12 Best Startup Accelerators and Incubators in Seattle, Washington 2024

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Startup accelerators usually help seed and early-stage startups accelerate their growth, although there are some that assist later-stage businesses. They provide valuable insights, assistance, and sometimes funding, all things startups need. Here we have gathered some of the best startups in Seattle. 

These Seattle startup accelerators vary in their requirements and their offerings. But what they all have in common is a commitment to helping startups thrive. If you can qualify, your startup could get much-needed assistance, which can mean the difference between surviving and thriving. 

Startup Incubators and Accelerator Programs in Seattle

These startup incubators and accelerator programs are some of the most sought-after in Seattle. If your business is anywhere near the Seattle metro area, we encourage you to check them out.

1. Fledge

Best For: Sustainable Startups, Cleantech Startups

Funding Amount: Up to $20,000 

Fledge is a global network of conscious company accelerators and investment funds. The Seattle branch is one of its primary locations in North America. It assists startups with intense, short programs centered on guidance, education, and substantial mentorship. 

Each program runs for approximately two months and includes an MBA-level entrepreneurship class, dozens of one-on-one meetings with experts, and an investment of up to $20,000 in exchange for 6% equity. 

A unique aspect of Fledge is its acceptance of co-ops. In addition to the standard startups that all accelerators accept, Fledge also encourages co-ops to apply and features specialized training for co-ops (Boston only).

2. The Graham & Walker Catalyst

Best For: Female Founders

Funding Amount: None 

The Graham & Walker Catalyst is a fundraising-readiness program for female founders to help prepare them to pitch investors. The program has helped 638 founders since its inception in 2018 with $150 million raised among participants. 

Founders receive three weeks of training in business building, fundraising, and venture capital fundamentals free of charge. Plus, all participating startups are automatically enrolled to be screened for investment eligibility by Graham & Walker.

3. Pioneer Square Labs

Best For: Tech Startups 

Funding Amount: Varies 

Both a startup studio and venture capital fund, Pioneer Square Labs (PSL) is dedicated to helping early-stage startups and aspiring founders build great companies. The startup studio assists founders in a litany of crucial early-stage tasks such as market research, fundraising, digital marketing, and concept validation. Plus, the company takes care of legal, recruiting, and bookkeeping to allow founders to focus on building their company. 

The PSL venture capital fund invests in pre-seed, seed, and Series A startups in all tech verticals except biotech, pharma, and energy. Companies that are funded by PSL also receive valuable support from the company’s team of marketers, data scientists, and more.

4. Techstars Seattle Accelerator

Best For: All Startups

Funding Amount: Up to $120,000

Techstars offers accelerator programs across the globe including a remote accelerator for Seattle-based startups. Techstars has an accelerator cumulative market cap of over $100 billion, with 20 graduate $1 billion companies and 4,300 active accelerator mentors. It offers three-month accelerators focused on helping entrepreneurs succeed. 

It surrounds you with investors, alumni, and corporate partners that are all focused on helping your startup reach its full potential. Although applications are open year-round, Techstars encourages potential applicants to participate before applying.

5. Jones and Foster Accelerator (University of WA)

Best For: Student-Founded Startups 

Funding Amount: Up to $1,000 

The Jones + Foster accelerator program is part of the University of Washington ecosystem, designed for startups coming out of student work. It helps early-stage, student-led companies through the first six months of growth. The program doesn’t take any equity – it’s supported by generous donors and sponsors.

The companies selected for the program receive mentoring, guidance to create a list of measurable milestones, workshops on topics relevant to companies in the program, access to a new fund to assign with early-stage expenses ($1,000 per startup team), and up to $25,000 in follow-on funding if milestones are met. 

The program is six months long, running from July through January. Teams must have students or recent graduates in key leadership roles to be considered.

