19 Best Startup Accelerators and Incubators in Texas 2024

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Texas is home to a thriving startup community. Along with a wide range of innovative startups that call the Lonestar State home, there are also numerous accelerator programs that exist to support these startups on their missions. 

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best startup accelerator and incubator programs in Texas to help you choose a program that will launch your Texas startup to new heights.

Startup Incubators and Accelerator Programs in Texas

In no particular order, here are some of the top startup accelerators/incubators that are located in Texas: 

1. DivInc

  • Location: Austin

DivInc offers a 12-week accelerator program designed to help founders build leadership skills, learn core business fundamentals, and enjoy access to a network of investors, peers, and mentors. This program is open to startups across numerous industries but prioritizes working with diverse and underrepresented founders. 

Since being founded in 2016, DivInc has helped launch 120 startup companies and has helped raise over $15 million in funding. A few noteworthy companies in the DivInc portfolio include Mixie, Port LookOut, and Snowball Wealth. 

2. Capital Factory

  • Location:  Austin

Capital Factory is a company that provides a 12-week accelerator program. With this program, founders can look forward to a detailed, curriculum-based boot camp, access to investors, mentors, and other resources, 6 months of free co-working space, and up to $250,000 in potential hosting credits from companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. 

In exchange, Capital Factory requires 1% of an accepted startup’s equity and the right to invest in its next big round of funding. Blue Social, Trash Gurus, and indipop are a few noteworthy companies in the Capital Factory portfolio. 

3. Quake Capital Partners

  • Location: Austin

Quake Capital Partners is a venture capital fund and startup accelerator program that has worked with over 350 founders since being launched in 2016. Quake Capital Partners is an industry-agnostic program, but it specializes in supporting tech startups. 

For selected startups, Quake Capital Partners provides an initial investment ranging from $100,000 to $150,000. A few companies in the Quake Capital Partners portfolio worth mentioning are Ampathy, BlastPoint, and Baby Quip

4. Sputnik ATX

  • Location: Austin

Sputnik ATX is an industry-agnostic accelerator program that provides a 13-week accelerator designed to teach startups how to sell and gain traction. Along with helpful mentorship and guidance, Sputnik ATX also provides direct funding and access to additional funding via its network of investors. 

Startups that are accepted to the Sputnik ATX program will receive an initial investment of $100,000. A few companies in the Sputnik ATX portfolio that are worth mentioning include Backtracks, Vertalo, and Datum. 

5. Tech Wildcatters

  • Location: Dallas

Tech Wildcatters is one of the most well-recognized startup accelerator programs in the state of Texas. Since being founded in 2009, Tech Wildcatters has invested in over 100 companies with 13 successful exits. 

Tech Wildcatters invests primarily in early-stage tech startups. Notable companies in their portfolio include Modern, Device Magic, and Koupon. 

6. International Accelerator

  • Location: Austin

International Accelerator is a startup accelerator program that focuses on helping foreign-born founders launch their startup companies in the American market. Startup founders that are accepted into the program can look forward to direct funding, a 12-month accelerator program, housing and office space, and access to a strong network of mentors, investors, and partners. 

Since being founded in 2014, International Accelerator has raised over $140 million in total funding and has a current portfolio valuation of $530 million. A few companies included in this portfolio are SolarX, Docturnal, and Print2Block. 

7. SKU

  • Location: Austin

SKU is a fund that offers numerous industry-specific accelerator programs. This includes a program for petcare startups, a program for food and beverage startups, and a program for women-led/minority-led startups. 

SKU was founded in 2011. Since then, the fund has helped launch dozens of successful startups, including companies such as Pippy Sips, Mushroom Revival, and American Provenance. 

8. Techstars Austin Accelerator

  • Location: Austin

Techstars is a company that offers a wide range of accelerator programs located all over the globe. This includes the Techstar Austin Accelerator, which is a hybrid program that features both online collaboration and in-person events. 

Since being founded in 2006, Techstars has become one of the biggest names in the startup accelerator industry and has a current portfolio value of $96.6 billion. The Techstars portfolio includes numerous companies with valuations in excess of $1 billion – companies such as Alloy, ClassPass, and Newsela. 

9. Seed Round Capital

  • Location: Houston

Seed Round Capital is a venture capital fund that provides direct funding, funding opportunities, and learning events to founders of early-stage startups. The program is open to startups across numerous industries, but Seed Round Capital prioritizes fast-growing, early-stage startups that have already found product-market fit and initial traction. 

