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152 Best Resources for Starting a Business in Florida

Resources for Starting a Business

Florida is a highly progressive state and is considered one of the best states for starting a business. If Florida were a country, it would rank 19th in the largest economies in the world.

With its business friendly atmosphere, huge market, talented workforce, strategic location, zero percent personal income tax and solid infrastructure, the state Florida is there to help you start your business.

However, competing in today’s global market is difficult as it is. To start a business in Florida, you have to prepare and plan thoroughly. The only difference when you build your dream business in the state of Florida is all the help that you’ll receive through the solid resources below.

To make your journey as an entrepreneur a little easier, I put together a comprehensive list of the best resources for starting a business in Florida. Enjoy!


top florida small business

1) Florida Small Business

Here is a business website focused on assisting Florida entrepreneurs by teaching them the basics of entrepreneurship and providing them with all the tools and resources to plan and start their business to success. It also has available financing resources for different kinds of businesses which small business owners can apply to.

2) Enterprise Florida

Enterprise Florida in partnership with other business agencies and outside organizations aim to provide small business owners in Central Florida with comprehensive business resources and tools, trainings, financing options and marketing strategies to reach their business objectives with ease.

3) Florida Small Business Development Center (FSBDC)

The Florida Small Business Development Center offers free consultations, affordable business trainings, access to useful business solutions and a wide selection of information resources for entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Florida.

4) Small Business Resource Network (SBRN)

An affiliate of the Florida SBDC, Small Business Resource Network’s main purpose is to assist small business owners by helping them find expert business mentors and helpful learning resources and tools so they can kickstart their Florida startup.

5) Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at UWF

The Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at UWF is a program that enables Florida entrepreneurs to gain access to business tools, resources and training needed to start and manage their startup. They are focused on helping small business owners in fields such as growth acceleration, business continuation and many others.

6) Paragon

A full-service program that offers one-on-one business consultations, mentoring, coworkspace, training facilities and high speed internet connection. They also have affordable networking events and discount programs between businesses.

7) Florida Department of State

A government agency that provides a digital library where you can find resources to efficiently start your business in Florida. The Division of Library and Information Services will help you go through the steps in creating a business in the state and provide you with a useful startup kit.

8) Florida Electronic Library

A digital library that offers a wide array of business magazines, books, newspapers and more. You can download guides and ebooks with its vast entry of business resources such as business plan handbooks, small business book collections and many other useful learning tools.

9) Florida West Economic Development Alliance

Florida West Economic Development Alliance aims to provide small business owners with one-on-one consultations, business management training and other essential information to grow your startup.

10) The National Entrepreneur Center in Orlando, Florida

Walt Disney World’s partnership with Orange County Government and the University of Florida made the National Entrepreneur Center possible. The center primarily offers small business resources, export and procurement aid and other services that helps local business owners.

11) SCORE Central Florida

SCORE Florida is a collaborative program of the U.S. Small Business Administration that provides assistance to Florida entrepreneurs with services such as business coaching, business counseling and free trainings, workshops and seminars.

12) The U.S. Minority Business Development Agency Business Center

The Minority Business Development Agency Business center situated in Orlando Florida is an organization that specifically caters to minority-owned businesses in Central Florida. It enables small businesses to gain free access to financing and contracting opportunities.

13) Florida Women’s Business Center

A gender focused business center that was established in October 2004 in collaboration with the U.S. Small Business Administration. The goal of this organization is to empower women by assisting them with business; providing them with technical assistance, resources to write a business plan, business counseling and coaching as well as workshops and business trainings.

14) SBA South Florida District Office

A government agency that provides the largest small business resources in the United States, the SBA Florida District Office creates means for Florida entrepreneurs to gain access to loans and grants, local assistance and startup and management programs. It also has a learning center where you can find hundreds of useful business resources.

15) WeVenture

Like the Florida Women’s Business Center, WeVenture is a gender-focused organization that aims to assist women entrepreneurs achieve independence through entrepreneurship. It provides services which include business mentoring and coaching as well as providing a network of opportunities.

16) Business Florida

Business Florida is an online business magazine that provides numerous incubator options to choose from. It also updates you of current and local business news in Florida.

17) Florida Chamber of Commerce

The group serve as a leading voice of business to secure the future of Florida. The Florida Chamber of Commerce has fought to ensure that Florida is globally competitive through private-sector job creation to meet the demands of their growing population.

18) Lee County Economic Development

This is an economic development blog used to utilize a platform for conversation and learning to invest in the region. A blog where you can find the latest business news as well as information about real estate, job growth, education, health and wellness, and much more.

19) The Greater Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber provides value by continually improve the Greater Wesley Chapel area. They actively promote a prosperous business climate, foster an orderly expansion of the community, and support individuals and families through cooperative partnership. They provide valuable resources to their members and actively involved in local government and regional economic development.

20) Team Volusia Economic Development Corporation

An organization representing Volusia County that works to support business growth and support new business. Team Volusia is in partnership with the private and public sectors to form a community-wide, collaborative effort to diversify the local economy and ensure economic prosperity of its residents. Having high-impact clients in both domestic and international businesses, they measure success based on new jobs created and capital investment.

