14 Best Startup Accelerators and Incubators in Boston, Massachusetts 2024

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As a hotbed for technological advancements and entrepreneurial spirit, Boston has long been recognized as a hub for startups and innovation. The city is home to a diverse range of startup accelerators and incubators, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with invaluable resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

In this article, we’ll explore 14 of the best startup accelerators in Boston to help you find a program that is ideally suited for your company. 

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Startup Incubators and Accelerator Programs in Boston

Here are some of the top Boston startup accelerator and incubator programs: 

1. MassChallenge

MassChallenge is a nonprofit organization that offers numerous startup accelerator programs. This includes accelerator programs for early-stage startups, FinTech startups, HealthTech startups, and sustainable food startups. 

MassChallenge was founded in 2009 and is currently led by CEO Cait Brumme. Since being founded, MassChallenge has invested in over 3,000 startups, including companies such as Dollarito, CryptoClear, and Culture Care Collective.

2. FinTech Sandbox

As its name suggests, FinTech Sandbox is a startup accelerator program designed specifically for fintech startups. This six-month program provides access to mentorship and funding opportunities along with access to data feeds and APIs from FinTech Sandbox’s industry-leading data partners. 

FinTech Sandbox was founded in 2014 and has since invested in 118 different startups. This includes notable companies such as 42 Interactive, Alpha Exchange, and EverSafe.

3. Xontogeny

Xontogeny is a Boston startup accelerator program that focuses on supporting healthcare and life science startups. This program provides operational support, funding opportunities, mentorship, and access to Xontogeny’s network of talent. 

Since being founded in 2016, Xontogeny has provided over $15 million in total funding. A few noteworthy companies in the Xontogeny portfolio include companies such as Juno Diagnostics, Tellus Therapeutics, and Surf Bio. 

4. LearnLaunch Accelerator

LearnLaunch Accelerator is an accelerator in Boston that focuses on supporting education and skill development startups. This 11-week program features one to two weeks of in-person events while the rest of the program is conducted online. Startups that are accepted to LearnLaunch Accelerator can look forward to personalized support and 1:1 mentorship along with up to $150,000 in initial funding. 

Since being founded in 2012, LearnLaunch Accelerator has helped startups raise over $250 million in funding. Notable companies in the LearnLaunch Accelerator program include Julius, MindPrint Learning, and Thimble.


The mission of CARB-X is to support companies that are creating solutions for combatting antibiotic-resistant bacteria. By providing funding opportunities, mentorship, and access to other resources, this program aims to help accelerate the advancement of novel antibiotics and other treatments for drug-resistant diseases. 

CARB-X has invested $396 million since being founded in 2016. This includes investments in companies such as HelixBind, Proteus, and T2 Biosystems.

6. Accelr8

ACCELR8 is a startup accelerator program that was launched to support startups that are attempting to solve the climate crisis. ACCELR8 is an organization that believes that high profits and high social impact are goals that don’t have to contradict one another, and the fund focuses on supporting companies that are both financially promising and impactful. 

ACCELR8 was founded in 1982 by Dwight Poler and  Louis J. Kang. Since then, the fund has invested in companies such as Beta Hatch, Brimstone, and Boston Materials.

7. Startup Leadership Program

Startup Leadership is an organization that offers startup accelerator programs that are located across 28 cities and 14 different countries — including a program located in Boston. This industry-agnostic program accepts about 20%–30% of applicants and offers world-class funding and mentorship opportunities. 

Since being founded in Boston in 2006, Startup Leadership has helped raise over $2.4 billion in startup funding. A few noteworthy companies in the Startup Leadership portfolio include 10BioSystems, Startup Pilots, and 1Minute.

8. AcceliCITY

AcceliCITY is a global startup accelerator program that strives to support startups that are addressing the challenges of urban living. This program focuses on providing funding, mentorship, and support to startups that create innovative smart city solutions. 

Since being launched in 2018, AcceliCITY has helped companies raise over $675 million in funding. This includes companies such as Carbon Upcycling Technologies, Bioo, and Hah Parking.

9. Techstars Boston Accelerator

Techstars is one the largest and most well-known startup accelerator organizations, with accelerator programs located in cities all over the globe. The Techstars Boston Accelerator is one of these programs and is a program that focuses on supporting Boston companies in industries such as healthcare, biotech, Web3, deep-tech, and climate tech. 

Techstars currently has a total portfolio valuation of over $96 billion. A few notable companies in this portfolio include Alloy, Chainalysis, and ClassPass.

10. SSC Venture Partners

SSC Venture Partners is a startup accelerator program that is exclusively available to Boston College alumni, students, and employees. This program provides eligible founders with funding opportunities, a mentor network, and hands-on training. 

SSC Venture Partners was founded in 2017. Since then, the program has invested in companies such as Aryeo, Darkroom, and Petfolk.

11. Prepare 4 VC

Prepare 4 VC is a Boston organization that offers numerous resources and services for startup founders. This includes a 12-week accelerator program that covers a wide range of important business topics and strategies. 

Prepare 4 VC was founded by Jason Krauss in 2016. Since then, the program has invested in companies such as ArtSmiley, Baru, and XENA Intelligence.

12. Richi Entrepreneurs

Richi Entrepreneurs is a Boston startup accelerator that is hosted by the Richi Childhood Cancer Foundation. This program seeks to support high-impact startups in the biotech, medtech, and digital health sectors. 

Richi Entrepreneurs has helped fund 82 companies from 13 different countries so far. This includes companies such as Humine Labs, Cori, and YouthBio Therapeutics.

13. Factory45

Factory45 is an accelerator program in Boston that is designed to support fashion startups. This program helps launch sustainable, ethical fashion brands by providing targeted guidance and mentorship along with funding opportunities. 

Since 2014, Factory45 has helped launch over 500 different fashion startups. This includes companies such as VETTA, Sotela, and Galamaar.

14. Social Innovation Forum

Social Innovation Forum is a startup accelerator program that helps launch nonprofit organizations in Boston. Along with providing mentorship and support, this program helps connect nonprofit organizations with funders and donors in the Greater Boston area. 

Social Innovation Forum was founded in 2015. Since then, the program has helped launch nonprofit companies such as Boston CASA, Adaptive Sports New England, and African Community Education (ACE).

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