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BizFilings Review: Are They a Snug Fit?

BizFilings Review

Welcome to Startup Savant’s BizFilings review where our goal is to help you discover what they’re all about. We believe incorporating your business is a firm step toward bringing your great idea to life, which is why it’s important to either a) know EXACTLY what you’re doing or b) hire professionals to handle the process for you. All it takes is one simple mistake, or forget to file a certain document on time… things can get ugly FAST.

That’s where providers like BizFilings swoop in and there’s a fair amount of them: IncFile, Legal Zoom, Rocket Lawyer, etc.

BizFilings is an online incorporation service that takes care of the entire process for much cheaper than a traditional lawyer charges (sorry lawyers). All you do is fill in a few details about your business and they handle the red tape. That said, let’s dive into this BizFilings review and chat about how it works, how much it costs, and the features at your disposal.


3 Reasons We Dig BizFilings

1) Over a Decade of Experience

Experience is the first striking point about BizFillings and it shows from the moment you chat with one of their customer service reps. These guys have been handling online business incorporation since 1996. We admit, while experience is not a guarantee of good service every time for every single customer, it’s a fair indicator of reliability. They would have closed shop by now if they weren’t great at what they do.

2) Flexible Services and Business Structures

The second stand-out point about BizFilings is that they handle all types businesses. From LLCs (Limited Liability Companies) to Corporations and everything in between. Not only do they take care of the incorporation process for you, but also help you get the proper licenses and permits for your business as well (as an add-on service).

3) Truly Simplifying Outdated Practices

BizFilings and their competitors aren’t wizards. Did they tremendously simplify the incorporation process of old? Yep. At the end of the day though they just streamlined it and got rid of bureaucratic nonsense. Why should you have to pay huge amounts of cash to lawyers when modern software helps make everything much more efficient? BizFilings keeps it simple and tells you what you need to know.


BizFilings Pricing

There are three packages to choose from: Basic, Standard, and Complete. The services offered in each package vary but all packages include business name verification, preparation and filing of all documents, plus a 24/7 monitoring tool for you to assess your compliance with legal regulations. Each package also includes 6 months of free Registered Agent services.

BizFilings Review Pricing Packages

Here is a quick look at what each of the BizFilings packages offer:

After you choose the business structure you want to incorporate and the package that best suites your needs, simply hit the order button at the bottom of the page and you’re done. They take care of the rest. You don’t have to worry about the filing process, legal status of your business or anything else.


Our Honest Recommendation

Wrapping Up and Funding a BusinessAt the end of the day, only you can decide if incorporating your business with BizFilings is the right move. They have their own way of structuring their services, solid experience, an easy incorporation process, and speak in a language you can understand. Plus, if you need incorporation in a hurry, they have expedited services.

Are they our favorite? No. We prefer the payment structure of IncFile, but honestly it really doesn’t matter who you choose in terms of the larger providers.

The Final Verdict?

Again, they all do the same stuff for you for relatively the same costs, it's just a matter of who gives your unique situation the most value for the money.

IncFile for $49 Or BizFilings for $99

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