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You have a great idea and finally decide to start your business, but don’t know what to do next. As a woman entrepreneur, funding can sometimes be limited and saving money wherever possible is always key. So if you’re wondering how to effortlessly start your business on a budget, know that there is an easy solution through ZenBusiness.

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Form an LLC with ZenBusiness:

ZenBusiness ($49 + State Fees)

What is ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness is a business formation service that does all the preliminary hard work for you, such as filing company documents with your state and securing registered agent services (a requirement in most states) from the start.

They offer low-cost packages you can choose from without the upsells that other business formation services charge. Their least expensive business filing package only costs $49 plus state fees and includes one year of registered agent services, amongst other useful business formation perks.

By using their services, ZenBusiness allows you to easily become a business owner for less than the competition.

ZenBusiness Packages Offered

Like some companies in the business formation market, ZenBusiness offers some of the best pricing. We partnered with them and negotiated even better deals so you can benefit and start your business journey quicker and for less.

ZenBusiness’s business formation packages include a Starter, Pro, and Premium kit. These bundles provide great options for filing your business. It’s up to you to decide which packet is best for your company, and most importantly, your budget.

History of ZenBusiness

If you’re interested in ZenBusiness’s story, you should know that they experienced the same hurdles that many entrepreneurs face, which is why they set out to do things differently from the competition.

ZenBusiness struggled with their initial business concept (finding new businesses for law firms), re-evaluated the nature of their services, and evolved into helping businesses get started and grow.

One can say that ZenBusiness is not only business-minded, but community-minded as well. They select women-owned and minority-owned businesses every year and provide them with loans to help them with their businesses. Their agenda is to help and see others achieve their dreams.

How Does ZenBusiness Work?

To initiate a business, you are required by the state to fill out certain documents regarding the nature of your business - namely, Articles of Organization (also known as Certificate of Formation, or Articles of Incorporation, etc.) - and filing with the appropriate state office; this is generally the Secretary of State. The filing fee depends on which state you live in and the actual filing by the state may take from days to months.

ZenBusiness provides an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard for you to start your business. By entering your business name, reason for your business, and other information, ZenBusiness is able to start the company formation process and submit it to the appropriate legal channels. The process is quick and easy, so you can focus on perhaps, your first client.

If you have any questions, their support staff is quite knowledgeable, helpful, kind, and, well, awesome! You can reach them online or by phone - a rarity these days. It’s no wonder that they have great customer reviews and a 5 out of 5 score on Trustpilot.

ZenBusiness is a great business formation service to consider when starting or growing your business. Not only do they care about your business, but provide solutions and expertise like no other.

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