Financial Guides for Women in Business

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Funding is a big obstacle for women entrepreneurs, especially when starting a business. However, we’ve researched and created a list of articles to help guide you so you can understand the costs of starting a business and other necessary details that will help you succeed.

Whether you need a business loan, are trying to expand your business through funding from investors, or need help with business accounting, we’re here to help you learn and come out on top.

Financial Guides

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How to Pitch to Investors

We have researched ways in which you can pitch your next idea to investors and come out on top.

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How Much Does it Cost to Start an LLC?

While the cost of forming an LLC can vary from state to state, the types of expenses are similar.

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A Guide to Business Loans for Women Entrepreneurs

The financial support offered by business loans for women can be invaluable in helping female entrepreneurs get their ventures off the ground or soaring higher in the air.

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Quick Business Accounting Guide

This accounting guide will help you stay organized while reducing liability and making smarter financial decisions for your business.

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