Startup AutoLOTO Receives Pre-Seed Investment From CAI

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Startup company autoLOTO is automating key safety protocols for workers in the hazardous energy industry using a digital platform. The startup business recently received pre-seed support for its workplace safety platform from global consulting company CAI.

Funding Workplace Safety

AutoLOTO secured $1.1 million in pre-seed support from CAI during the latest funding round for its startup business, representing the formation of a new strategic partnership with the global consulting firm. CAI offers engineering, technical, and consulting services to clients in the life sciences, process manufacturing, and data centers industries. CAI’s portfolio includes names such as multinational medical device company Abbott and pharmaceutical business Shire HGT.

“Having up-to-date and accurate lockout/tagout procedures is essential in creating a safe work environment for mission critical and pharmaceutical engineers,” said Jackie Karceski, CTO at CAI. “CAI has seen the commercial viability of autoLOTO, and our investment will allow us to bring the tools and training needed to provide a streamlined technology-based solution to drive productivity and change across multiple industries.”

AutoLOTO expects the infusion of funding and its newly-formed partnership with CAI to accelerate the development of its workplace safety platform. Through its partnership with CAI, the startup business will receive support with the marketing, sales, and implementation of its workplace safety platform. Meanwhile, CAI will use the platform built by the startup company to enhance its ability to address the needs of its global clientele.

Enhancing Safety Protocols

Incorporated in 2019, autoLOTO aims to mitigate safety risks in the workplace due to human error by digitizing and automating important hazardous energy safety protocols. LOTO, or “lockout/tagout” procedures, are used by workers in the hazardous energy field to identify and disable machinery and equipment that could discharge hazardous energy like electricity while performing maintenance tasks or providing service.

Rather than relying on physical diagrams and schematics, the platform’s software helps users identify the correct pieces of equipment to lockout for a designated project. It also allows workers to quickly swap permissions between teams and share LOTO information in real time.

The startup business has also built in a number of additional security features into its workplace safety platform. AutoLOTO’s software will deny access to lockout protocols if the incorrect equipment is input into the program. The company’s product also ensures that voltage equipment is properly calibrated before each test.

AutoLOTO also provides users with an accessible audit trail of LOTO procedures to ensure safety standards are being met.

Competition in the Workplace Safety Industry

AutoLOTO will have to compete for space alongside a number of existing platforms in the growing workplace safety industry. Potential business rivals include established names such as Canadian-based company Maerix and Idaho-based business BasicSafe, which was acquired by Simplify Compliance last year.

Market research suggests that the global workplace safety market will reach nearly $20 billion by 2025. The industry was worth an estimated $12.1 billion in 2020 and is expected to register a CAGR of 10.4% percent over the next few years.

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