21) JAX Chamber

A non-profit organization that serves its members located in Northeast Florida providing opportunities to make connections and hear presentations on topics of local business interest. They make connections through hundreds of events designed to build business relationships, helping grow your business through educational programs and services, and helps your business prosper through advocacy programs.

22) Economic Development Council of Tallahassee/Leon County, Inc.

A council that believes the foundation in strengthening their community is focusing on entrepreneurship, business retention/expansion, and new business recruitment to allow them to be focused in their strategy in enhancing the region’s economic climate. They are in partnership with investors who are committed in establishing a competitive business climate resulting in job creation.

23) Ocala/Marion County Chamber and Economic Partnership

The chamber with a charge in moving forward that reflects their desire to be a unified voice and catalyst for the business community in Florida. They have set strategic programs to ensure that initiatives and activities will be held throughout the county, benefit businesses, and reflective of the needs of businesses in the county.

24) Women’s Chamber of Commerce in Palm Beach County

An organization focusing on activities and issues of broad appeal from business networking to personal and professional development with a strong membership force, representing a diversified group of women and men from a variety of businesses in the public and private sectors and professional fields and disciplines. The Women’s Chamber promotes higher education with the provision of scholarships to help selected applicants attend college through its foundation.

25) Coral Springs

Coral Springs provides clients with everything under the sun on what they need to know starting from visiting, living and doing business in the area. An ideal place for any employer because their population remains as one of the youngest and most educated in the county. They have exciting plans underway to reinvigorate Downtown Coral Springs making business brighter and offering more advantages in the community.

26) Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce

Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce provides many opportunities for members throughout Lee County to be able to build their professional network so they can achieve greater success. Opportunities that allow network with other business people, participate in meaningful committee work, become better educated through various programs, and communicate one-on-one with community leaders.

27) Lighthouse Point Chamber of Commerce

An organization located in the City of Lighthouse point that promotes the health of the business community. The city being affluent, waterfront community nestled at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean is a great place to open business as it is known for its boating, fishing, scuba diving as well as a relaxing, intimate, recreational lifestyle.

28) Central Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce

A business support network, Central Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce extends from the west coast to the western sugarcane fields providing resources and opportunities for networking leadership, business growth, and professional development. The chamber’s vision is to lead the way in connecting businesses and communities to promote a healthy business climate throughout its diverse region while respecting the individual characteristics of each community.

29) Highlands County Economic Development Authority Economic Development Commission

Highland County Economic Development Authority offers a destination for success for business due to its pro-business state tax policies, competitive cost of doing business and streamlined regulatory environment. These advantages make it easy to plan for future growth and ensure that your capital investment is working for your business giving business owners that special peace-of-mind.

30) The City of Palm Bay Florida

An Economic Development that is in a business friendly community that provides resources for small businesses and entrepreneurs, supporting business innovation, growing clean technology and green energy companies, and resources for manufacturers. Discovering your business potential in a great location with the available workforce, business incentives and a great quality of life to live, work, play, and grow your business.

31) Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce

A committed community bringing local businesses together in a single voice to support excellence and quality by engaging and responding to the needs of their members and the community which adds value to the health and vibrancy of the community for economic prosperity. The organization operates two welcome centers and maintains their website to provide support, communication, networking and business training opportunities.

32) Flagler County Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

A business resource composed of a team trained to assist company executives and site consultants to facilitate the expansion and diversification of the County’s economic base. They target businesses that provide sustainable employment opportunities for its residents and in partnership with the local government and municipalities to create a network of resources to assist businesses in all their needs.

33) Women Business Owners of North Florida

Women Business Owners is an entrepreneurial organization for women to create and recognize opportunities to lift up the success both collectively and individually for women’s business ownership in North Florida. Giving women business owners equal access to credit and financing, development and support for alternative resources and participation in lending efforts.

34) 850 Business Magazine

A publication dedicated to tell the dynamic story of the region’s exciting emergence in state, national, and international marketplaces. Their distribution puts their stores at the fingertips of top business leaders throughout the entire Northwest Florida region through insightful features, in-depth corridor spotlight stories and comprehensive articles on business trends.

35) Jeff Atwater Florida’s Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer believes that Florida can prosper through its people rather than through its government based on a number of initiatives. A few initiatives, Transparency Florida ensures Floridians can see how money they sent to their government is spent, Your Money Matters website offers a variety of financial tools and resources, and On Guard for Seniors ensures seniors have the information they need about insurance and financial transactions.

36) DEO Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

The department utilized the public and private sector expertise in assisting the Governor in advancing Florida’s economy through economic development, and administering state and federal programs and initiatives to attract, retain and grow businesses and create jobs in Florida. To enable businesses to innovate and grow, they have developed a business-friendly environment where the drivers are entrepreneurial spirit, competitive cost and streamlined regulations.

37) North Port

A local economy that rests its backbone within the many small businesses that call North Port home. To provide additional space for even more businesses to operate, they recognize the crucial role that the government plays in facilitating building and development. They strongly support a dynamic and healthy business climate by providing an active and engaged business advocacy function to the business community.

38) Palm Coast Business Assistance Center

A Center which offers no cost assistance to business owners and entrepreneurs for personalized services that help grow local businesses which can be accessed by making an appointment. Not just business assistance, they also guide through City licensing, permitting, and regulation, notary services, assistance with registration as City vendor.

