Moral Machine Results

The Moral Machine platform is an online project that gathers user perspectives on moral decisions faced by self-driving vehicles. Participants are presented with various ethical dilemmas where choices must be made about which individuals or groups should be spared in a potential accident. The platform aims to understand public opinion on machine ethics and assist in the development of decision-making algorithms for self-driving cars.

Below, we’ve categorized the results of the Moral Machine by country and the average response from each one based on two possible outcomes (e.g., crosswalk users vs. jaywalkers, men vs. women, etc.). Choose a question from the dropdown to get started!


Moral Machine
The Moral Machine experiment from Nature, Volume 563, Issue 7729.


Awad, Edmond, Dsouza, Sohan, Kim, Richard, Schulz, Jonathan, Henrich, Joseph, Shariff, Azim, Bonnefon, Jean-François, Rahwan, Iyad. The Moral Machine experiment. Nature 563, 59–64 (2018). 10.1038/s41586-018-0637-6