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5 Solid Resources for Writing a Business Plan in Georgia

Write a Business Plan

Starting a business in Georgia is a whole lot of work; you need to register your business (Corporation, LLC, DBA, etc), obtain necessary permits and licenses, understand Georgia tax regulations and be familiar with tax responsibilities. Not to mention, you also need to meet some supplementary requirements to be able to fully operate.

While all these are important to succeed in business, there’s a secret ingredient on how to start a business in Georgia effectively and that’s to write a business plan for your Georgia startup.

A business plan is a comprehensive tool that can guide you as you build your Georgia small business. It is a blueprint, that will help you start your Georgia startup with the strongest foundation and provide you a clear path to success.

However, writing a business plan can be a little intimidating, especially if you have little to no experience. The good thing is, there are so many free to affordable resources that you can use to write a solid business plan for your Georgia small business.

If you want to know the top 5 that I highly suggest, look into each of these 5 resources. You’ll be glad you did!


1) LivePlan

LivePlan is one of the best business plan software options in the industry. It offers affordability and quality; two important factors that services should always have.

LivePlan has modern and comprehensive tools that will help you create a solid business plan in as easy and simple a way as possible. Here are some of the software’s time-saving and practical features:

LivePlan’s affordable pricing of $11.66 every month, makes it the top choice for entrepreneurs. Learn more about the software by reading our LivePlan review.


2) SBA’s Business Plan Template

The U.S. Small Business Administration is a government agency and one of the largest providers of free business resources and tools for startups. Business owners who want to make a professional business plan can use the agency’s free business plan template.

The SBA’s business plan template is a simple and easy instructional guide that comprehensively explains each step involved in writing a business plan.

To use the template, you just have to make a free account, create a password and username and enter your account whenever you feel like working on your business plan. You can basically log-in anywhere, anytime because it can be accessed in any gadget.

Files can be saved in PDF; but you need to remember that your information can only be saved for 6 months after your last log-in. You can try it for free here!


3) How to write a business plan: A Quick Guide

The traditional method of writing a business plan is still the best because it will help you learn on your own and understand the content of your plan more than anybody else. Writing your business plan without the aid of a software or a professional is one of the most rewarding feelings, it’s indeed a great learning experience.

If you want to learn the steps involved in traditional business plan making, a 3-step guide is available for you. Build your business plan here and carry the lessons that you’ve learned as you manage your business.

The next time you create a new business or expand, you’ve already mastered the skill of business plan writing and you can therefore write an error free business plan for your Georgia startup.


4) Enloop

Enloop deserves a spot on this list because of its excellent and reliable features and services. For many years, the software has assisted thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs write their business plans. It is considered one of the most experienced in the industry with a proven track record unmatched by any other business plan software in the market.

Enloop can be used for free because it has a free version that doesn’t have an expiration date or a trial period. Here are some of its most notable features:

You can read more about Enloop by reading our comprehensive Enloop review.


5) StratPad

Being a small company, StratPad understands the needs of small business owners when it comes to writing a professional business plan for their Georgia startup.

Although it belongs to the newer category of business plan software tools, StartPad has modern and superior features designed particularly for new entrepreneurs. With StratPad, being inexperienced in business plan writing doesn’t excuse you from writing the best business plan for your startup.

Below is a list of StratPad’s useful features:

Learn about the business plan software by reading our comprehensive StratPad review.


Wrapping up and Planning for Success

Wrapping Up and Starting a BusinessWriting a business plan is not a mandatory requirement to start a business in Georgia; however, I highly recommend that you make one for your startup. Trust me, having a business plan will make your life easier.

You’ll be able to have a basis for your business decisions in the future and you will never get confused of anything because everything is basically inside your business plan.

All the resources I’ve mentioned above are highly credible, check out each one and choose which is the best for you. Good luck my friend!

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