 

Intenseye has developed a workplace health and safety AI platform that pinpoints workplace safety incidents and concerns, including unsafe acts and near misses, without jeopardizing employees’ privacy. The AI solution can be integrated with existing cameras within the workplace and by collecting millions of hours of customer data in real-time. The platform processes live video streams to capture more than 35 unsafe acts. 

Once an incident is identified, EHS representatives are notified via real-time alerts through the platform, allowing them to make a swift and efficient response. Thanks to the underlying AI technology, the startup company also learns to adapt as the physical working environment changes.

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that one worker died every 99 minutes from a work-related injury in 2019. Our mission at Intenseye is to provide an anonymous solution that will help significantly decrease the death and injury rates in the workplace until they both reach zero,” said Sercan Esen, CEO of Intenseye. 

“We want to continue bringing awareness to the safety of workers in the workplace, create a safer work environment for everyone, and be the eyes of what could have been previously unseen.”

Before Intenseye and other similar technologies emerged, EHS professionals were forced to rely on manual procedures to capture unsafe acts within the workplace. Such procedures include EHS teams temporarily abandoning their roles to walk the shop floor and try to capture unsafe acts. 

The AI solution removes the need for such employee-led procedures by providing a software-based solution that relies on sophisticated AI technology and existing facility camera systems. By utilizing the latest funding raised, the startup company will further seek to improve physical, real-world outcomes.

Serhat Cillidag, Chief Technology Officer of Intenseye, said Intenseye takes “the very best from modern computer vision research.” Ultimately, the AI business works to turn it into an end-to-end workflow product that EHS professionals can use to improve the safety of their employees.

Intenseye has dual headquarters in New York and Istanbul and since its inception in 2018, the AI business has deployed its solution across 40 major cities in the world to provide protection to more than 30,000 employees. 


The employee health and safety startup Intenseye secured $25 million in a Series A business funding round led by Insight Partners. The startup company says it will use the raised business capital to support its go-to-market efforts and continue to expand its customer base of international manufacturers.

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