39) Miami Small Business Insurance Agency

An insurance agency that meets the right coverage needs of your business at the best price you can find. Protecting a business investment is crucial, thus, adequate insurance can help fully protect your business, employees and personal assets. They review your policy annually and they offer options to enhance your policy as needed.


How to guides for starting a small business in Florida

1) How to Start a Business in Florida

For entrepreneurs who would like to turn their business into a reality, this 6-step guide will assist you in starting your business. It also has 3 bonus resources that are not only affordable, but offer the best value in the market.

2) How to Form an LLC in Florida

Forming an LLC as legal entity can do wonders for your business, as it is the most popular option. However, it’s not easy to form one. But with this simple but concise 3-step guide, you’ll be able to start a Florida LLC in no time.

3) How to File a DBA in Florida

A DBA in Florida is essential if you want to run your business under a totally different name. File your Florida DBA using this easy-to-follow guide composed of 3 steps. At the end of the guide, you’ll also see 3 very helpful resources which you can use to start your Florida DBA.

4) How to Finance a Business in Florida

In this guide, you’ll learn how to look for funding or capital for your Florida small business. The guide explains 6 resources when looking for Florida funding.

5) How to Get a Florida Registered Agent

Hiring the best Florida Registered Agent is important because they have a great role to play in your daily business operations. This guide will explain to you the restrictions and requirements and your options when hiring one.

6) How to Form a Corporation in Florida

Forming a Florida Corporation can give you and your business substantial advantages. If you want to start one, but have no idea or experience, you can make this guide as your reference. It features a 6-step process, plus a list of supplementary requirements and useful business resources.

7) How to Incorporate in Florida

Incorporation is an important process in the state of Florida. If you want to take advantage of numerous benefits from taxes to legal protection. This guide has a simple 4-step process which you can use during the process of incorporation; it also has a list of affordable and effective business resources.


top florida startup commuties working spaces

1) University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program

The University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program is a university project that provides Florida entrepreneurs funding or capital during the early stages of their small business. It also allows them access to available business tools, management trainings and other resources.

2) Innovation Hub at the University of Florida

Innovation Hub brings creative minds together through workshops, comfortable workspaces, panel discussions, work receptions and other business events that will further develop their entrepreneurial growth.

3) Florida Business Incubation Association (FBIA)

The Florida Business Incubation Association provides small business owners from Florida with a variety of options when it comes to startup incubators and co-workspaces. Depending on the area where you’re doing business, FBIA has all the right incubators specific to your location.

4) Tampa Bay Innovation Center

Tampa Bay Innovation Center’s incubation program assists entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful businesses through the assistance of a collaborative team of business experts and trained business professionals. Small business owners are given access to educational opportunities, networking and resources.

5) Florida Atlantic University Technology Business Incubator

The Technology Business Incubator supports Florida businesses that are in their early stages of development.  The aim of this program is to lighten every entrepreneur’s workload and assist them to the best extent possible. Some of the services they offer include conference facilities, shared kitchen area and a data center facility.

6) Seminole Technology Business Incubation Center (STBIC)

The Seminole Technology Business Incubation Center (STBIC) is a collaborative project of 3 agencies: Seminole County, Seminole County Port Authority and Seminole Community College. The program is made possible through grants coming from the National Aeronautical and Space Administration and the Technological Research and Development Authority. Its main goal is to support technology based startups during their initial stages of operations.

7) Canvs

Canvs is nonprofit coworking space specifically designed for tech startups. The goal of the program is to support entrepreneurs so they’ll be able to start and grow their business with ease in Orlando. They offer comfortable coworking spaces, mentoring and guidance, weekly events and programs and a community where creative professionals work in collaboration to come up with fresh ideas.

8) Catalyst Inspired Workspaces

Catalyst opened in March 2015, with the main goal of sparking innovation and growth by encouraging collaborative working relationships between entrepreneurs, tech startups and freelancers. Some of the services they offer include private offices, a networked printer and numerous learning opportunities.

9) Pipeline Workspaces

Pipeline workspaces located in 1101 Brickell Ave. South Tower 8th Floor Miami, FL 33131 is a shared workspace that nurtures creativity and collaboration among young professionals. You can gain access to space, conference rooms, events, and receptionist services.

10) Starter Space

Starter Space is a co-workspace that enables you to meet talented and professional founders, students, mentors and angels. They help early stage entrepreneurs grow and succeed in business. Starter Space fosters continuous learning and professional assistance to Florida entrepreneurs.

11) Miami Entrepreneurship Center

Miami Entrepreneurship Center is a co-working community that holds events and opens new opportunities to entrepreneurs. The Center has developed partnerships with other Miami coworking spaces so that small business owners can gain access to education, connections and support services – free of charge.

12) MiamiShared

MiamiShared is one of the most modern coworking space in Miami, Florida. The center provides comfortable working spaces that combines the atmosphere of home, cafe and office. If you choose MiamiShared, you’ll be able to use amenities that include a modern office, conference rooms, reception services and office equipment.

13) Colab

Situated in Angebilt building off of Orange Ave, the coworking space has a strong motto: “Connect, Collaborate, Coffee” Coworking in Colab allows you to use shared work areas and updates you of special business happenings, plus, you can even take advantage of unlimited coffee.

