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7 (No-Brainer) Reasons to Incorporate a Business

Why Incorporate a Business

Let’s be honest with one another, the very fact you’re looking for reasons to incorporate a business (probably yours) means you skipped a few important small-biz classes.

Am I right? You party animal you…

Starting a brand new business is exciting and at the same time nerve-wracking once you reach the point it’s either “#@$% or get off the pot!” Are you going to make this thing official or not? And for those hardcore anti-establishment folks out there, sure that lasts a while but with success comes the necessity to PROTECT that success.

And listen snowflake, 90% of the entrepreneurs out there right now will put off the incorporation process way too long because they mistakenly think or assume it’s a very complex and expensive process. Which, well, it can be, but doesn’t have to be. Not anymore.

But no one blames you for the indecision. It’s a very big step and inexplicably you’re not sold on the idea yet. Aside from suggesting you watch a few seasons of Shark Tank, here’s 7 no-brainer reasons to incorporate a business.


Reason #1: Increased Legal Protection

When you incorporate a business, you’re protecting your assets. Once incorporated a business becomes a human being in the eyes of the law. It becomes separate from you so if anything goes wrong, personal assets such as your house, car, personal savings, etc., won’t be seized by creditors. Your company gets sued, not you.


Reason #2: It Dramatically Improved Brand Image

Be honest, outside a farmer’s market or co-op or something, don’t you feel safer buying from a legit company vs. something unincorporated? As consumers we’re drawn to officially recognized and established brands with neat little letters like LLC, Inc. and Co. No different than doctors or teachers. They project trust, professionalism, stability, and at least the impression you’re dealing with the real deal not some fly-by-night operation.


Reason #3: Increased Access to Funding

Incorporating a business means having direct permission on the state/federal levels to operate. Because of this fact investors, venture capitalists, and banks are, shall we say “encouraged” to engage in a relationship with you and your company.

Same thing goes for crowdfunding when you think about it. Trust and legitimacy are very important when you do business and incorporating your business will definitely help in those departments.


Reason #4: Perpetual Existence

One of the biggest advantages when you incorporate a business is you’re then able to establish what’s known as perpetual existence. This is defined as follows:

In company law, perpetual succession is the continuation of a corporation’s or other organization’s existence despite the death, bankruptcy, insanity, change in membership or an exit from the business of any owner or member, or any transfer of stock, etc.”

Make sense? Tons of entrepreneurs consider their companies as entities they can pass on to their family. Once incorporated this protection can be put in place. In connection to this benefit…


Reason #5: Hassle-Free Transfer of Ownership

A major problem unincorporated businesses encounter is the difficulty in the transfer of ownership. Partners, family, friends, shareholders can easily get in the way of a speedy transfer. Right? Whoa! By incorporating a business, transfer of ownership is a lot easier and faster for everyone involved.


Reason #6: The Tax Benefits

We could fill this section with many books’ worth of content. When it comes to taxes there are benefits and disadvantages to incorporating depending on the structure you choose.

Overall though, in a general sense, incorporated businesses enjoy a much cleaner and leaner tax situation than their unincorporated counterparts. Talk to a tax professional to get the facts.


Reason #7: Organizational Hierarchy is Clearly Defined

From shareholders to the Board of Directors and business officers, authority is clearly established. In an unincorporated business, there’s a chance that one person could seize control and make major decisions. This may have a serious effect on your ability to effectively run your own business.

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