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Harbor Compliance LLC Review: Is It Right For You?

Harbor Compliance LLC ReviewTake it from me, incorporating a business is never easy. The legal intricacies and bureaucratic rigmarole involved in the incorporation process alone is enough to give you that throbbing headache. Good thing, there are now alternatives to doing the process yourself.

From basic formation to compliance package, Harbor Compliance provides this with the guarantee that they simplify each stage of the process, taking a personalized approach with their team of business specialists.

Harbor Compliance is:

Harbor Compliance comes off a bit expensive than most service companies, but there’s a good reason for this. This review will put to light those reasons and help you make the decision of what incorporation service provider to use.


Harbor Compliance Features

Harbor Compliance has only been in the industry for four years, but it has proven to be a dominant player in the formation and incorporation of businesses. Here are some of the company’s highlights:

A Few Considerations…

Apparently, the greatest consideration whether to choose Harbor Compliance or not is its steep price. Considering that there are service companies that incorporate a business for just $49, Harbor Compliance’s $299 service charge is pricey.

Another thing is that Registered Agent service comes as an additional charge as part of the compliance package. This is in contrast to IncFile, a good service company alternative that offers free Registered Agent services for one year.


Harbor Compliance LLC Formation Pricing

Harbor Compliance basically has two pricing structures: Formation/Incorporation and Compliance package. The Formation/Incorporation package encompasses services that form your LLC/Corporation, while the compliance package is the Formation/Incorporation package added with ongoing assistance for compliance.

These two packages are as straightforward as they come with no hidden fees and additional billing. To have a detailed view of services included in each package, check the sample illustration below on forming an LLC in Alabama.

Harbor Compliance LLC Review Pricing


Who is Harbor Compliance Fit For?


Who Should NOT Use Harbor Compliance

The Final Verdict?

Choosing a service company to incorporate your business is a tough decision. Whether you choose Harbor Compliance or IncFile, the bottom line is you need to get incorporated today!

Harbor Compliance is a great option with its exceptional attention to personalized service, and IncFile is an inexpensive choice with its free Registered Agent service. Choose a service company that best fits with your business’ requirements, and protect your business today!

IncFile Or Harbor Compliance

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