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Zoho Books vs Xero: Which is Better?

Zoho Books Vs Xero

Welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative Zoho Books vs Xero article where we look at common features, differences, service packages and pricing options for both so you can see if either is the right accounting software solution for your platform. Enjoy!


10 Features Zoho & Xero have in common?

  1. Time-tracking tool and time sheets to manage work hours in an organized manner.
  2. Great payroll systems that keep things nice and tidy.
  3. Bank reconciliation feature which you can use to sync with you bank and credit/debit card data.
  4. Features inventory tools to personalize invoices, format them according to your specifics, and send in one click.
  5. Mac and PC compatible, all you need is an internet connection.
  6. Offers free trials to test their services before moving on to their paid plans – Xero for 30 and Zoho for 14.
  7. Features an inventory tool which helps you in monitoring your items and makes billing so much easier.
  8. Automatically creates financial reports and charts which you can use to keep track of your business expenses.
  9. Really useful Daily Dashboards you can curate and customize to show you what you need to stay up on.
  10. Did we mention both are totally Apple/Windows compatible? It’s so important and not all providers yet can say this.


Distinct Zoho Books Features


3 Distinctive Xero Features


Package Pricing: Zoho Books vs Xero

Zoho Books and Xero both have very affordable pricing so that’s a relief. However, they are very different from one another as these next sections will show. We’ve added a bunch of screenshots to help.


Zoho Books pricing

Zoho Books offers three accounting plans: Basic, Standard and Professional. You can tell who each plan’s designed for by looking at their features. Basic is going to be for most solopreneurs and freelancers, while standard and professional are better-suited for larger operations and startups.

Zoho Books Pricing

Even with Zoho Book’s most basic plan, you’ll be able to use features such as its invoice, expense, time tracking and banking tools. You can also add 25 contacts and allow your accountant to work with you.


A Quick Look Inside Zoho

The next screenshots show the interface, aesthetics, and the way Zoho presents data. As you can see it’s nice and clean, from the different dashboard-style categorical pages to the collaboration tools.

Zoho Books Reviews

Zoho Books Review

Zoho Books Review and Features

Zoho Books Invoicing


Xero pricing

Like Zoho Books, Xero has 3 simple plans: Starter, Standard and Premium. As you can see Xero brings substantially more features though, especially when it comes to their premium plan. The idea is to start where you are, with the plan that gives you the most and then scale as you grow. Get ready for a BIG screenshot…

Xero Pricing and Features

Xero Pricing and Features 2


A Peek at Xero

Sorry about that, it’s a lot of features and many people probably don’t know what half of them really mean…yet. These days they’ve broken it down by the amount of employees – from the solopreneur with none, to small 5-man startups, to a more extensive 10-man core teams for your average medium-sized brand. Now let’s take a look at their software.


Create Custom Invoices

Xero Invoicing

Store and Manage Your Files

Xero Accounting Files

Manage Your Bills Efficiently

Xero Bills

Track Your Small Business Expenses
Xero Expense Tracking

Create & Send Custom Purchase Orders

Xero Purchase Orders


So, What do you think?

It really comes down to the size of your current operation and how savvy you are right now, or at least the person using the software on a semi-daily basis. Zoho is far less complex with a streamlined service structure and overall features. Maybe that’s right up your alley. Xero on the otherhand is something you can use from day one until you’ve grown into a large company.

Our #1 Pick

Startup Savant actually uses Xero to manage our financials, so our bias may have come through in this article. Honestly, there are a lot of good things about Zoho Books, but we found a home with Xero and haven't looked back.

Discover Xero Or Try Zoho Books

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