The 3 Best Online Legal Services For Business Owners

Best Online Legal ServicesAs a business owner, whether established or starting out, if you don’t have an attorney being subscribed to the best online legal services is arguably essential at this point.

Question is, who should you turn to and establish a relationship with? It’s not like you’re walking into a cushy legal firm. In the article below we’ve presented 3 online legal services that provide some serious DIY power, and help you look after your two priorities: Business & Family. Cheers!


Rocket Lawyer:
$39.95 to $49.95

Those are amazing prices for so much value, aren’t they? In their own words, what this gets you is, “You can ask a lawyer all the questions you want, create as many contracts and forms as you’d like, and sign and store documents online.”

Rocket Lawyer Monthly Pricing


So tons of time-saving convenience and online legal services (and yes you can pay for a year all at once for a discounted price if you really want to, but we feel subscription is ideal).

Their three big benefits are:

  1. Quick Legal Documents: There’s a ton of paperwork involved with running a company, and half the battle is formatting/formalities. Quality templates save time.
  2. Less Expensive Lawyer Access: Is it going to be the same as having access to an amazing Wall Street-style legal firm? No…but it’s awesome when you have straightforward questions regarding topics like incorporation and business contracts.
  3. Simple Representation: Their Document Defense® is a great service for entrepreneurs that need attorney access to help enforce contracts (real estate, private contractors, freelancers, etc.)

Their network of attorneys is extensive. As you can see in the screenshot below, they provide a way to search by issue and narrow the field by selecting your state and so forth. Not too shabby and a great place to look for affordable legal help in general.

PLEASE keep in mind that if you opt for the Accelerate plan for reduced rates, the Registered Agent service is only free for the FIRST YEAR. Once that year’s up, if you’re still subscribed you’ll be charged the fee for this service! Don’t forget, and then get upset because it’s silly.


$9.99 or $11.99 for 6 Months

LegalZoom’s online legal services can get complex but they’re a valuable asset, there’s no doubt about that, just get specific. Once you’re subscribed, only schedule calls with attorneys when you really need to. Well, to be honest, there are currently 350 real customer reviews on their Legal Advantage Plus Page if you want to get a clearer understanding.

LegalZoom Business Advisory Plans

That said, you’re only being charged $119.88 for the first year with the annual plan so you can expect there to be additional charges for things along the way. LegalZoom is a business after all. Again, taking a little extra time in the beginning to chat with their customer service reps/sales team before purchasing services is going to help.

LegalZoom Legal Services


This is a good option if you’re looking to just get a single document without everything involved in other online legal services like those from Rocket Lawyer or LegalZoom.

Here’s a screenshot of their regular subscription plan with prices and some basic features:


And here’s a screenshot of their Premier Subscription rates. Keep in mind these packages are designed for more established companies with more extensive needs.

FindLegalForms Premier Pricing

Not bad at all, if you know how to use them and don’t just dive in. Can you get great templates for free elsewhere? If not, and you’re not into all the other options, this could be a great way to go.

Online Legal Services Pros & Cons


  1. For entrepreneurs and bootstrapping startups that can’t afford a personal attorney or conventional law firm these subscription-based online legal services deliver huge value.

  2. Convenience is the big factor here, especially when it comes to getting quick answers to specific questions and legal document preparation.

  3. Each service also provides secure cloud-based digital document storage so they’re safe and all in one place.

  4. Once you completely understand pricing, the monthly subscriptions just make everything so much easier than trying to pay for everything piece by piece when you’ve already got enough going on (more convenience).

  5. It’s like mini legal services on-demand. With some providers you can form relationships with specific attorneys who work with people through these platforms full-time.


  1. Despite the fact these services are already streamlined, it can be easy to miss this or that which is why people end up feeling like they’ve been unfairly charged. They typically haven’t. Misunderstandings happen, but it’s often because folks are in a hurry and don’t bother to understand the details.

  2. There are times when you shouldn’t use online legal services. Some situations call for the expertise of a more conventional lawyer! And sometimes you need an attorney to take the time to curate/tailor ultra-personalized documents.

  3. Should anything happen and you get sued, these providers have waved all responsibility. It’s not like you’ll be able to say, “I got this business contract, employment agreement, or final will template from so and so,” because in the fine print they’ve stated you’re fully-responsible for these documents.

A Really Smart Move

Talk to a lawyer so they can help you understand how to best implement these types of services and get setup. So, for example, let’s say you’re incorporating and you use Rocket Lawyer for your initial articles of incorporation, corporate bylaws, or a partnership agreement.

Get them looked over by an attorney through their platform. In general for the simple documents these services are awesome. But once things start getting complex, take extra precautions!