5 Best Startup Accelerators and Incubators in Alaska 2024

Alaska startup accelerators are programs geared towards new and relatively new businesses - seed and early-stage - designed to fast-forward growth. If you can gain membership into an accelerator program, you can gain access to invaluable resources like mentorship, training, and access to investment opportunities. 

We have gathered some of the best startup accelerators in Alaska here for your consideration. We hope that this information can help you connect with a program that will transform your business into a high-growth, profitable venture. 

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Startup Incubators and Accelerator Programs in Alaska

These startup incubators and accelerator programs in Alaska are some of the best you will find. Each has its own unique qualities, so dig deep and find the one that is most likely to fit your specific business needs. 

1. gBETA

gBETA is an organization that provides accelerator programs in multiple cities throughout the country, including Anchorage, Alaska. It chooses up to five businesses from different industries to participate in its free seven-week program. 

The free program from gBETA includes a host of valuable services, such as individualized coaching, investor pitches, perks from vendors like IBM, and ongoing support after the program. The goal is for graduates to go on to participate in an investment accelerator or raise a seed round. 

Keep in mind that the accelerator program requires about five hours of time each week. And you will need to spend more time working on your business outside of the program. 

Most participants are post-product, pre-scale, But if you are ready to take advantage of expert coaching and other accelerator perks, feel free to apply!

2. Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation

The Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation offers an accelerator program that supports early-stage companies as they grow. It works individually with each participant to determine needs and develop strategic programming to meet those needs. Thus far, the program has supported over 16 startups.

The program was founded and has been incubated by the Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association since 2017, with support from the US Economic Development Administration. Some notable startups it has helped include Blue Dot Kitchen, BeadedStream, and Net Your Problem. 

This program does not provide funding, but it does help startups connect with grant programs, investors, and other possible funding sources. 

If you join the program, you will receive direct support from stage and the network of mentors and advisors. Help includes editing pitch decks, making introductions to investors, finding talent, and more.

3. Upstart Alpha

Upstart Alpha is a startup accelerator program created by the University of Alaska Center for Economic Development. The goal of the program is to grow entrepreneurs, helping them increase revenues and scale up their businesses. It’s a program designed to develop both a skillet and a mindset. 

The program has two phases. The first is focused on customer discovery, where you learn about the customer discovery process, explore lean canvas, and get feedback. It begins with a virtual two-hour session. The second phase is focused on working through your business model and talking with expert speakers. You focus on specific priorities and pitch a presentation for practice. It includes two-hour, in-person sessions each week. 

To apply, you must be based in Alaska and early stage. It’s not a requirement to be a University of Alaska student, but the program does love U of A students! The program also welcomes women, people of color, and others with diverse backgrounds.

4. Launch Alaska

Launch Alaska is a nonprofit tech deployment accelerator “focused on decarbonizing systems of energy, transportation, and industry.” It seeks tech companies that want to mitigate climate change while still unlocking the economic possibilities of the State of Alaska. It is also partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Technology Transitions. 

The program has partnered with game-changing startups from around the world in an attempt to connect their technology with real projects in Alaska. Its portfolio includes Ageto, Signol, Avari, and numerous other startups. 

The program is eight months long, pairing past climate tech startups with participants to determine whether a product or service is viable for deployment in Alaska. Once the idea is determined to be viable, the program aggressively accelerates the startup through planning and expert development. If the participant makes significant programs and/or gets a signed agreement, they get the opportunity to join the Launch Alaska portfolio.

5. Alaska Ocean Cluster

The Alaska Ocean Cluster is another startup accelerator that seeks to mitigate climate change while tapping into one of Alaska’s biggest resources, its oceans. The state has over 33,000 miles of shoreline and 158 coastal communities, making it ripe for startup development that focuses on the seafood industry and related industries. 

Some of the notable startups that have participated in this program include Noble Ocean Farms, Opentug, and Foraged & Found. 

AOC does not provide funding, but it does help startups connect with grant programs and other potential sources of funding. If you are accepted, your startup will receive direct support from AOC staff, as well as support from advisors and mentors relevant to your business. Each program is tailored to the needs of participants, so expect personalized assistance.