If accepted to the program, your startup will receive an initial investment from Seed Round Capital that ranges from $50,000 to $150,000 along with the opportunity to pitch your company to angel investors and venture capitalists in the Seed Round Capital network. Kaya, Adaptive Pulse, and Rocco are a few examples of companies in the Seed Round Capital portfolio. 

10. Thinktiv

  • Location: Austin

Thinktiv is a fund that provides several different startup accelerator programs. This includes a product strategy program, a product design program, and a brand/go-to-market program. 

Since being founded in 2005, Thinktiv has helped companies achieve over $14 billion in value transformation. A few noteworthy companies in the Thinktiv portfolio include Scoot, Envision Healthcare, and Mint House. 

11. Texas Venture Labs

  • Location: Austin

Texas Venture Labs is a startup accelerator program that is offered in partnership with the University of Texas at Austin. It is a zero-cost, zero-equity program that provides selected startups with up to 200 hours of high-impact business consulting. 

Texas Venture Labs is open to early-stage startups across all industries. A few noteworthy companies that Texas Venture Labs has invested in include Vertalo,  Texas Guadaloop, and Seismos. 

12. Eunike Ventures

  • Location: Houston

Eunike Ventures is a Texas startup accelerator founded by professionals in the energy industry and designed to help launch innovative startups that will drive the industry forward. This hybrid accelerator program features both online and in-person collaboration. 

Part of the value that Eunike Ventures offers is its longstanding partnerships with energy companies all over the globe. Since being founded in 2018, Eunike Ventures has helped launch numerous energy startups, including Senslytics, Equipcast, and Nesh. 

13. Halliburton Labs

  • Location: Houston

Another startup accelerator in Texas that is designed for energy startups, Halliburton Labs is dedicated to advancing the future of clean, affordable energy by partnering with startups working on promising new technologies and solutions. Startups that are accepted to the program can look forward to access to technical expertise, Halliburton facilities, and an expansive business network. 

Halliburton Labs was founded in 2020 and has already helped launch numerous successful startups. This includes startups such as Helix Power, Chemergy, and Enexor BioEnergy. 

14. iStart Valley

  • Location: Plano

iStart Valley offers a 16-week accelerator program that is designed for tech startups. This program provides mentorship and guidance, product/prototype development services, marketing strategy preparation, and the opportunity to pitch to investors. 

Since 2011, iStart Valley has graduated over 65 startups from its accelerator program. Along with its flagship accelerator program, iStart Valley also offers a human capital accelerator program and a youth accelerator program.  

15. AccelerateHER

  • Location: Denton

AccelerateHER is a Texas startup incubator program that is designed specifically for women-owned startups. Startups that are accepted to the program will receive workspace at a co-working facility in Denton, TX, intensive business development training, and access to investors and mentors. 

To qualify for this program, a startup must be at least 51% owned by a woman. Noteworthy companies in the AccelerateHER portfolio include Radda, Departmynt, and Cooks Without Borders. 

16. RealCo Accelerator

  • Location: San Antonio

RealCo Accelerator is a 24-month accelerator program that takes place entirely online. This program provides mentorship, networking opportunities, and an initial investment that is typically around $100,000. 

RealCo Accelerator was founded in 2017. Since then, the program has helped launch companies such as Dauber, FileThis, and BetterYou. 

17. Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at UTD

  • Location: Richardson

The Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at UTD is an organization that offers numerous programs for founders and entrepreneurs, including a couple of startup accelerator programs. This program was founded in 2006 and is offered in partnership with the University of Texas at Dallas. 

The Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at UTD offers two startup accelerator programs: the CometX Accelerator that is open to UT Dallas students, faculty, and alumni and the GalXc Accelerator that is open to women founders. 

18. MassChallenge Texas

  • Location: Austin

MassChallenge Texas is an early-stage startup accelerator program that provides three months of mentorship, guidance, and networking. It is an industry-agnostic program that accepts around 200 startups per cohort. 

Since being founded in 2009, MassChallenge has worked with over 3,000 startup companies. This includes highly successful startups such as Bitso, Ginger, and Hyliion. 

19. DFW Excellerator

  • Location: Dallas

DFW Excellerator is an accelerator program that prioritizes high-growth startups. This program is open to startups in the consumer products, retail technology, and sports management industries. 

DFW Excellerator was founded in 2014. Since then, the program has invested in a range of successful startups, including Foundry Club, Nitero, and Phoenix Green Food. 

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