14) CoWork Jax

CoWork Jax is a co-working community that fosters openness, collaboration, community, sustainability, and accessibility. They don’t just believe in modern and well-designed offices, they value relationships and learning.

15) Winter Park Office Centers

Winter Park Office is locally owned and operating in the Orlando area as an alternative office solution to the traditional office lease for the local business community. They help incubate emerging businesses by providing affordable office and service solution and to accommodate your unique requirements.

16) Innovation Park of Tallahassee

The university-based research park has been the hub of scientific research in North Florida where there is no limit to what can be accomplished. Innovation Park is a prime location for companies seeking an edge over the competition through a solid technological infrastructure and a positive business climate supported by state and local government.

17) Domi Station

Domi Station provides a network of mentors, investors and collaborators to accelerate startup growth with the support of technology-driven startups developing and validating repeatable, scalable business models. They believe that startups are the way forward in a time when progress demands innovation.

18) TEC Garage in St. Petersburg

Technology and Entrepreneurship Center (TEC Garage) provides entrepreneurs with the tools needed to turn an idea into a business or take the business to the next level. TEC Garage St. Petersburg was created through a collaborative partnership with the St. Petersburg community and the State of Florida.

19) Starthub

A coworking space and incubator located in Downtown Miami that focus on the goals of their clients where they utilize an international network of mentors, investors and key industry experts. Starthub is a hub for innovators and entrepreneurs that offers tools, programs, and extensive resources.

20) Codelitt

A startup and innovation incubator that work with many different sizes of companies and corporations where innovation is the heart of everything they do. They work with smart people who challenge them, believe in simplicity by design and breaking some things by disrupting the status quo. They create technology and emerging media products.

21) Axis Space

A coworking community of bold minds working together in one roof helping people around to be inspired to take action, to grow, and to do better. People get to decide where they work from and don’t have to work in isolation. The space opens you to a world of possibilities waiting for you to come in.

22) Buro

A coworking space located in Miami’s best neighborhoods that brings together smart and talented people from diverse industries to form a powerful and inspiring community. They let you focus doing on what you do best while they take care of your everyday needs for business growth, from fresh brewed coffee to fiber connectivity.

23) HDG Executive Suites

HDG Executive Suites allows you to get the prestigious image your business deserves. A flexible, convenient and cost-effective space that offers all of the features and benefits your business needs which takes your business to the next level together with your community.

24) Lakeside Executive Suites

An office space built to provide your business with the workspace, technology, and business support needed to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit where your business is their business. Offering a range of options and services that deliver the flexibility and technology required designed to help you conduct business your way, whether full-time work space or just a meeting room for the day.

25) Miami Entrepreneurship Center (MEC261)

The epicenter of Miami’s entrepreneurship community in strategic partnership with many Miami coworking spaces so entrepreneurs can come to the center and benefit from education, connections and support services at no additional costs. The center is located in Downtown Miami but this type of entrepreneurial centers is popping up across the country expanding the startup communities across the US.

26) City Desk Modern Workspaces

A unique community of entrepreneurs, creative professionals and creators in the need for space where they could collaborate with others, cultivate relationships and form partnerships. Through networking and educational workshops, they have created sales, jobs, friendships and valuable connections while partners, sponsors, and members provide each other with a vast-array of member-only benefits.

27) General Provision

A space that aim to meet the needs of the community by providing a collaborative, open-space that can facilitate innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship with the mission to conduct experiments, craft, and commerce. An inclusive space that outfits creative professionals built with community’s own capable hands, creative minds and talents.

28) Station 2 Innovation

A workspace that doesn’t have private offices available, bringing people to work in a shared space  creating better places to work and a better way to work. As a collaborative space where students connect with business as well as entrepreneurs find co-founders to start companies and learn what they need to succeed.

29) Venture X

An innovative working place for professionals and entrepreneurs that is revolutionarily designed private membership office space, work space and meeting rooms that does not require long-term contracts and leases. Venture X is a business community that helps you successfully be part of the thriving Naples entrepreneurial movement by hosting a significant number of relevant networking events.

30) Cendyn Spaces

An innovative hybrid workplace that provides you with not just a workplace but everything you need to grow your business and nurture success that adapts to the way you want to work. They offer membership plans that are flexible and customizable to accommodate everyone and are all about relationship building and organic collaboration.

31) Tampa Bay Wave

A home to several tech startups as well as entrepreneurial support organization to help entrepreneurs turn ideas into thriving tech ventures. Interested entrepreneurs can go to their coworking space where they can work alongside with experienced entrepreneurs and business innovators or they can join their hackathons, lunch-and-learn seminars, workshops and other tech community events.

32) The Hub Clearwater Beach

A hub that provides mobile workers a distinctive office space with no long term commitments, day, week, monthly membership or for just the time they need. The hub offers a lot of features from the things you need for work as well as for relaxation. They are open 24/7 access to full time members while staffed office hours for drop-in guests which is 9:00am to 5:00pm.


Small Business Professional Services in Florida

1) Stroemer & Company, LLC

An accounting firm, Stroemer & Company LLC believes that the key to success in business is through proper finance management. The firm is specifically focused on assisting small business owners. Some of the professional services that the accounting firm offers include accounts receivable management, bookkeeping and accounting software support, budgeting and forecasting, business loan assistance and business plan development.

