As the U.S. remote workforce has grown steadily larger, there has been an increasing demand for sustainable remote workspaces. While plenty of folks still opt for working from home or the neighborhood coffee shop, there are many reasons why these spaces may not provide a healthy, productive work environment.

Coworking organizations like WeWork have filled the need for dedicated remote workspaces by creating beautiful offices across the country (and around the globe). These spaces, which are currently being leveraged by companies like Facebook and Microsoft, also create opportunities for remote workers to network and foster community with other like-minded individuals.

In this guide, we’ll go over the top 5 coworking spaces in Houston, including each organization’s pricing model, coworking locations, and more.

#1. WeWork
Starts at $250/mo.

WeWork is perhaps the fastest-growing coworking network in existence today. Their competitive prices, beautiful office spaces and generous amenities make them our top choice for coworking in Houston.

With WeWork Houston, you’ll receive assistance from on-site staff, along with conference rooms, cleaning services, phone booths, printing, micro-roasted coffee, professional and social events, common lounges, coding classes, bike storage, event space, a brainstorming room, and a wellness room.

Coworking locations:

  • Main Street: 708 Main St Houston, TX 77002
  • Houston Galleria: 2700 Post Oak Blvd Houston, TX 77056


WeWork’s Houston offices vary slightly in price, although generally speaking they both have the same options for workspaces:

  • Hot desk (access to any open seat in common area): $250-$275/mo
  • Dedicated desk: $455/mo
  • Private office: $500-$650/mo

#1. Novel Coworking
Starts at $99/mo.

Novel Coworking opened for business in Chicago in 2013, and has since expanded to 22 locations in 18 cities, including two locations in Houston. Both of their Houston sites receive excellent customer reviews, and they have options for a wide variety of businesses.

Novel’s Houston locations include great amenities like fiber internet, an espresso bar, local beer on tap, mail service, your company logo on your desk or office door, an on-site receptionist, recreation space, 24/7 secure building access, event space, and conference rooms.

Coworking locations:

  • Scanlan Building: 405 Main St Houston, TX 77002
  • Theater District: 720 Rusk St Houston, TX 77002


Novel has four different tiers of coworking space available, from roving hot desks to private offices:

  • Hot desk: $99/mo
  • Dedicated desk: $199/mo
  • Shared office: $299/mo
  • Private office (1-2 people): $399-$599/mo

#1. TechSpace
Starts at $50/mo.

TechSpace is one of Houston’s largest coworking sites, with an impressive 46,000 square foot space that includes nearly 100 private office suites and 450 total workstations.

When it comes to amenities, TechSpace offers conference rooms, 24/7 building access, free coffee and tea, frequent events, a member center, phone booths, event space, a WiFi-enabled outdoor patio, free popcorn, bike racks, recreation options, and an on-site concierge staff.

Coworking location:

  • 2101 CityWest Blvd Houston, TX 77042


At TechSpace, you can acquire virtual office services, a roaming hot desk, or your own private office:

  • Virtual office: $50/mo
  • Hot desk: $100/mo
  • Private office: $500/mo

#1. Cowork Lab
Starts at $29/mo.

Cowork Lab is a smaller coworking facility, with a laid-back vibe that allows you to focus entirely on your work. They offer everything you need to be productive, while also providing networking activities with others.

When it comes to amenities, Cowork Lab provides all the basics like high-speed internet and a comfortable work environment, as well as conference rooms, event space, an online business showcase, frequent special events, meeting rooms, and free coffee.

Coworking location:

  • 2500 Yale St Houston, TX 77008


Cowork Lab has three different price points for coworking space, as well as options for virtual office service and event space rentals:

  • Virtual office: $29/mo
  • Hot desk: $89-$99/mo
  • Private office: $499/mo

#1. Headquarters
Pricing varies

Headquarters is an upscale coworking environment that aims to replicate the feel of a large corporate campus. They strike a balance between functionality and fun, and their many skylights and windows create a bright and welcoming environment.

At Headquarters, you’ll find amenities like fiber internet, common lounges, an outdoor courtyard, equipped kitchen, free coffee and tea, a game room, beer on tap, dog-friendly offices, 24/7 building access, on-site parking, conference rooms, and an event center.

Coworking location:

  • 3302 Canal St Houston, TX 77003


Other than disclosing that private offices start at $1,000/mo, Headquarters doesn’t post their prices online. To get a quote, contact their team directly.

Which Coworking Service Should I Use?

Whether you work in graphic design, software development, or any other field that calls for a remote workspace, we trust that WeWork will have an office in Houston that suits your needs.

That said, if you’re looking for the least expensive coworking space possible, or perhaps an office in a specific part of town, there are many other worthwhile options on this list. We encourage you to compare prices, locations, amenities, and other important factors before deciding which coworking space is right for you.