Step 1) Find and Download the Registration Form for a DBA

WebsiteThe first step in filing a DBA in Idaho is to obtain a copy of the Idaho DBA registration form. In Idaho, the form is called the Certificate of Assumed Business Name. This form can be obtained from the Secretary of State of Idaho’s website. As this form is fillable online, you can immediately get started on the next process.

Filing Fee: $25


Step 2) Completely Fill Out the Idaho DBA Registration Form

Create an Operating AgreementAs mentioned, the Idaho DBA form is fillable online, so as soon as you click on the link above, you are directly linked to the actual form. You can begin filling it out, but make sure to read all the instructions situated below the actual form.

The following information will have to be provided when completing the form:

A few other bits of information will have to be provided as well when filling out the ‘doing business as’ in Idaho form. Do not forget to have the form notarized when you finish accomplishing it.


Step 3) Mail the Accomplished Certificate of Assumed Business Name Form

Mail in the FormAs soon as you have double checked the Idaho DBA form and have it notarized, you can then file it to the address specified found on the bottom part of the form.

Make sure to include your filing fee when you send in the ‘doing business as’ in Idaho form. This then sums up the process of filing a DBA in Idaho and all you have to do is wait for the confirmation of your registration.

Note that this Idaho DBA guide is not by any means a legal advice or document. For details on filing a ‘doing business as’ in Idaho or starting a business in Idaho in general, check with your lawyer.

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