2) ATI Professional Services, Inc

ATI Professional Services, Inc is a prestigious full-service company that serves small businesses in Central Florida. It offers services such as accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services and tax management and preparation.

3) FIU’s College of Business

FIU’s College of Business and the Florida SBDC Network have collaborated with local corporations so they can bring together professional business consultants who will offer low-cost advertising to small business owners who aspire to grow their business

4) Jurado & Farshchian, P.L.

Jurado  & Farshchian, P.L. is a small business form that assists entrepreneurs in Florida with basic entity formations and other startup services. Being a small business, the firm understands the needs of small businesses which is why they’ve designed services which can cater to the needs of startup entrepreneurs.

5) Regojo Law

Regojo Law primarily helps small to mid-sized businesses in Florida grow and expand their business by offering legal services in the fields of legal counseling, small business law and forming a corporation.

6) Meehle Law, P.A.

Meehle Law, P.A. is a small business form that offers legal counsel and services to Florida entrepreneurs. They only cater to small businesses, have affordable fees and will genuinely assist you from formation to litigation.

7) Florida Small Business Legal Center

The Florida Small Business Legal Center is an organization in Florida that offers legal services to small businesses in any of the following areas: business law, franchise law, corporate counsel, trademark law, commercial litigation and other areas.

8) Entrepreneurship Law Firm

Located in Orlando Florida, Entrepreneurship Law Firm assists entrepreneurs to grow and protect their small business. The firm has numerous services which include writing contracts and agreements, incorporation, representation, legal litigation and a lot more.

9) Brick Business Law, P.A.

Brick Business Law, P.A. is a legal firm that specializes in giving advice to small businesses. The firm is a strong advocate of new startups and helps them in the best possible way to grow their business in Florida. Brick Business Law, P.A. specializes in two areas of services: business counseling and business litigation.

10) John R. Samaan, P.A.

An Orlando legal firm that offers  a range of small business services and legal representation options. Specifically, the firm offers services such as business formation, business dissolution, legal contract preparation, business litigation and many others.

11) Law Office of David A. Gunter, P.A.

Assisting small to mid-sized businesses, the Law Office of David A. Gunter handles all kinds of legal matters ranging from contract review and drafting, corporate governance, governmental regulations and employment law.

12) Dr. Norm & Associates

Dr. Norm & Associates is a business coaching firm that focuses on primary areas such as leadership, accountability, teamwork, sales, communications, goal setting, strategic planning and more.

13) National Entrepreneur Center

The National Entrepreneur Center will assist you whether you’re starting a new business, managing an existing one or developing a new idea. The center will provide you with a business coach that will help you in business planning, incorporating, complying with legal requirements and growth management.

14) ICF Central Florida

A non-profit organization that has a team of professional business coaches that will change every entrepreneur’s professional and personal standpoint. You can also find useful business resources and links in their website.

15) Hunter Business Law

The law firm that believes an entrepreneur’s attorney should be his best business partner. Their attorneys are dedicated business and legal counselors that provides clients with advice and services needed to confidently navigate the challenging path of entrepreneurship and small business ownership. They are accessible when you need them and they help you find the adviser you need in case they are unable to meet your needs.

16) The Hulse Law Office, PA

The Hulse Law Office is a boutique law firm serving clients from Key West and The Florida Keys that provides legal strategies tailored to creative entrepreneurs and small business owners. Their practice includes trademarks and copyrights, non-profit formation to help boards, small businesses and creative entrepreneurs.

17) Unbehagen Advisors

A service firm that help your business with tax preparation, accounting, investment and insurance where separate divisions work together as one team. They help individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners with financial plan, insurance policies, or pay the lowest amount of tax legally possible to preserve, protect and grow their assets and small businesses.

18) Williams Parker, Harrison Dietz & Getzen

The firm that represents clients through the full corporate lifecycle that frequently serve as special counsel to local companies. Attorneys that are hard-working fair-minded and community-centered whose clients are primarily developers, entrepreneurs, government entities, and families of means which is their most important source of new clients.

19) BCoSF Business Consultants

A team of business consultants who works with your business to create success through marketing and sales consulting needs. Services include strategic planning, consulting, and research and they work with you to create marketing identity through branding and web design.

20) Florida Small Business Consultant

A business consultant agency that believes the recipe for success is focusing on your brand image, brand marketing, and brand design for your business to reach its fullest potential if managed optimally. They target local customers with their business marketing consultation to ensure that their business gets the best marketing strategy through a variety of marketing techniques.

21) Greenlee, Kurras, Rice, Brown, Garner & Donofrio Certified Public Accountats (GKRB)

GKRB is a skilled CPA firm committed to giving prompt, efficient and professional service to serve as a professional partner not only to comply with applicable tax laws and regulations, but also maximize tax savings for clients. The firm offers a wide range of professional service that continue to strive to stay on the cutting edge of rapidly changing CPA firm technology developments going forward.

22) Tampa Bay Certified Public Accountant and Business Advisor

A full service licensed CPA accounting firm that specializes in dental practice accounting, medical practice accounting, defense contracting compliance, and QuickBooks accounting. They provide friendly, professional support as they take care of your accounting, bookkeeping and tax planning needs and also help you make smart financial decisions so your business will be profitable and continue to grow.

