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This Single Statistic Proves Why You Need to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

This Single Statistic Proves Why You Need to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

According to recently released  AAA Foundation Research,  about 80% of the drivers on American roads have been involved in an expression of significant aggression or anger, normally referred to as road rage.

Of those people, the research further discovered that an estimated 8 million drivers in the country have been in an extreme case of road rage. These either involve either leaving their own car to confront other drivers or knowingly ramming other vehicles.

Consequently, about two of every three drivers covered in the research revealed that they believe road rage is more of a problem on the roads today than it was just three years ago.


Emotional Intelligence

Clearly then, everyone is susceptible to road rage. So you wonder why it is that some people exhibit it more than others. It all boils down to the level of emotional intelligence (EI), also referred to as Emotional Quotient (EQ).

EQ is one’s level of ability to understand and balance emotions and the response to the emotions. It is not innate as the name IQ might suggest, but a skill that you can develop and sharpen just like you can master your essay-writing skills, for instance.

Similarly, it is possible to encounter moment sin business which may heighten your emotions and that may need you to apply emotional intelligence. Say for example as an entrepreneur, you have an encounter with a dissatisfied customer in   your business.

A customer may politely raise a complaint and as the saying goes, ‘the customer is always right’, most entrepreneurs will simply accept fault and try to say replace a product or provide the service once more. However, this is not always the case, some customers may just be as aggressive as the road users as explained above.

It is therefore important to employ emotional intelligence in such cases to help calm the situation. You probably were once a disgruntled customer at one point, as a customer if you feel that the business did not adequately solve your problem then you would swear to switch service to another business.

This why it is very important as an entrepreneur to effectively calm the situation. It is therefore important that you don’t fight fire with fire in case you encounter such a customer. Listed are some of the ways you can employ emotional intelligence.

It might be challenging to apply emotional intelligence as a new strategy in business, however practice makes perfect and once you start implementing it in your business ventures it grows into a skill. Practice it at it long enough and it might just save your car, reputation, life or the business that you built from scratch.

Guest Author: Terry Meiners is a business owner and a passionate writer. Loves to share his experience on business and help people to understand it better. Co-founder of Resumes Expert.

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