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BizFilings vs LegalZoom: Which is the Best?

BizFilings Vs LegalZoom

Welcome to Startup Savant’s comparative review tackling BizFilings vs LegalZoom, two heavy weights of the online incorporation industry that have started over 500,000 businesses.

We’re going to look at their similarities, differences, features, and pricing. By the end I’m confident you’ll know which is right for you as you take this gallant step into bringing your business idea to life.


What BizFilings and LegalZoom Have in Common


How BizFilings Stands Out

BizFilings Review


2 Features that Set LegalZoom Apart


Pricing: BizFilings vs LegalZoom

Both BizFilings and LegalZoom have three packages. The features for each package are similar, however, the biggest difference between LegalZoom and BizFilings is pricing.

Quick Note: If you’re looking for the best price and overall value, check out IncFile. Their services are $50 less than BizFilings and $100 more affordable than LegalZoom. They deliver just as good of service – at half the cost.

BizFilings | Starting at $99

The table below from their site sums up costs, features and add-ons for each package.

BizFilings Review Pricing Packages

All three packages have basic features such as business name verification, preparation and filing of all documents and BizComply. Along with their package prices, a mandatory state filing fee must also be paid. This fee varies state by state.

LegalZoom | Starting at $149

LegalZoom offers three straightforward packages: Economy, Standard and Express Gold. As you can see, the package with the best value is Express Gold. However, the Standard package is more popular. LegalZoom, like BizFilings, gives you the flexibility to choose which add-ons you want included.

LegalZoom LLC Pricing

Final Verdict?

Overall, BizFilings and LegalZoom are very similar (and reliable) with the biggest difference being price. If you are looking to stay on budget while bringing your business to life, go with BizFilings.

BizFilings is $50 less than LegalZoom while still handling all legal paperwork on your behalf. No need to file any documents or learn legal-lingo. Plus BizFilings will give you a free Registered Agent, which is something every incorporated business needs.

BizFilings Or LegalZoom

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