23) Small Business Accountants, Inc.

A firm that offers accounting, tax, and payroll services with the use of resources like financial guides, internet links, and security measures.  They feature articles that can help broaden your knowledge on the different challenges your business might encounter and they make sure clients are served by the expertise of the whole firm.

24) Florida Business Consulting

Florida Business Consulting is a direct sales and marketing company responsible for developing management teams to lead clients into new markets, cities, and countries. They provide daily training and personal development in business management which show leadership, promote teamwork to help each other accomplish goals, and career growth with the right training.

25) Asher Business Group

A business management and accounting firm with a blend of personal service and expertise that is affordable, experienced and friendly. Their services protect and safeguard your personal assets and optimize your hard earned money, they help boost revenue and profit for your business, and take full advantage of all deductions and credits with tax planning.

26) Axiom Business Consulting, LLC – Certified Public Accountant

Axiom Business Consulting helps small and mid-size business with all their accounting needs. They work to provide clients with proactive ideas and recordkeeping practices to keep them on track rather than reacting to potential problems. They offer a wide range of accounting services from maintaining accurate financial records to monitoring records for potential fraud.

27) Lawley & Associates Certified Public Accountants – Financial Planners

A firm dedicated to help individuals create short and long term financial security through a team of financial professionals who deliver the highest quality accounting, tax and financial solutions to optimize business financial operations and increase profitability. To achieve financial objectives and support your personal and professional success, financial solutions are tailored to each client’s unique needs.

28) Forensic, Litigation and Accounting Consultants, PLLC

The firm was formed to assist both the legal and business community in the areas of accounting service, business valuation, fraud prevention, computer software selection and implementation. To help deter possible fraud as the company develops, and to produce accurate, timely financial reports, a business should be formed with adequate accounting systems.

29) Ivy Accounting Tax & Advisory

Ivy Accounting Tax & Advisory offers a full range of tax preparation, accounting and bookkeeping services from top Chinese accountants that keep your business on the right track. A firm with extensive knowledge that specialize in working with Chinese companies that can assist you in all aspects of your accounting needs.

30) John Thorman & Company

A company focused on improving business performance for privately held and family owned businesses to accelerate revenue and profit growth by putting up together the necessary elements from strategy and tactics to implementation and evaluation. They align your sales and marketing efforts making your business run smoother.

31) Federer Performance Management Group, LLC (FPMG)

A family business consulting firm that brings a unique blend of scientific expertise and personal commitment to each client they serve. Their work is tailored to meet the needs of today’s leading family business professionals with the core services of family business consulting, performance coaching, speaking engagements, leadership development, next generation planning, and team building.




SCORE is the United State’s largest network of free expert business professionals whose main aim is to provide expert and timely advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in the state of Florida. SCORE gives small business owners the opportunity to gain access to practical action plans and business education tools and resources.

2) SBA

The U.S. Small Business Administration is the largest provider of small business resources in the entire United States. The government agency will assist you through local assistance, looking for loans and grants and contracting. You’ll also receive the most comprehensive resources to start and manage your business effectively.

3) Startup Savant

Startup Savant is an online business magazine that simplifies the entire concept of entrepreneurship. It is an advocate of small businesses, giving entrepreneurs free assistance by teaching them the basics of running a business and sharing helpful articles, how-to-guides and resources in fields such as business planning, accounting and finance and marketing and technology.


Entrepreneur, also an online business magazine updates you of current trends, news and practices in business. It also has all the right articles to keep you motivated and determined. If you’re feeling a little lost, check out Entrepreneur to keep you on track.

5) AllBusiness

AllBusiness is a business website that features articles and content that will guide you as you start your business in Florida. You can read articles on marketing, finance, staffing, operations and technology. AllBusiness also recommends the most reliable small business resources which you can utilize to make your workload easier.


Wealthy Gorilla is a business website with a twist. It features inspirational and motivational business articles that will surely encourage and uplift the spirit of every aspiring entrepreneur. If you feel burned out or hopeless, Wealthy Gorilla can give you a daily dose of motivation.


top resources for funding a Florida business

1) Palm Beach County Job Growth Incentive Grant

The Job Growth Incentive Grant Program is a joint project of the Palm Beach County Department of Economic Sustainability(DES) or the Business Development Board (BDB) of Palm Beach County, Inc. Its aim is to aid entrepreneurs who want to relocate or start their small business in the state of Florida.

2) Enterprise Florida Grants

Enterprise Florida Grants opens funding opportunities for small business owners in Florida. Some of the grants and loans listed on their website include the small business loan program, bond financing, venture capital program, minority business development program and a lot more.

3) Miami-Dade County Grants

Miami Dade Mail is a business website that has a lot of grants and loans listing. You can also sign-up for their free alerts on available grants in Miami area. Aside from this, they have funding and online resources in their website which you can take advantage of.

4) Florida Business Development Corporation

In cooperation with the SBA and private sector lenders, the Florida Business Development Corporation, a nonprofit organization provides small businesses in Central Florida with long-term, fixed-rate financing for major fixed assets, such as land and buildings.

