Top Corporate Giving Services for Startups

Someone writing a check with the memo Donation.

As the current job market has evolved, so has the need for corporate social responsibility (CSR). It’s become increasingly important for companies today to have a strong social impact if they want to create an uplifting culture. Employees like to know the places they work for are doing good in the communities they live in, even if you’re a startup. 

If you’re looking to take your business venture to the next level with corporate giving, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the best CSR services for startups, so you can start doing more good faster.

Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Services for Startups

When it comes to your startup’s social responsibility, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. The following services are excellent examples of how you can best begin to work with charity donations, no matter what stage your startup is in.

1. ShoppingGives

If you’re an ecommerce or retail-related startup, ShoppingGives is the CSR service for you. Not only does it let you decide where your donation dollars are going, it’s an all-in-one integrative software that seamlessly handles the backend processes, meaning you don’t have to worry about any data reporting. With fashion brands like Coach and Natori on board, it’s clear that ShoppingGives is the real deal.

2. Selflessly

Selflessly is a great platform for those looking for all-in-one giving and reporting. Startups with a strong salesforce may find Selflessly’s reporting features particularly helpful, as they’re updated in real time for both customers and employees, allowing businesses to understand their consumers better. Additionally, Selflessly offers a great volunteering database, which helps employees match with local organizations for a fuller impact in your community.

3. ChangeUp

ChangeUp is another great CSR service for ecommerce and retail startups. Their charity checkout tool allows shoppers to donate when making their purchases, further simplifying your corporate giving capabilities with the click of a button. Both you and your customers will feel great knowing their dollars are being used to change things for the better.

4. Pledge

Startups looking for a robust CSR service to help them begin their corporate giving programs will find the process easy to do with Pledge. Pledge has plenty of offerings, including a live fundraising feature and text-to-donate service to make connecting with your community as simple as possible. This software is perfect for companies with a large community presence, such as retail shops (including coffee or bookshops), marketing agencies, realtors, and more.

5. Submittable

Submittable is the ultimate CSR for nonprofit startups. Their software can be easily implemented and offers an all-in-one suite for filling out grant application forms, tracking where your funds go, and more so you can stay organized. Submittable’s forms are intuitive and customizable, meaning you can tweak things for your specific giving needs.

6. SmartSimple

Whether you’re a startup that wants to revamp your company culture by inspiring employees to give back or a nonprofit looking to stay on top of your grants and donations processes, SmartSimple has the tools you’re looking for. Not only will SmartSimple help you keep track of your reporting, but they also have access to a responsive support team should you ever need help with anything, including finding the perfect community partner for maximum social impact.


While many of these incredible CSR software programs focus on donations, POINT is the perfect place to turn if you’re looking to get your employees out and about in the community. POINT partners with local nonprofits so that they can find you when they need volunteers. Their robust database structures information and helps them match you with the organizations that match your company values.

8. Millie

It’s like Millie was made for startups. This CSR service offers excellent donation matching capabilities so that your corporate dollars are being poured back into your community without breaking the bank. With Millie, you can customize not only how much money to spend when it comes to matching donations, but you can choose which charity it goes toward, too. Additionally, you’ll be able to create amazing charitable campaigns amongst employees, as well as give the gift of charitable giving to your staff and loyal customers, making Millie the ultimate guide for corporate giving no matter your startup’s size.

9. Bright Funds

Bright Funds is another CSR service for startups that have a large social media and general digital presence, like marketing agencies or small creative print shops. Similar to SmartSimple and POINT, Bright Funds allows you to seamlessly integrate their software with your social media accounts to reach as many people as possible with your corporate donations and corporate giving campaigns. Their integrations also work for internal systems like Workday and ADP Payroll to help you further keep track of employee donations and volunteerism.

10. Benevity

Benevity is an all-in-one corporate purpose software that helps startups create more business and social impact with less effort. With Benevity, you can manage employee engagement, community investment, and customer engagement initiatives from a single platform. The software offers features like volunteering, giving and matching, micro-actions, affinity groups, grants, and customer donations. Whether you’re looking to build a unified company culture, assess your ESG impact, or lead with purpose during times of crisis, Benevity has the tools and support you need to succeed.