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Think of your business entity like the engine of a car. Depending on the kind of engine you have, you'll be able to go down different terrains and operate at different speeds. The business entity you choose will impact the legal protection you have, the taxes you pay and more. Choose wisely!

Score Wisconsin

SCORE Wisconsin in partnership with various federal and state government agencies and the SBA provides a host of assistant services to early-stage companies and startups. Basically, it provides business mentoring and consulting and low-cost business trainings. SCORE Wisconsin not just fosters one-time counseling, but they are committed to working with entrepreneurs for the long haul and as required.

Small Business Milwaukee

Small Business Milwaukee is a small media networking resource that helps local business owners by letting them advertise their business online. In addition, Small Business Milwaukee also helps these owners by providing them with the proper education on how to go about in marketing their business effectively.


MCDEVCO is committed to growing business, building communities, and generally improving quality of life by providing resources and initiatives to start a business, finance resources, receive proper education and training, and broaden opportunities.


As a concierge startup accelerator, Gener8tor invests in a number of high-growth startups every year. Gener8tor offers a 12-week development program, and provides at most $140,000 to five startups enrolled in the said program twice a year.

100 State

100 State is not your average co-working space or community. More than the workspace 100 State provides, it also provides connections and growth opportunities for people to transform their self, the community and in turn, the world. 100 State also encourages the 100state of Mind.

Scale Up Milwaukee

Scale Up Milwaukee is an entrepreneurial company composed of a diverse number of stakeholders that are geared towards business growth and success. The company does this by developing actionable strategies and programs that can be fully implemented by its members. Scale Up Milwaukee provides a host of membership benefits and has a number of membership program tiers.

Startup MKE

Startup MKE is a startup community that provides a host of resources and assistance to a number of growing companies in Milwaukee. Startup MKE primarily works with digital companies and other scalable business models. This startup community gives startups access to affordable office space, mentorship, talent, and capital.

Ward 4

As the lighthouse of innovation, Ward 4 provides its members with round-the-clock access to its co-working spaces. Complete with all the amenities needed to foster a thriving business or profession, Ward 4 is the number go-to destination of entrepreneurs, investors, startups, and other freelance professionals.

Madworks Coworking

Madworks Coworking is located in the University Research Park in Madison. It’s a co-working space that boasts of affordable office space plus a free parking space. More than this, Madworks is all about creativity and productivity, providing a professional work environment where freelancers, entrepreneurs, and innovators get the work done and have fun.

Horizon Coworking

Horizon Coworking is best known as the pleasant, quiet, and more importantly a welcoming workspace. With a number of workspace configurations in a library-like vibe, this co-working space also has a proven history of connecting professionals to the right startup teams. This is because Horizon Coworking is not just an ordinary workspace, but it’s also the perfect place to grow a successful business.


The US Small Business Administration was established with the welfare of the small business community across the country in mind. The Small Business Administration has a lineup of assistance programs all throughout the country through its district offices.

From how-to guides on starting a business to local mentoring and support to government contracting to seeking assistance in district and regional offices of the SBA, these are all provided by the US SBA. Another important function of the Small Business Administration is to provide opportunities for business grants and loan financing to start a business.

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