5) The Launch Pad at the University of Miami

The Launch Pad is business program at the University of Miami geared towards assisting students who want to start their own enterprise by giving them useful business resources. Apart from this, the program also has a list of comprehensive funding resources which can be used by anyone planning to start a business in Florida.

6) Florida Opportunity Fund

Designed to realize long-term capital appreciation in Florida, the Florida Opportunity Fund invests in high-quality venture funds, all types of businesses and infrastructures that will give the state long-term benefits.

7) Citrix Systems Accelerator

Citrix Systems Accelerator is mainly focused on assisting young professionals and teams in bringing their new innovations into the Florida business market. Under this program are two subunits, Citrix Startup Accelerator and Seed Funding Program which aim to invest in early-stage companies which will bring a new approach in today’s technological problems.

8) Office of Technology Licensing University of Florida

A government initiative, the Office of Technology Licensing University of Florida introduces entrepreneurs to local, statewide and national business resources and funding to help them turn their business ideas into products and services.

9) Florida First Capital Finance Corporation (FFCFCP)

Features one business grant developed by the U.S. Small Business Administration. The SBA 504 loan helps growing franchises and small Florida businesses to expand and grow their enterprise so they can leave a mark in the Florida market.

10) First Coast Black Business Investment Corporation (FCBBIC)

The FCBBIC’s sole mission is to have economic parity for small business owners by supporting them so they can compete in the global economy. Specifically, the organization gives out loans, trainings and business services to black owned enterprise.

11) Economic Development Council of Tallahassee/Leon County Inc.

The Economic Development Council of Tallahassee/Leon County Inc. is the government agency that secures working capital and funding options for new startup ventures in Florida. The agency also helps you look for finance partners and connect you to experience business mentors and other opportunities.

12) Access Florida Finance Corporation

Access Florida Finance Corporation’s (AFFC) goal is to provide assistance to black, rural and small businesses in Central Florida and all throughout the United States. It is an organization that gives importance to economic development by providing funding opportunities to new entrepreneurs and small business owners.

13) Florida Growth Fund

The Florida Growth Fund is a program that allows the SBA to invest capital of up to 1.5% from the Florida Retirement System Pension Fund (FRS).  This program specifically funds businesses that venture into the following technological fields: space technology, aerospace and aviation engineering and computer technology.

14) Florida Finance Network

The Florida Finance Network is an organization that unlocks vital capital resources to small businesses in Florida. They will connect you to reliable funding networks and agencies who will give you the means to grow and succeed in business by meeting your financing needs.

15) BFS Capital Champions of Small Business

A direct funding source and industry leader which is an expert in working capital needs of small businesses. To remain competitive, business owners must seek new opportunities in which BFS Capital offers flexible financing solutions, caring support and in-depth financial expertise to help fuel long-term growth and prosperity of small businesses.

16) Rogers Towers Attorneys at Law

Rogers Towers offers a full range of legal services that has what it takes to manage even the most complex legal matters. In all variety of practice areas and clients, they handle matters with efficiency, professionalism, and inexhaustible attention to detail.

17) ACF Atlantic Commercial Funding, LLC

ACF is a distinguished leader in the industry of commercial finance that offers comprehensive large project financial solutions for your company. Works with all types and sizes of businesses composed of a highly experienced team that specializes in in providing clients with a broad range of financing options.

18) Florida Credit Union

Florida Credit Union is a customer-owned financial service cooperative to provide their members with a diverse variety of financial products and services such as small business banking services, personal banking accounts and low-interest loans. A cooperative committed to the needs of their members with the focus of their goals and financial future.

19) Florida Business Loans

Acquiring a working capital might be difficult, with Florida Business Loans, as one of the growing financer of business loans, they aim to support entrepreneurs’ good business ideas with their capital needs that could be difficult to fund through other means such as banks and other government institutions. They provide a possible way to fund businesses who need cash advance to start up operations. Unlike banks that require your business should be in operation for more than two years before providing the funds.

20) Tampa Bay Economic Development Corporation (TEDCO)

TEDCO is certified development company that provide alternative financial resources for start-up or expanding small businesses. To ensure profitability, these resources are combined with hard work, fiscal responsibility, personal commitment and personal drive. An economic development financing tool known as the SBA Section 504 Loan Program was designed to stimulate private sector investments in long-term fixed assets.

21) Business Advance Services

A revenue based loan program where you get your funding based on the total revenue of your business. Compared to a traditional bank, requirement to qualify is very lenient and without using your credit card sales to achieve financing, it gives you the benefit of a quick turnaround in funding at affordable terms.

22) Envision Credit Union

A full-service financial institution providing related services to members at the lowest possible cost that will safeguard and manage effectively the assets entrusted to them. The Credit Union has changed but their principles remain as well as members remain the owners in which they operate for the mutual benefit of its members.

23) Noble Funding

A participating lender for working business capital loans with the ability to do secured business loans, business lines of credit, and unsecured/no collateral business loans. Clients are guaranteed with the most working capital at the best terms through their robust partner network.

24) Magnify Credit Union

A credit union that helps clients reach their financial goals with simple and innovative financial solutions that is a refreshing alternative to traditional banking. They help members achieve financial peace by simplifying banking and allow members to concentrate on what’s more important thus magnifying life.

25) Odeon Group, Inc.