6. Washington Maritime Blue

Best For: Marine Startups 

Funding Amount: Varies 

The Maritime Blue Innovation Accelerator from Washington Maritime Blue is a program operated by the state to foster maritime startup growth that balances economic needs with environmental concerns. The accelerator is a four-month, mentor-based program helping startups scale and grow. Participants get access to a global network of industry and ocean leaders, mentors, and advisors. 

Over 30 startups have graduated since 2018, with $450 million raised in total funding and over 500 jobs created. The program is open to early-stage, North American startups focused on the maritime industry. Individuals from all cultures and communities are encouraged to apply. 

Each program is uniquely designed based on the participants. Topics covered can include financial modeling, fundraising, go-to-market strategy, hiring, and business development.

7. CoMotion Labs

Best For: Information Technology Startups, Software Startups

Funding Amount: None

CoMotion Labs is a multi-industry incubator program helping early-stage startups on the University of Washington campus. It provides workspaces along with a variety of opportunities for learning, mentoring, and networking. And it does all of this without taking equity or IP. 

The tech incubator supports IT startups, as well as software, fintech, and AI/ML startups. Its programs include Techstars Seattle, the BECU FinTech Incubator, and Kernel Labs. 

The tech incubator programs from CoMotion Labs are available with a subscription plan at various price points, depending on whether you want a virtual, drop-in, or hybrid model. The more you pay, the more perks you get with your membership. But everyone gets access to the basics of training, classes, and other primary networking and resources.

8. Upaya Social Ventures

Best For: Social Startups 

Funding Amount: None

Upaya Social Ventures is an investment firm helping to build impact-driven startups through their program, The Dignified Jobs Accelerator. Throughout the six-month program, early-stage social entrepreneurs gain access to a vast network of experts and investors, one-on-one consulting, investment preparation support, and interactive workshops. 

All startups that participate in the program must be developing products or services to create dignified jobs in order to eliminate extreme poverty. The accelerator and investment firm is active in both Seattle, Washington and India with 66 businesses accelerated and 39 investments made since its inception.

9. Startup Haven

Best For: Pre-Seed Startups 

Funding Amount: Up to $150,000

Startup Haven is a startup community dedicated to supporting venture-scale startups. Their pre-seed startup accelerator leverages the GroundWork Growth Framework to chart a path to meaningful growth. Eligible startups receive intensive mentorship as well as $150,000 in funding in exchange for 5%-8% equity. Each startup’s program tuition is based on funding amount, ranging from $0-$18,000. 

In order to qualify, startups must have a full-time founding team, a capital efficient business model addressing a venture-scale market, a live product, and some early elements of commercialization. 

10. Pivotal Ventures

Best For: Female-Founded Startups 

Funding Amount: Varies 

Pivotal Ventures is a venture capital firm founded by Melinda French Gates that aims to fund and empower female-founded startups and accelerate social progress by removing barriers. The firm invests in both women-led funds and early-stage startups with performance potential. The goal of investment from Pivotal Ventures is to showcase the power of investing in underrepresented founders and increase their access to capital and startup-building opportunities. 

11. Madrona Venture Labs

Best For: AI Startups

Funding Amount: None

Madrona Venture Labs (MVL) is a venture studio built for AI startups and ideas. MVL offers three partnership opportunities: creation, acceleration, and funding. Startups seeking acceleration services must have a small team, an early product, and customer momentum. The three-month program works with startups to help them reach their first funding milestone, strategize market entry and growth, and develop initial products using the team’s vast experience in technology and operations. 

12. InuitiveX

Best For: Digital Health Startups, Biotech Startups

Funding Amount: Varies

Built for startups in the health sector, InuitiveX is an incubator, investment fund, and accelerator providing a myriad of valuable resources for startups across the digital health, biotech, pharma, and medical devices industries. The company helps early-stage companies and founders from idea to patent to commercialization with their team of IP and commercialization experts. InuitiveX’s portfolio companies include Digiprep, Navlab, Greensky Creations, and more. 

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