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Which is the Best Business Plan Software?

Best Business Plan Software

Apparently someone (you) is interested in not just mediocre or average, but the very best business plan software on the market today. Well, what we can do is give you our learned opinion. The good news is it’s not a hard choice, it’s definitely LivePlan!


Why LivePlan?

LivePlan Review and Promo CodeFirst of all, LivePlan is probably among the most popular planning software for a variety of reasons. The simplicity and sleekness of their dashboards is hard to beat, their pricing is stellar, and they supply over 500 plan samples you can use and customize.

Despite the fact you can’t copy/upload plans, legions of entrepreneurs still appreciate all the LivePlan platform provides.


Popular LivePlan Features

Now let’s peak inside and see what your plans could look and feel like. Here’s a screenshot of the ToC from our own LivePlan business plan so you get an idea of how simple it can be to stack and present your brand.

Startup Savant Example Business Plan

In total our business plan is 20 pages long in PDF format. But that has to do with the amount of data we have after years in business and the template we chose. In the screenshot below is a completely different theme. How does it feel?


What Your Business Plan Could Look Like

LivePlan Business Plan Pitch

In truth, let’s say you’re already sitting on tons of data. You’ve got all the right information you just haven’t put it in professional business plan format. LivePlan is like a guide. First you choose how you want your plan to look, then step-by-step go through each section you’d like to focus on.

Will it be perfect in first draft form? Maybe. Or, you might need to chip away and work on your plan as you grow your company for a bit before presenting your schematic to investors. LivePlan is software that’s going to be a powerful management and collaboration asset for:

That said, how about we listen to what some of their users have to say. We’ve included seven authentic testimonials just to lay out a broader perspective. These people make great points about the benefits of planning software in general.


What Customers Say About LivePlan

I really enjoyed the easy and user-friendly interface that LivePlan offered. It was simple to understand, yet provided the tools to create a very in depth and thought provoking business plan. It forced me to think about things I might not have thought about had I done my business plan on my own. Overall, I have no regrets in regards to subscribing to LivePlan and feel it’s money well-invested in the future of my business.

– Matthew F.

“LivePlan is super-easy to use and super-easy to keep updated. It not only allows you to write your business plan with ease but it also allows you to monitor your plan and update in a few easy steps. You can access the plan at anytime and print or publish to the web. Love the LivePlan product!

– Debbie H.

“I really like the professional feel that the online business plan program provided. I prefer the online version over the desktop version, it’s just all around more fun to put together a business plan with.

– Chapman P.

“Couldn’t be happier with LivePlan and wholly recommend it. Especially to any university students with a business deadline to meet. The best part was all the automatic graph and financial generation with the added bonus of an explanation and example on every section.

– Nick E.

“This program offers step by step instructions and examples, is easy to use, and gives a strong professional business plan for an extremely affordable price. We were successful in our grant bid and couldn’t have written it on our own without this resource. Highly recommended!

– Mel L.

“This was my first experience working through a business plan. I came to the table with little more than the knowledge that I needed to develop a solid business plan if I ever hoped to have a successful business. LivePlan has developed a very intuitive, easy-to-use platform that breaks down the complexities and challenges involved in building a fresh business plan into bite sized pieces. As I worked through my plan, the intimidation I experienced early on quickly melted away.

– Keith M.

“LivePlan is great. It walks you step-by-step through writing a business plan, giving you lots of examples to look at for assistance. Once I was done writing it, I appreciated that I could download it easily and then could cancel my plan with a simple click. It was absolutely worth the invest.

– Justin G.

Frequently Asked Q & A

1) Does LivePlan have a free trial?

Yes! LivePlan provides a 60-day money back guarantee that also serves as a trial. Feel free to get in there and experiment and if for whatever reason you’re not satisfied it’s no biggie.

2) What types of businesses most benefit from using LivePlan software?

Doesn’t really matter what industry or field you’re in. Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur who owns a small LLC, a multi-national logging corporation, or an ambitious college student, LivePlan helps in the planning department.

3) Can my partners use the same account to work on the plan too?

Absolutely. LivePlan’s collaboration features rule. Share your business plan with your partners, investors, team mates, board members, etc. easily anytime, anywhere. To prevent mishaps, LivePlan marks sections being edited as locked which is really neat.

4) What happens to my business plan if I cancel my account?

Your plan is all yours – 100%. If you decide to end your subscription, you can take your plan along with you by exporting it before your last log-in.

5) Is my information safe?

Short answer – yes. Long answer – LivePlan ensures that all personal and business data is handled with air-tight security. Accounts and plans are saved in multiple disks every second and are stored in numerous locations. Credit transactions on the other hand are protected using PCI-compliant SSL encryption. LivePlan is also protected by a dedicated network locked by firewalls monitored 24/7.

6) Do I have to download clunky software to my computer?

LivePlan is cloud-based software, so no. Basically, unless you download plans or data your computer remains untouched.

Plan Like The Pros!

We're all students of business, of 21st century consumerism, of technology... and we could use some help. It's not about the best business plan software, but what works best for you. So far over 350,000 brands have found their software extremely useful, including us, so chances are you will too.

Question is, are you ready to get out of investigation-mode and jump into a proven tool? If the answer's yes, then you should know the link below will give you 25% off your first month. Enjoy.

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