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Wisconsin Registered Agent: Everything You Need to Know

Choose a Registered AgentA Wisconsin Registered Agent is a state requirement upon business incorporation. The purpose of this agent is to act as a representative of your business when it comes to receiving service of process and other legal notifications from government agencies.

More than a state requirement though, a Registered Agent ensures that you have well-oiled business operations, focusing your attention solely on starting, running, and building your business. It is up to the Registered Agent to take care of all the legal documents.

When hiring a Wisconsin Registered Agent, look beyond statutory requirements and consider other factors such as track record, reliability, and efficiency of services. The guide below walks you through some pointers in hiring a good agent.


Wisconsin Registered Agent Requirements

File Annual Reports & Publication RequirementsThere are statutory requirements that must foremost be observed when hiring a Wisconsin Registered Agent.

All these requirements should be complied for the approval of your application as a legitimate business entity with the state. For Wisconsin, the following criteria should be observed:

1) A Registered Agent can be a professional who is a resident of Wisconsin, or alternatively, a business entity that is duly licensed to operate in the state of Wisconsin;

2) A physical street address in the state of Wisconsin should also be provided by the Registered Agent once the position is accepted;

3) The Registered Agent must agree to receive service of process in behalf of the Wisconsin business that hired the services.


5 Reasons for a Wisconsin Registered Agent

Hiring the services of a Wisconsin Registered Agent is a smart move when starting a business. Although each business has different situations, there are many reasons why there is still a need to retain the services of a professional. If you need more convincing, below are some more reasons why an agent is quite necessary:

1) To dedicate your time to run and build a business

Running and building a business is a tedious and time-consuming task in and of itself, and having to divide time between taking care of your business and dealing with legal notifications and the paperwork that come with it can be quite distracting.

Rather than doing this, it’s more practical to hire an external source to take care of these documents for a nominal fee and dedicate your time solely on running and building your business.

2) To maintain privacy

When legal notifications are delivered, especially service of process, it is often done by local authorities on the physical address you have indicated upon business registration. When you don’t have a Registered Agent, the tendency would be to put your business address. This address will also be made public.

When authorities deliver the service establishment to your business establishment, you not only lose privacy, but it can be quite embarrassing when you have clients and customers looking on and can quite deal a blow to your reputation.

3) If you keep flexible business hours

There are no fixed hours on when a service of process or legal notification is delivered so long as it falls in the business hour timeframe, it can be delivered anytime. If you do not keep regular business hours, there is a tendency that you might miss out on some document deliveries, which could very well cause some trouble in the future.

On the other hand, if you hire a Registered Agent, it is his very responsibility to be available all the time during business hours to take care of these documents.

4) You run a home-based business

A Registered Agent’s physical address is a public record, giving various people access to this data. This can even become more troublesome when you operate a home-based business and you are your own agent, since most likely, it’ll be your home address that will be provided as public record. This could also lead to an increase number of received junk mails on your end.

5) To ensure continued compliance with state requirements

Aside from service of process, there are also other legal notifications that require you to submit a number of documents. Hiring a Registered Agent will ensure that all the legal notices that require paperwork will be dealt with accordingly in a timely manner. By this, you are assured of continued compliance, ensuring that your business can legally operate.


How to Find a Reliable Registered Agent in Wisconsin

Get a Registered AgentWhen finding a Wisconsin Registered Agent, it’s not only important that you focus on statutory requirements. Reliability and efficiency of service should also be taken into account. This is why research is always a vital aspect of finding a qualified agent to be your business’ representative when it comes to accepting legal papers.

Next to statutory requirements, make sure that the Registered Agent has good standing when it comes to reliable services. A proven track record should come in handy when talking about this aspect. Also, the Registered Agent should be able to efficiently take care of all legal notifications, ensuring that every document is sorted, prioritized based on due date, and forwarded accordingly to the company.

There are several tens of options for a Wisconsin Registered Agent, but the following suggestions below are proven and tested reliable and efficient.

Get a Reliable Registered Agent

Both services will act as your Registered Agent and handle all legal notifications from the state on your behalf.

IncFile (for $99) or LegalZoom (for $159)

This guide on Wisconsin Registered Agent is just an informational article and is not, in any way, a legal document or advice. Please consult the services of an expert business lawyer if you need further questions on the legalities involved in hiring a Wisconsin Registered Agent.

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