Step 1) Secure Brand Name & Get The Forms


Is your brand name already taken, too similar to another, or are there any potential trademark issues? To be prudent use the NC Secretary of State’s Business Name Search tool, as well as the TESS System through the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and check.

The next step is determining exactly which DBA forms you need to file. Head to this Business Forms section that lists them out. If you don’t have legal counsel and aren’t working with a professional filing service…take your time!


Step 2) Properly Fill out the Form(s)

Create an Operating AgreementSome will be easier and less complex than others, just follow the instructions on each to the letter and then there are two ways to submit: mail or online. Or, you could deliver yourself if you happen to already be in the area.

If you choose to mail, you must be meticulous to avoid being denied. Some of the information that you need to prepare include:

Upon completion, double and triple-check every entry before having them notarized.


Step 3) Submit the Completed North Carolina DBA Form

Mail in the FormThe last step in your DBA application is filing your form with the right offices. If you want to mail it, the mailing address can be seen within the form. After re-validating everything, you can file your North Carolina DBA Registration Form along with a filing fee of $20.

Your shiny new North Carolina DBA is going to bring lots of extra benefits, including boosting your startup’s image and overall brand recognition. A DBA is also highly affordable so you’ll definitely save money while being able to use a business name that you want. Here’s to a prosperous year ahead!


This how-to guide on forming a DBA in North Carolina is for informational purposes only and should be treated as such. It’s not a legal document nor a replacement of legal advice. If you have concerns regarding the legalities of filing a DBA in North Carolina, address them to your attorney.

Need Help Filing Your DBA?

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