A firm that provides a variety of consulting and financial services that serves as the key to accessing funds necessary to start, maintain, or grow a business. Due to the many challenges that businesses face today, the management consultants diligently focus on creating better opportunities to help companies overcome them and increase business success.

26) 1st Merchant Funding

A leading merchant cash advance provider that makes funding for your business quick and easy. They provide a working capital to thousands of merchants with a technology focused specialty finance company. All funding products will be made available to select and apply for the best option that suits your business.

27) GoKapital

A company that offers fast and easy funding for your business needs with flexible repayment option. They guide clients on the entire process in finding the right loan for your business. Clients can benefit from choosing the best funding program through their direct working relationships with regional and national financial institutions.

28) Small Business Big Loans

A lending company with a focus on quality service that offer simple and effective programs to help finance businesses. Their consultants work to achieve top results and maintain client confidence which allows borrowing money without strict application requirements that works on a variety of levels.

29) BAW Capital

BAW Capital is a local Miami loan service to help accelerate small businesses without having to wait for a credit committee to deliberate the situation. They make their financing quickly wherein they can close your deal in three to five days of the request as they understand the urgency and importance of having a working capital when the business is thriving.

30) The Funding Group (TFG)

In a rapidly changing world, The Funding Group’s purpose is to understand all the different options for obtaining financing. Compared to hard money options, their program has proven to be better and cheaper alternative for real estate flippers. Though their funds can be used in any purpose, their background is in real estate and use services for that purpose.

31) Everest Business Funding

A fast and easy funding process that provides business owners with the working capital they need to grow. Financing options for all types of businesses are made available that goes above and beyond the traditional lending criteria. They are striving to provide the best quality service, financing tools, and unique programs for each business type.

32) Next Wave Funding

Next Wave Funding is a direct source of funding wherein they service and manage your account with a broad national outreach. They allow businesses to no longer limit to traditional borrowing method as they make options for obtaining capital become increasingly available.

33) First Global Capital Financial Services

A financial service company that specializes in unsecured business funding and merchant cash advance solutions to provide the money they need to invest in inventory, improve machinery, pay bills, upgrade or other funding needs. Eliminate time spent on searching for business funds; spend your time growing your business as 1st Global Capital provides you with the necessary funds.


Your Florida Startup Toolkit

1) Business Planning

Business planning should be your top priority if you’re thinking of starting a business. A business plan is an essential startup tool that you need to have so you can write down your business objectives and goals clearly, create strategic methods to achieve them and anticipate future business problems and risks.

By having a blueprint, you’ll be able to clearly define your target market and the marketing strategies you’ll use to sell your products or services. Overall, you will be able to know if your business idea is feasible or not by studying profit and loss, or your entire business’s finances.

There’s one business planning software that I highly recommend – LivePlan. The software has all the right tools to help you write a solid business plan for your Florida startup.

2) Online Incorporation Service

The next step to ensure that your business is fully protected is to incorporate it in the state of Florida. Incorporation has a lot of benefits, not only for you but for your business as well. It will protect your personal assets, shield you from financial, legal and personal liabilities and ensure your Florida business’ continuation. Your business on the otherhand will be treated like a citizen of the state, it will have its own right and is subject to due process if legal problems arise.

One of the best methods to incorporate your business is to use an online incorporation service. These providers have all the right tools to assist you in forming an LLC or Corporation. They are efficient and affordable, so if you’re planning to incorporate make sure to look into every reliable online incorporation service in the market.

If you’re looking for some of the best online incorporation services in the incorporation industry, you can check out LegalZoomMyCorporation or CorpNet.

3) Building a Business Website

These days, it’s imperative for a business to have its own website. If you choose not to have one, you’ll lose out on important opportunities and chances. Building a business website is a great marketing strategy to sell your products/services. It is an easy way to reach your target market and communicate what you do as a business.

A business website is accessible round the clock, you can update, use and customize it whenever you like. Good thing building a business website is no longer difficult. There’s a cost-effective method to own a business website and that’s through the use of web-building tools which you can find anywhere online.

Two of the best web-building softwares are Bluehost and Rainmaker, you can find out more about them by reading their reviews.

4) Accounting Software

Cash flow is the heart of every business. Without proper financial management, a business can easily lose track of its expenses and it will eventually fail. To be able to handle your business’ finances properly, you need to learn accounting and bookkeeping, however, they’re not easy to learn.

If you want to stay hands-on with your startup’s finances while receiving assistance, it’s best that you use an accounting software. There are numerous softwares offered online, all you need to do is choose the best one. The majority of accounting softwares are highly affordable and they offer the most practical and time-saving features that will help you keep track of your expenses efficiently.

Xero, QuickBooks, and FreshBooks are three of the most notable accounting softwares used by millions of entrepreneurs worldwide.


Wrapping Up On Starting A Business in Florida

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessFlorida is a highly progressive and industrialized state conducive for any type of business. In 2015, it was ranked second in the “Best State for Business” and first place when it comes to living environment by Chief Executive Magazine.

With all these resources, you’ll be able to start your Florida small business in the most organized and efficient way possible. There’s no other state in the US that can give you this much business resources, not to mention, the majority of them are available completely for free.

At the end of the day, your only responsibility is to find these small business resources and take advantage of them – it’s that simple. Make the most of these helpful tools, grow your business and bring it to success.

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