The Top 3 Xero Alternatives for Startups

Best Small Business Accounting SoftwareHello, and welcome, in this this article we’re going to very quickly explore three quality Xero alternatives that can help you better manage and boost your financials.

While Xero is our favorite and we use it to help power Startup Savant, we understand it’s not for everyone. So let’s dive into these options, and they’re will be links to our reviews should you want to get more specific about any of them. Enjoy!


$8.96 to $35.96/month

FreshBooks is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly accounting software tools on the market today, making it an excellent Xero alternative. Aside from this, FreshBooks offers their services at low prices with its cheapest plan at $8.96 per month if you choose to pay annually.

FreshBooks also has a lot of outstanding features that can help keep your books under control. Some of them include:

  • Create, customize and send any type of invoice in a couple clicks.
  • Time tracker tools for independent contractors, service-based entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc.
  • Expense tracking tool to see where money is going.
  • Automated financial reports to keep you in the loop.
  • Real, live, and world class customer support to help with any issues that arise.

For more information, hop on over to our FreshBooks Review and learn what else they have in store. Many of our readers are big fans and they have a fair amount of testimonials/reviews online to browse as well if you’re so inclined.


$10.36 to $23.97/month

QuickBooks Online is one of the most popular and widely used accounting software solutions in the industry. It has all the basic features and a few more which is why it’s on our list of solid Xero alternatives. Here’s a list of its most popular features:

  • Bank reconciliation tool so you can sync your bank and credit card information.
  • Business expenses tracking tool.
  • Multiple-user feature.
  • Collaboration features.
  • Business applications integration.
  • A mobile app for your smartphone too!

Their prices are between $10 to $24 per month which is definitely reasonable given the extent of their features. For more details, jump over to our QuickBooks Online Review.


Free to $19/month

Wave Accounting is another excellent one of the great Xero alternatives out there. The main reason being that Wave offers its accounting software for free. Although free version features are quite basic, they’re practical in the day-to-day financial management of your business. Below are the features included in its free accounting service:

  • Accounting and reports galore.
  • Creating and sending invoices in seconds.
  • Handy receipt scanning.
  • Personal finance options.

While Wave Accounting is free, you can invest in their upgraded features to go to the next level when you’re ready. The payroll system has a monthly subscription of $19 every month, the credit card application offers a 2.9% + 30 cents payment plan, and the premium support is  $19 per month. Wave Accounting adds up if you use the premium services, but the free features are great.

You can read our Wave Accounting Review to get a better idea. Again, we stress that the free version is very basic. You’ll likely need upgrades so be aware of pricing.

Want The Best Alternative?

Winner - Which Should You ChooseIf you’re like most of our new readers then you’re looking for software solutions that make your life easier and your business more efficient, right? Accounting software is probably the most powerful tool in your kit, so the provider you partner with for the long haul is no light matter.

Do your homework, study up on these Xero alternatives and get in a tinker where you can until you find the software you’re most comfortable with…and…you find the easiest to implement.