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Business Plan Pro Review: Is It Worth the Money?

Business Plan Pro ReviewWell hello there and welcome to Startup Savant’s Business Plan Pro Review where we’ll introduce you to their best features, show you inside their platform, and talk a bit about how they set themselves apart in the industry. It’s not really about better and worse, but which business planning software is going to be most effective for you and your team. Deal? Let’s roll.

Some P's & C's of Business Plan Pro


  1. The last decade of solid experience in business planning and the fact they’re trusted by well over 1 million entrepreneurs really shows.

  2. You’ll feel it in their supportive video-based business planning course, Tim Berry’s “Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan” ebook, their complimentary one-year subscription to Inc. magazine (super-neat) and more.

  3. We appreciate the fact they have plan settings for non-profits and their 11,000+ industry profiles tend to come in handy along with the graphic forecasting models.

  4. Affordable plans priced between $99.95 and $159.95 with 60-day money back guarantee!

  5. Provides an easy-to-use financial model, excellent easy on the mind/eyes display, and accessible customer support services with responsive live chat functionality on their site.

  6. The overall software is simple with clean templates, wizards and automatic calculations through their Plan Review feature. Let’s not forget the over 500 sample business plans that you can tinker with and customize.


  1. Presently they lack a search tool to help you find a presentation pitch guide and plan tracking.

  2. At times you may feel their plan templates are too general. Distinction is important when creating a business plan.

  3. Currently NOT compatible with Mac OS or Linux (which is why Palo Alto Software built LivePlan to address the issue).

How Do They Compare to Others?

Business Plan Pro, from Palo Alto Software, is one of the market leaders. As they’ve been covered by the likes of the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Business, it’s safe to say they lead in some ways and yet fall a bit short in others.

For the more advanced planners and planning software users, this approach can seem creatively limiting and constrictive. However, if you like the structure and are looking for tons of features from a solid business planning software, they’re hard to beat.


How Easy Is the Software to Use?

The software has the ability to be as simple to use, or as dynamic and complex as you need it to be. Or as Entrepreneur Magazine put it, “A great example of an out-of-box solution that is user-friendly and produces a formatted final product you can circulate among investors.

Then to top it off the company partnered with planning guru Tim Berry to create tons of informational/education-based content to help people not just use the software better, but create better more productive plans to bring their business ideas to life.


Business Plan Pro Features

Unlike most of their competitors that group their services into three packages, Business Plan Pro stuck with a straightforward duo – Standard ($99.95) & Premier ($159.95).

Business Plan Pro Review

That said, below is what we like to call their Wall of Features. To be frank, at first it can seem like a lot, or a total data overload, but most newbie entrepreneurs and those who are just now beginning to dip into professional planning software don’t have an issue getting setup.

Business Plan Pro Reviews and Features

Business Plan Pro Reviews

Pretty intense right? So much for such a small investment. When you just focus on what separates the two plans it really helps put Premium in perspective, which it may turn out isn’t something you need right now. In fact, that right there is what we believe really sets Business Plan Pro apart – their sheer complexity.

Your average entrepreneur simply doesn’t have the time it’s going to take to utilize all those features, do they? Do you? In our humble opinion this platform caters more to medium-sized business and larger startups who have someone or a small team of people dedicated to the data.


Are Other Entrepreneurs Happy?

Yes, for the most part you’ll find the reviews online that have been gathering are positive. The big divide is among those who prefer more streamlined planning software. Business Plan Pro can be overwhelming which is why they turn to alternatives like LikePlan, which again, was built by the same company to address these issues.

It’s an easy download though, put together well, and has what just about anyone could need to get a solid plan up and running. Be sure to do your homework before really deciding if you should dedicate tons of time to the Business Plan Pro approach.


So, What Do You Think?

Whether you're ready for a platform like Business Plan Pro or need software that's a bit more like LivePlan, what's important is that you stop putting this off and use the links below to make your move. A professional business plan doesn't assure success, but it's required when you start looking for funds and studies show they dramatically improve both management efficacy and inter-team collaboration. Here's to your success!

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