Step 1) Secure Your Chosen Brand Name

WebsiteThe very first thing to do is conduct a company name/trademark search to see that it isn’t already taken or just too similar to another.

Head on over to both the South Dakota Secretary of State website as well as the TESS system through the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office


Step 2) Register Your DBA with the State

Create an Operating AgreementHead back to the Secretary of State’s website and use the online Business Registration System they’ve set up. $10 fee.

It takes you through the process step by step, asking for your business and business owner information. Do print out a version for your records though once you’re finished.


Optional Step 3) Mail-in Your Registration Form

Mail in the FormIf you would rather to do the hard copy thing, You’ll need to file the paper form with the County Register of Deeds office.

You can use this Listing to find the right one depending on where you set up shop. And that’s really all there is to it. Remember that this needs to be updated once every 5 years.


This article is informational in nature and is not meant to replace legal advice. It should be considered a legal reference as well. For specific questions and concerns on the process of filing a DBA in South Dakota, you can address them to your lawyer.

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